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Surat Kurti Manufacturer: Hello, I warmly welcome all of you from Himanshi Kaisi’s Kesaria Textile Company with new thinking and new direction and we show you a lot of variety every time even in kurti’s session that means in kurti also you get a lot of variety in how Kesaria Textile Company It is seen in which you like many designs and now stay connected with us like this, hope that if you stay connected with us even now, you can see the ribs now, you all must be thinking that whoever does this, everyone’s eyes Right now it is going on here, so first of all let’s talk about it, this kurti which is going to be absolutely Ramon Maggs material, it is a full printed kurti which we can also call Jaipuri test and you can see its border concept. It is going to be in this way that you go to the Gully Boy dance, you are going to get the whole frock style, eat the button, in some way you get the fancy look here and here you see the fast flying design you are going to get. Here you can see the design of the whole chain, you get both sides If you get it, then you must have understood that you are going to get very less fat variety for women here and three four which are going to be sleeves, you get full sleeves here, so how to do many such concepts Many varieties are going to be found in the Kesaria Textile Company, like now the captaincy variety is going on in the friend, the variety which is going on now, I have shown you every time in every video, so today’s topic is going to be inside kurti So all the printed kurti you are going to get, which is going to be its fabric, is going to be ramen material and cotton basis, so let’s start it does not take much time then you can see very good here you are going to get this regular basis material and it You can see that you are going to find many varieties of this saree with point printing with all these lines in here and you get very good stitching here and you can see how well you are doing here.


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The work done means that the stitching that is done from here is also very careful. It is kept that all these variations should be made with complete comfort and you can see here that in this way even people of fancy buttons get it, if we talk about colors, then you get 523 chart. In which you are going to get the very best color combinations, then you are going to be a neck designer in the next design, that too printing is going to happen but the fabric which is going to be of it is going to be cotton material and you can see what is cotton. Everyone likes it because this cotton is a website that has been running for centuries and you can see that you get the entire border from the phone, in such a way that we can also call the design of the vine and it In kurti you get this design and even here you have to turn the button in such a way that you get it on the next so that you are going to get a simple look but in some fancy style it becomes a whole variety in the back side You also get a border look in the same bottom, which means that this saree variety matches with the complete look. You are going to get the same post labels attached to it, so you must crud all such varieties in your business that women start business even while sitting at home, but Ram everyone knows that starting a bad business at home means That is very difficult even in that because we also have to look after the household work and are starting a business at the same time, so it is also necessary to pay attention to the customers and keep the variety of their tests according to the same. In the recording of and for when I have brought all this variety that sitting at home, you must keep this thing that the planet printed kurti goes to, that you all know that there are such varieties, they are also for daily routine in the house. If you like a lot and they like such varieties, then you can earn very good margin in this money, so soon you can see new designs in new designs and the material is jhala, in this way you will get complete You can also see the color of the embroidery work, a combination of white has been given on it, very good.


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You don’t feel like you get full sleeves and kurti, there is a demand from customers like that if we get the size available then simple things, you have any problem, you just have to do this on the given number on your screen. Call me Directly join us so that all the facilities that you have, all the details are provided to you from Mario online game and kurti in this I would like to show all of you that in this way some packing is available here. What is going to be found and how to get the piece set, color combinations are also available well and if I talk about the price in this kurti, then a ₹ 10 is started here and you will get it with very good material. If so, in this way you are going to get some frock style in the new design, which is going to be tested, some whole Jaipuri test is going to be done and this whole Khadi quarter is yours here and you can see the border, something like this Why does it take you to the border and here you will be divided The people of s also get the manager very well and you can see that the contact that is made is a very soft material and it is definitely a material that I like very much, which means there are many varieties.


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Even if it attracts more, it attracts a lot of variety at the time, but have you ever thought that we run a lot after cheap, but have you ever thought that how is that variety, that means the customer likes it Or it does not come because we do it somewhere, from there we Suraj, which is a Kesaria Textile Company, where there is a big hub, here everyone gets a lot of textile companies, everyone gets manufacturing companies, but the price in the product is very much. More issue comes means that someone’s margin is only someone’s low In the things that we also have to anticipate that we should get the material good. Because customers come to us only when they are getting good variety and they get some profit, only then you get the British in whatever you sell and you must take care of it and you only get curd now someone like this too If you do not believe, then you just visit once, how in the Kesaria Textile Company, do you see all the varieties live there so that you know how the variety is going to be available to you or not, it depends on there but you have to see the variety first. It should be given to him later we can make some guess as to how his price is going to be price also like people talk a lot that why I fast on price then it also means to customers that a lot of customers come to us like wholesalers also Come, some retailers also come, so if we mention the price in advance, then the retailers and the wholesalers have a lot of problem to stop through them because if they also put money on many then they also profit.


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It is very important to get it, then it burns in the new design. You can see the design Simple kurti printing design from a WhatsApp message Here you are going to get this look, you are going to get the very best look here, you will get complete comfort, you are going to get three-fourth sleeves. It is found here, in this way, here I get you the body type concept here and you can see the pattern, you are going to get a very good pattern, you can see the whole of fishing, in this way you will get the completeness of these fruits. Furnishing is available here and the size that it is going to be is something you are going to get in exercise means, in the same way, in many double axle sizes and sizes, how do you get all the variety in the Kesaria Textile Company, but whatever variety If you like, you have to take the order of the lineage, that means that as I can see now, whatever variety you see, you are going to get the complete setup, you also get the color combinations, then such a variety of information All you have to do is the numbers that have been sent on the screen. You just have to call us can add all our dry and soon new design is going to be very special neck design, in this way you can see very nice printed designer you get overall look perfect look you will get What you can see earlier is that very good design means that such joint designs and stitching are entrusted, people like it very much even for official, so you all know that this is the side.


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We also live in any area, but the variety that is there is very good line, we consider margin profit to be very good, I let them design, something simple is going to look like something like this. You are going to get the look of different diamonds of Siroski Diamond Job but you get the perfect look here and you can see below which is given here Very good title here you are going to get kurti and here But you get only sleeves, with proper cut, it is not the same with you. I would like to say that wherever you purchase from wherever you take the materials, but first of all now definitely look at the quality because now if everyone does this business, then when all of you want to do purchasing for yourself, when retail according to it, now anyone If you go to the mall, you also take high variety in the same way that you believe that whatever variety you get in the mall is going to be the perfect time, by the way, if you do business, then whatever wholesaler you go to, it You should see the material of the cloth, how is the material you are going to get, you should not judge the price first because if you take the material good, then you are going to get good margin, it is visible in front, then you can see the reminder here It is going to be found in some cotton material, you get the complete flower design in that way, you also know the color when the cream color seems very batter and the friend given on top of it looks very classic and here you You can see the way that button comes to you net pack so very Good design The designs that you get are basically according to the rally routine or official, they are more liked in that whenever you come to Surat, then how come this Kesaria Textile Company must also visit once where you will get all the variety. The slides are visible means that it is only 10 minutes away from the station, in Millennium Market, must visit B Block First 3031 and 3032, you come to the emergency sales office on Shyam and this ladies wear complete collection of under one roof.

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You are able to see and in that too you all know that many design concepts are found in this saree too, you get many designs in kurti too but those who are doing business sitting at home here who have a shop. In that, if you ever do business of kurti, if you destroy only kurti, then in this way you must keep whatever is in the bottom, then even if you attach these two with them, even if you do sales. Well, you get the profit, you can see that I can help you in this way. Pian parents are found in which you also get the personality of one side pocket here, you can see it in this way, now you can see it in butter, in this way you get people of buttons which are very nice fancy look According to all these details are going to be available, then you must keep such material that whatever customer comes, he does not only carry kurti, but he also needs plajo, whatever is needed, in this way you can see free size. Raj Yoga is going to be available sister basis of material is going to be margin you can see proper you this cut with proper definition you go to all this detail rubber also you are going to get with full comfort and in that too you need printing palazzo Or but then you want free size but also want girlfriend behind, then you get all the variety, here soon there is going to be a neck designer in a new design, you are going to get something in the kurti in this way, all these lines would have been found in the bills. and fix something in it, its design is suitable for you to meet. And you can see how good feeling you get because our company which is burning for 40 years is a manufacturing company and whatever variety it makes, it takes great care that the quality is good, the product is good, the design is true so that the customers Liked a lot and the business that they have keeps moving forward like this, then you get to see the next variety in the next video, but you must keep in mind that whatever facilities you need, whatever material you need, their information To get it, all you have to do is to call the numbers given on the screen, you just have to connect with the director, from there all the facilities die and if you ever come here, you yourself will feel that now All the sales executives you are going to get here are found in your own language, that means you all belong somewhere, be it Maharashtrian or Tamil or you are from anywhere in Rajasthan, then every executive gets your send. So that you get comfortable with them It starts to feel so that you can easily see all the variety that is there and the purchasing goes well with you, I hope you will always stay connected like this and to see many more designs, you join us on YouTube. Stay put, you can press the name of the spread, you can subscribe so that you get notifications and many more new collections and you can order comfortably sitting at home, thank you for watching!

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