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Print Work Saree Manufacturer: Hello I Himanshi how retail companies welcome you all once again with new thinking and new direction and new varieties are about to come today means saree is not on non-woven fabric inside it Particular design is not above Whatever design she has brought for you, she has brought very selected designs but whatever design is going to be very funtastic means which 18 fabrics you are going to get different for each design, like I am standing I am also in the segment of sarees, so you can see a lot of collection here, in which you get thousand plus designs, you get thousand plus in fabric, that means all the variety you can get only in this Kesaria Textile Company. If it is going to be your face, then how come you must visit the Kesaria Textile Company once, here you can see all the varieties with your own eyes, so this is the variety that is going to be ours, then the next or first variety is going to be ours. Let’s start without taking much time everyone can see Bahu That’s why here you are going to get the design of saree, that too in embroidery work because those who can do raw, they like embroidery designs very well, then you can see that you have a very nice simple look. Here the border of the lace is given in such a way that you get it from Vodafone in similar color and by what name you are going to get the catalog here means that the catalog is already mentioned to you so that if you are sitting at home online If you order, if you do not find any difficulty, then now you can give the whole printed saree, meaning you are going to get this printed saree here, in some way you get the full fat lace material here, which on the result your whole material is yours.

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What is going to happen is the fabric and we can see here first of all we would like to see the water how the border is going to be, then you can see that you get the border of the body in this way, the emphasis here is the design of the house and You can see it in full printing, what kind of water you get here Well, you get an embrological look with multiple colors means that multiple colors have been read in it, which is looking very good, similarly, which app is going to be available in a saree, you get the cut of 6030 properly. And you can see that you get the blouse piece in such a way in which you also get a very good painting design and so many materials that sleep in the same place, how are you going to get it cut in one place. You get so many designs even in variety because the designs that it is and for the regular routine which everyone likes very much and it is a daily demand, the things that are used in Delhi every day, you must have cropped such a thing. Incorporate in your business so that you can know how any other variety is going to come, just send us our skin, the number will give you just call, join us, all other information is very well provided to you by our online team. If you see, you can see something happening in this way adding new designs.

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You are going to get the complete file print in it and you can see the design of flowers which always attracts everyone a lot that this design is of flowers and you can see very good weight loss material you get in these sarees More increase in mind, here you get the catalogue, this is the name of the entire catalog, method mother and in this also you get a lot of color combinations, then you can see the color of the saree, you are going to get a very good color here and Here you can see that the whole sari is going to be like this, here you get the design of pipe inch lace in this way, here you get 10 that too you are going to get your and olive sari from Pallu Khan now you can see It looks like something like the design of some sequences and you are going to get good file printing and you get the design of the whole flower in it, which looks very much like China, the variety is very much People like and kiss the blouse that you are going to get, in this way you will get the blouse kiss. Which is a very good concept of complete nineteen centimeters you are going to get this midnight with proper cutting and cut of proper saree, you get all this variety but whatever material of the saree you also take like some people are that without Take saris which are of lace border, that they feel less margin but sometimes you also think that if you yourself take others, after that you yourself stitch it like you apply glass bonus but now the same variety if you take full If you take complete, then you can see that in this way you get complete, then only you need to fan from inside your shop which such variety is the same and once the customer sees that variety he chooses And if they have many other designs related to it, then they must share their opinion with you, in the same way you also join with us, call us, show us your opinion, just you call like this even further. Be those who are looking for new customers, do the same thing now that you can choose any variety.

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Even if you do not understand about this, then just the numbers given on your screen, you just have to call the director, I have to connect with my other wise update, you can also do electricity by coming here, our office which is in Surat and how textile The company is the name of our office, so before not knowing, we would like to see its catalogue, this catalog is going to be available to you by the name of the method and the variety that is going to be in it means that you can see the colors that are going to happen, in this way you will get the color charter. It is complete, you are going to get this set of 830 varieties which is a very good collection, the color chart is kept because we do not even know when the customers like which color, then you will get all the color charts according to it here. If you go, let’s go to the side with this, for the next design too, something like this is going to happen in chiffon fabric and the lace border you are going to get in it, in this way you get those queen lace borders in it but In the border also Zulu that you can see that the complete design of Siroski Diamond is yours.

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You are found and in this also you can see that this catalog is going to be named Aamli, now we see a little that you are going to get the whole saree in printing only, you get the printed saree, which pallu is going to cry in some ways like this From here you can see that it is going to look very classic and you can see that this design has been made here, in this way it is complete now with multiple colors, you get complete designs here and You are going to get a complete 9 meters on the lace border, because how the Kesaria Textile Company has a complete 9 meter glass border in whatever material is made in the Kesaria Textile Company, you can see all these facilities for the blouse piece, you can see here The lace goes to the border, in this way, I play you in orange color, it goes in a very simple loop because it is such a printed saree, the plain blouses on them look very beautiful, looking from afar, very beautiful sight. If there are such varieties, then the catalog that is going to be there is called Amali. There is going to be a catalog and the designer who is going to be in it, you can see that in this way you get the design WhatsApp, that means in this also you are going to get one piece of its complete set and colors you get the very best colors that means If you get the complete Pride Color Charter here, then there are going to be new designs, which are going to be your own, which could put the test, it is also very much liked and attracts a lot from the variety So keeping this in mind, what it is made of now, in this way you are going to get a lot of printed sarees, you are going to get the look properties of the debates, you can see the border WhatsApp, for this you get a border.

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You are going to get a catalog here by the name Sanaya and very good song time here you can see the zodiac signs, you are going to get the very rich look of Jammu saree here. Because its material is very shiny material that means There is a very good effect from afar, the same things that happen, must be looted in such varieties in your shop because this variety is a custom, we have missed the custom, sir, they come to us as soon as they see such varieties that you Everyone knows that even if there is a mall, then all the tracks are there in the mall too that we get our varieties that way, so why not if you are doing business tabs from home, then keep such varieties, understand the test of the customers. Attract them to yourself that how it is only going to be available to you and before you listen to them carefully how they want variety, how to test them and how to stay in front of you with demand, share So on the same basis, which is in your sari or any other lady’s foot which is complete collection like 29 but dupatta plazo petticoat suit which you also get material here, then you also get a little knowledge about them all. Any one you need facilities like these facilities or else you need startup related ones. It should be a simple thing, the number given on your screen, you can call us like, connect with us so that you get all the information and you can also order online these varieties sitting at home, so the catalog that is going to be there Hai Sanaya is going to be cataloged in this way, now the designs that are going to be in it are going to be colors, in some way you go to the color chart, you get the complete set of the app, which is very beautiful, you love only the pattern. You are going to find many such collections here, so once the sun is definitely there, please visit the Kesaria Textile Company again, now I will give you all the variety that you can see live in this saree because it is the variety It happens that you get a lot of variety, meaning designs, we have plans, surplus designs, you get this concern, it is the benefit of being a manufacturer that we get only the design whatever they want, everyone can see the noble design whatever you get You are going to get the urgent basis in this way.

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You get the whole printing design concept in it that you can see very nice you are going to get the sari sitting here, you get the printing design, you get the proper design here you get the property and this pallu pattern Something is going to happen in this way, you are going to get work in the whole sari in an easy way and the design of the tassels that are going to be found here is found in this way and has eight valves, the saree can be seen in some way now People who have given pipe in this type, you get it in a lazy sari and you will only cut it all, you get all this variety in the cut and then the blouse and then the blouse piece you get, you can see that very vaccine here You get the blouse piece, Chinu is absolutely right, these people are going to get you here, so the catalog which is going to be named Honey, you get the catalogue, cash people, you can see this, see this, you get to know how varieties If it is going to happen then you can see that in this also you are going to get a complete set of art pieces. You get the charter in this way, so which one do you want to know about you like I have now tell you our design, that is the last variety, but the customers on sales, they go into more designs because our There is also limited time that we are able to show you so much variety in it, but you get a lot of collections with us, so you can join us, just call on the number, join us and with that we will You can also see all the variety from social media networks on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, today you get very good updates and please subscribe now on YouTube by the bell icon so that you can get the notification of New to New China. Keep getting and you will also get to know what kind of new varieties have come and you can order online sitting at home, that too with video call gift facility, you get many more new collections with next variety and you are going to get more. Also you must include such varitis, so hope for now I will definitely tell you through the comment also that you are going to get more tests that we get all India test complete here, but once you share your opinion through the comment also, then you will get the next video. Thank you for watching!

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