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Designer Sarees Manufacturers in Surat: So I welcome you all again from Devangan’s side, friends, today we have brought a new collection, as you understood the wedding collection, friends, stay tuned on this video so that we will get the new collection from the middle of this video. He can show you and after watching friends do not ignore if you do not understand anything, if you do not understand what we are showing by opening any concept in our video, then friends take screenshots. Take it immediately contact the number given on our screen sir will send it to us from this type of variety and apart from that we will show single design but friends there is a collection of many saree designs and whatever pf comes according to your middle Out of that, you can order your favorite collection for your shop, for your shop, for your showroom, let’s go ahead without dairying and start the collection and friends, we want to say this in our video here. The ones that are made are very natural, very perfect and its quality and its designs and what is its concept, it would tell you everything together so that you can know that brother, East type variety we have retirement, so we joined and how textile You can reduce yours by joining the Kesaria Textile Company, friends, let’s go ahead with our products and first of all, according to the bridal collection, the pattern which is very beautiful is friends, you can see on georgette clothes and on georgette clothes.


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Very beautiful as it is suitable to be worn in bridal and here you mean someone’s wedding is also a function in someone’s house, so if something comes up that we want to retire the bridal collection and look at that too, then see friends this type of heavy You can also get the look with very beautiful and very beautiful clothes and the concept is also going to be very good friends, let’s see the specialty of this saree, how is the pattern of Kasari and its concept and What is it that has been done, see friends, first of all I want to open the fees and tell you but before that I want to make it clear to you that whatever is shown in our video is very natural live and I want to tell the second thing as well. Friends, what is spoken with us is the same thing, talk about its cut, talk about its concept, talk about its fabric, talk about the material that is decorated inside it, friends tell it completely, which is present in it. So that after watching this video, you will not feel that brother, here we speak something, we have seen something and after visiting there, we do not see that concept, friends, the same thing does not happen here at all, let’s go ahead, friends, georgette clothes Along with very beautiful patterns and very beautiful collection, we are the first to make and it is a matter of color combination, friends.


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You can see how beautiful you can see such a beautiful saree from the middle of the purple color, which is over From the middle of the dal concept in saree and first of all I talk about its border, friends, see the border, how beautiful the map is made in the middle of the border and along with it, what you are seeing, friends, the pattern that you see It is visible that Jarkan is a real glass diamond and after that, if we talk about it in the background, then in the background, friends, the pulse made of it is not even the material inside it, friends Geeta Jaileen Made from so that after wearing the beauty of the saree looks very beautiful and the total which is silver concept is made from Jharkhand and friends we talk yahan pe pallu shoulder concept yahan pe apna paon do mujhe i.e. 1.75 total Pallu is made which is shoulder Pallu shoulder is made of 1.75 meter and after that friends talk I can see the total in this then after that the pattern of skirt can also be seen full reverse cut pattern is relief cut it After the pattern is made friends you can see the inter will be completed similar to the same as will come in the whole like here you can see that the whole is going to come up to the pay n see friends the square ends here This is the end of it, after that friends, you can see here the straight blouse piece goes to the blouse piece, after cutting, you can see in it, back ie back concept has been given and along with it, friends for its beauty. Very simple and sober gold round, very beautiful sleeves are made from the middle of the ghost, friends, from here you can cut its blouse piece.


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The props of the saree which is going to be cut, friends, here you get a full saree of 6.5 meters, which says that friends, you will get the same thing, then this became our first product, after that friends, I talk about very beautiful cloth like the market now. Friends, this is Simar cloth and in Simar cloth, you can see very beautiful silver stone work done and after that, if we talk about its border, then see the border also done, friends Jarkan with Jari work. It is very beautiful and you are going to get it from the middle of the design and piece, see friends, there is an atmosphere of summer, friends, summer In the environment of your shop, in your shop, in your showroom, such customers will also come, who like light color combination and want dark color, then friends, you can please those people also and after coming here After that you can also send the product to him, he will not return empty handed from your showroom to your shop, you can also provide him this type of collection and light color combination from the middle of his demand. Friends, you can see such a beautiful saree. Like you don’t want too much, look at the very beautiful neck border, which is called inside, it is very simple, it is stoned in light light, and you can see the beauty of the border, you get such a beautiful border, see friends and this After the fabric which I do, friends, this fabric which is going to come, it is on simar fabric, which is making a lot of noise in the circuit this year, so let’s move on to the second product and let’s see the other products.


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Friends, very This cloth is a beautiful concept, now we will show you Jain friends, what is the name of this cloth, friends, you must have heard that it is Jimmy Choo cloth and you will find it very beautiful on this Jimmy Choo cloth. With the collection, you get and if I talk about the over saree, you can see the very sober and rich look and the weight of the saree, friends, the weight of the saree is light weight, even after wearing so much The weight that is going to come is very light weight, minimum saree weight, friends, this 250 ga saree is absolutely light weight saree and the fabric, I will tell again, the fabric which is the new concept of now, that is Jimmy Choo And what is going to be made in this look very beautiful as it is continuing with so much finishing done with the concept of it with multi threads in it you can see lightly touch up of cirrus diamond It has happened that you can understand the full look of its border, this is friends Jimmy Choo cloth, which is less than saree and in this you can see friends, now we have taken another pattern, the fabric of which is friends. Blooming jo hai yeh jo concept hai yeh cloth koi sakta hai bromine georgette pe bhi friends you can see the over sari ka pura kar ka kare hai friends like this and yeh jo concept hai jo over dal friends now in the wedding season This type of collection is sold in a very high and good price so that you must be thinking that you must have purchased the stock from the story, but friends, if that stock is over with you, then friends, from the middle of this video, you can go to your showroom shop.


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And the concept is very good, you can send a new collection to your customer by ordering in it, and friends from its pattern you can see with the cut border, which is made up of over dal pattern, see friends like this and friends all this Look at the beauty of the saree in the total zari ka kam glitter zari so that if the lady wears less then she wears less because the saree shop concept and signing which is very much a caste let’s go ahead This cloth is friends, we are taking you forward, friends, this cloth is from satin, friends, I am still telling you, if you are watching this video from the starting, then don’t skip this video. Because we are showing you very beautiful and very good collection in every quality one by one, stay tuned in the video and will continue till then, friends, let’s go ahead, 7 days very beautiful in the phone, which is called copper and copper With Jari you can see which is such a beautiful saree in over dal concept and friends this color combination is the beauty of new like if someone wears more black color clothes then black color is more like friends this is just saree isn’t it It will look very beautiful, friends, in this way, this type of collection and this type of new variety, new concepts are not released, then from the middle of it, you can send this type of collection on your counter with a very good and good margin.


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See friends very beautiful designs and nice triangle concept from our gem which you get in complete over saree let’s go ahead friends see zari ka enough ho gaya copper zari ka kam ko zero uski diamond ho jharkhand ho So friends, now there is such a lady in your place who is an agent, if she has to wear a heavy look, then friends, for that too, we have created a new concept for you, and that is the one of Lucknow, the one of Karachi. You can say this, you can see the collection and color combination of Lucknow Vivar, friends, we will show you the red color in the video, but friends, if you want light color combination, then you can also get light color combination paste color, which can be seen in the video test. Can and this type of it is Lucknow also friends, it is going to be available in cotton thread, it is available in cotton thread, full georgette fabric, friends, this is blooming georgette fabric, but Lucknow viewers are very much with designer concept. You can see the concept of Aanchal which is over dal packing. Look at such a beautiful saree from Designer Sarees Manufacturers in Surat, friends, such a beautiful and beautiful collection, you can get this type of work only in your Kesaria Textile Company. You can see the lesson, see, friends, it is so beautiful, let’s go here, look, the concept of super and rich pallu made of fancy two designs, you get the complete look, friends, this is the Aanchal, and with it, friends, in this way, the over dal is complete.


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Which is made of cotton fabric only with one thread which goes over in the whole saree, no concept has been adulterated in it, so this is Lucknow Weaver’s collection, let’s go ahead friends, the collection is very good and this cloth We are going to open and show you, friends, this is a strange cloth and a strange silk cloth, you can see that this type of collection is sold very well in up Bihar and this is the concept, which is the over fancy party and wedding collection sir. Friends, it can be used in wedding as well and you can use it in the middle of party wear, see friends, such a beautiful nakshi pallu and the concept of boots in the over saree is also very wonderful, you can see it. It is such a beautiful saree on a strange cloth and the beauty of its border, you can see it is made with such a beautiful border and in this you can see the concept of cob, I love the beauty of cob, isn’t it? But the beauty of it is not very wonderful concept, you get it, see friends, let’s go ahead with the pattern, we have more products to show and this concept we will show you friends, this is also Friends on simar fabric and on simar fabric everyone does not like zari and stone her type collection friends for that also we have multi embroidery collection from party wear collection you can wear according to wedding you can wear her type collection We can give you this type of collection, that too with multi-colored stains and from which the collection is made of different colors.


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Friends, the collection that we have here is just from the middle of today’s train, friends, you are understanding the train, isn’t it? It is so much that the concept of out of fashion cannot be found with us, because if you visit throughout the day, don’t you sir? The juice is so relieved that sir you will see the product in the segment, you will think that sir, when the number will come in this segment, then we can get that type of collection, see friends, this type of variety, then friends, you can see the beauty of the saree so much The saree is so beautiful then what do you want what do you want tell me this type of collection do you want to keep your software or not as I said pick up the phone immediately and contact the number on the screen If you like this video friends then like Do subscribe and friends must comment Thank you till then bye-bye.

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