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Ladies Top Wholesaler: Hello I am himanshi from Kesaria Textile Company kam ok hai dobara i have connected with all of you watch our youtube channel above every time we see a lot of collection that’s why you have also subscribe our channel and press the bell icon because you will get new collection If you keep getting notifications, then today I am going to show you the variety, which is going to start, from Mantra 149, you will get T-shirts with this beautiful printing, you will see that you will get different different means one. When we are getting so many saree designs in so many colors, then why do we have to buy separately and if you are a businessman, then you can purchase this type of article sitting at home for a small amount of 10,000. You can see how the number is running on your screen, only on top of that you have to do the collection, just take a screenshot of the collection you like. given to make it easier for you to join us Today’s video So that you will be able to work in this very good profit and with this shirt which I showed you, you get the props, you get the elastic pattern inside it, I am going to get you the props so that there will be complete comfort in getting up and sitting and you will get it.


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Inside Hai Phool Length Yes, you are going to get the accordions of Jo Hai Phool Length and inside these also you will find a lot of size sarees, so how did you like this collection, I hope you would have liked it a lot, then if you have Jo Hai Nights Ke If you want to take this type of accordion collection, then you can join with Cuttack, you can start your business, you don’t need to sleep much, then you see this, and now I have brought many varieties of sarees, as if If there are 10 to 12 year old children, then for them you can take varieties of this method, which is very simple look, here you see the next basis which is finished, inside it you can also see the interlock finishing. Here pay mention is 36 so means you are going to get from 36 and at the same time the prints made inside it are not very beautiful so children are happy only after seeing such articles they like such collections more then their If you get the dummies also worn with what is in the shop, customers will come to your shop very quickly as soon as they see from a distance, you will get shorts as well, see this full shot pattern that you will get. You get this variety which is absolutely Capri type, inside which there is elastic, it also has proper interlock finishing, which you will find in every variety, because when all the collections are made in any Kesaria Textile Company, then from the beginning till the last, the collection gets a complete gate.


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Full care is taken to meet up and if I talk about it then you see the packing you are going to get in this way, you see how different the colors are and the designs are also different then this bang I would like to say that aap jo hai joti hai do visit the direct dal, because until you do not visit, you will not be able to see Jo hai na Raunak, how many saree varieties you are getting here and now we grow some long tea- You see more of the shirts We are wearing according to the top from Ladies Top Wholesaler, here you see the cut is also proper, interlock finishing, according to the proper length, you will get it here, and this print is not rubber printing, how much wash it, how Also, do what you want, it is not going to be bad at all, saree varieties that you are going to get with one designing and with three to four sleeves, you get this concept complete, so today’s article is about how to get everyone.


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You must have already commented, I will definitely check what comments you have made, as well as what is not there, next time I will take care of which varieties for you and if you want to keep coming, then look inside it as well. Whatever you have, capris are found in this way, as if it was elastic, there is elastic inside it, but if you want a dori pattern along with it, which we also call slogan, the same concept is found here, it is very beautiful. Variety is there, we want star pattern, dot pattern is needed, so many beautiful concepts are available to you, because as we watch cartoons, neither our mother does this nor we want cartoon variety, so all these concepts are going to be available to you in this way. Today’s collection was just this much, in today’s video you must have liked to know that you are going to get a variety of kids wear T-shirts available with you, so if you want more information, stay connected like this, I am Himanshi. Will come in next collection with some new concept and in this way from set vice design till then thanks for watching!

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