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Designer Sarees Wholesaler in Surat: You all know that sarees are in high demand everywhere, that means not only in India but in the whole world, its courage is not the only relief, so here you must be seeing the designs of sarees. Today I am going to show you in the beautiful designs that these are from the specials, this will be the past test, which has run a lot in our Delhi and Bombay side, because what is inside it is Bollywood, whereas if you want varieties, that too will be found here. But how will you get it, everyone has to take a set vice, because the Kesaria Textile Company deals only and only inside the set vice collection, which now you can order from the story even while sitting at home. So see here with the touch up of diamond, inside which you get the length of 6:30 flower, inside which the touch up of Sirrus diamond is not visible, but when the touch of diamond is given inside it, but see what continues here. What has been done with Gilco’s thread is that you will find countless varieties here, but you will get color victory, yes, if we are giving you set vices, then you will also get color options. Are going to get and these saree varieties which are not on manufacturing, how is the rate of textile, so here you get the taste of India, then look at the next collection, it will be chiffon basis, yes, chiffon is a relief.


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Very soft material relief and inside it the border you are going to get is full cut or accordion but with touch up of velvet which I am showing you in the next variety, you are going to get the net basis inside which you You can see some layer types, the pattern that you are seeing, this entire file has been printed, yes, it is oil painting, which is according to the mail friend, no matter how much wash you do, it is not going to spoil, then see the next one. This is the pattern, you are going to get a complete base, here you can see very lovely stone accordion, this design has been made, with which it has been cut, that means it has been made of velvet, you can see the border. Maybe you are going to get the complete forged type, then such collections are there, whether it is specially party wear or Bollywood touch up accordion, then you will get such variety here, that too with proper power, so see this now. Collection jo hai main aapko kuch back to back show hai to price jane liye fatafat se jo hai aapko watsapp link given inside the description yes if you want to know the price then go to the WhatsApp link given inside the description Have gone, take screenshot and message us so that you will get pf and along with pf you will definitely be mentioned the price, so see the next one which is the collection now, in the same way you will get full cut here also.


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It has been done as I told you that every variety that is distributed here, you get according to different design concepts, because just now the first article that I told you was that there was no light base inside the cut. It was also in the same way but inside it there are more designs which you can see inside the whole cut pattern, page K has also been done with them and you will get these saree varieties with the catalog here. That too with the brand of saffron, so here whatever collection you will get set wise, then in this way you will get setup mantra jo hai tu piece ka setup se starting ho jati hai light color se agar aapko light color Bar coding system will be available, you can see that within the fixed price means online purchasing or if you come offline and purchase, you are going to get semi price, then see this collection now, you will also get some stone to tone There is one in which seriously diamond has been propped up and such varieties are there if you want to purchase while sitting at home, then how much is the budget, the minimum budget is 10,000, and this is the saree collection from Designer Sarees Wholesaler in Surat, isn’t it now?


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If you belong in India, you can order cash on delivery issue, yes, you will get this facility, from now onwards, you will be able to purchase the video, which is released tomorrow, sitting at home, there will be no foundations and minimum It is not necessary in the budget of 10000, you have to take only sarees, but along with them you can also take kurtis, you can also take suit materials, because you will get the complete collection of women’s wear here, so from this article, we are for you. And many more will keep coming but if you want to see your state wise varieties, then comment us immediately because when you comment on Mama, we definitely bring varieties according to customer’s demands, so like this Hi whatever, if you liked the video, if you liked it, then what to do, subscribe to our channel immediately and do not forget to press the bell icon, because according to this, you will be able to get notifications so that you can watch the varieties.


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Whatever is there, you will be able to purchase first of all and whatever is possible, then you should visit Direct because until you do not visit, you will not know how Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturer company. Along with this, if you want any history related to business, then they are also provided to you from here. Our saree sales steam which remains or is not available in your language, so that there are no issues even in language. Main Himanshu aayi rahi rahi hai many more varieties of this type till then thank you!

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