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Hello I Himanshu how to welcome all of you to the Kesaria Textile Company that and today’s variety which is going to be in this saree, you get a new collection every time how to make Kesaria Textile Company the only such manufacturing company Where whenever you come to visit or whenever you watch our videos, then you keep getting new collection from new to it, you get many varieties of it, if you like it, I also give my opinion by comment. And you have that charge and share it with us, so keeping in mind your demands and what you like, some more new collection has come which is going to be fabric and in this way you will get Najmin fabric here. As you can see that you will be seeing the variety of sarees here very well and now see here you are going to get the work of the whole stones, through the whole border, everyone here in Mirza and the stones you have got the full golden color response. You always look strong like this in the design you get You all know that Nagin fabric is very much liked and once it means dupatta, whether it is a sari, you like it a lot, then you can see that you get a border in this way freelance I am going to get you order and here you can see that this complete catalog is going to be named as ‘Pura Ko Dad’ which means the catalog is also mentioned on the saree itself so that if you like any variety then you can use it comfortably.

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By taking a screenshot, you can now call us directly on the number given on the screen, otherwise you can message us by taking a screenshot so that you get the money lady of pf, in that you also know the color, how many colors you get It is going to be then many can see that like this you are going to get the lining of the whole zari in full golden color and you are going to get the complete cut of 6030 and you will get the cut of 6030 properly and you de tam very good here Feeling you get this pallu concept, he can see most of himself The ones that are there are also in high demand, so what similar apps are available in this saree and Navami fabric, you all know that it is a very soft material, it feels very good. It has variety, you can use it in regular routine or you can also use it in any official work and with this you can see that you are going to get a blouse in brocade, in some way in cream color which is very nice.

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You get the design with very fine detail you get this saree design in blouse piece and complementary cut that if we talk about 6030 and complete cut you get in saree and noida centimeter you get this complete blouse to top If you get it in the piece, then friends, before moving on to the new design, which we tell you so many designs, you must have seen our videos every time, you must have found a very good collection and now you must have also called us, but till now If you didn’t call then simple thing is the number given on your screen, now call now and all the variety about it Let me know how you are going to get the variety, how-to-designs and you get how you get the All India test in a Kesaria Textile Company, I can say with believe that if you also join us, then you will be very good. Response is going to be received and if you also do business tab then how is your support from starting to every step it is going to get from textile companies that one thing is trust that you are going to get it properly from here, if any variety from here If we give, you all know that we also have an exchange policy in six months, so along with that you get very good benefits, so soon before being the next designer in the new design, which is going to be his overall look. In this way you get immediate benefits which is going to look very classic and I would definitely like to show the color too, you can see if you would have got its packing in this way, it would be packing with very good shetty and Colors in which you are going to get, you will get very bright colors in this I can see that the way you get the same colors which are liked by the customers very much means that the daily routine is also such that the colors are liked very much, so the designer is going to be like this.

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She is also going to be very beautiful that the fabric is going to be beautiful, you are going to get so many designs, that means you get so many design concepts with the same family, all can see very good, even here you have surgery. You are going to get full time that too in check pattern you get this variety and you can see in check pattern you get hearty rocket, you also get work of stones in this way with completely free Singh and you You can see how in this way you have the sticker of the Kesaria Textile Company, along with the same catalog you are going to have, it is also mentioned in the name and with the blouse you are going to get all these varieties here, then your Its design is going to be very beautiful, you see The color on the tax is also very good, green color which looks very nice and you can see in this also you get the design of the tension properly and you can see your lion how well you have this complete furnishing In which app of zari is going to be found and in this way you can see that you are going to get the same work in the whole saree, write the complete complete and they have the fabric of the ground and you all know that it is a very soft material. And in this also you can see that in this way you get a blouse piece in brocade itself, that too in cream color because in such an idea, the brocade browsers which are there, they look very good and also liked.

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If you go, if you are doing business, then you must keep such a website in such a way that the regular routine of such varieties is also very much liked and the sagging of them is very good and profit is also very good for us. You get it well and you all know that if we take a budget of 10,000, then I am very good at it. This means that you get business in this Kesaria Textile Company, not just sarees, it means that you get the complete collection of Ladies Way, every variety is going to be available to you under one roof, so many like this, which one can you get yourself? There are many more designs of necklace designs that are about to happen, in some way you can see that the design of the whole wing is going to be available, but you can see that this design has been made very beautifully and its The above stones were given in this golden color and it looks very classic and now water khan can see everything, in this way you get only water concept How is it going to be found in a saree, in this Kesaria Textile Company, there are people who are friends, whatever customers are there, who are doing business, then they have one thing that all those things are variety, they like it very much but have you ever seen this? Have thought that the quality of the cheap varieties we take should be such that its fabric should be like this.

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What is going to be its design, how is it going to be the softness of the material or how is it going to run If you have ever thought this, then friends would like to say that you take any material, do not go after the slowness, see the quality of the variety that is there. How is its material going to be that if you are doing business such variety which you keep if you keep variety from normal like also keep active variety off if its fabric is not going to be good then customers who come will get disappointed And if they are not able to come back then always hope that even if the money goes more but bring good quality and that equality is in your shop or doing business then remember there you do business from home also then you get the best quality Keep it so that the customers are happy that they come to you and also their demand, you know how that demand is going to be that this is the basic thing that tells us how our business is going to move forward that you all know Is that you are dear, you are found in every single place in every single whistle but You have to associate with those who have good quality, price is a bit high but what happens is very important to be reasonable that such things happen even if it is a regular routine but that choice is very much If more is done then now when can you call the hair dryer Yagya online day from the day you get complete facilities that how you have to make customers, how to sell them, what variety you should keep and you are doing only ladies and many more. And how-to designs you should bring, your area wise also you know when you start having sex how they are going to be in demand but before that mature we have to keep in mind what is the quality that I am the best If you have to keep burning, you are going to get the same thing in the new design in the new design in the chat pattern, but the check pattern that is going to be there is going to be a lot of salim in this way, you are going to get the beauty of the border, through many checks. The border is found and in this also you get some stone work in this way and you can get it.

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You can see very beautifully this is all the material world, such varieties are being liked very much, basically this is a test, so you all know that this is a very good test of Rajasthan side. People like this variety very much because the serpent which is the fabric, the very good test of it is very much liked here, keeping that in mind such variety has been made so that the customers who are very good at They can also sell their daily routine according to their daily routine, and keep going very far, then you can see and lover sari you are going to get something like this, you will get a cut of the whole six digit every In one variety, you are going to get a complete cut, you get the card of complete blouse piece, the fabric is also going to be very good. For going to office you who like youtube c instagram face from our social media channel You can also add on the top of the book how our channel sleeps under the name Thick Gel and YouTube channel so you are going to get a lot of these designs then if you want to see more website design then I can press like So that you will get notifications every time, you can see new to new varieties and also by comment you can tell how you want to see these designs or else you can order online sitting at home, all variety of applied video call And like I told you that under the return policy of Salman, the variety that you have, if any deposit comes out, then how it never happens in our textile but if you ever He also goes on Tawa, we can return within six minds but keep in mind that it should be according to the complete set because whatever variety we give here is according to Vaseline that we are the manufacture so all Our wholesale business goes on, so we can offer you this variety in many ways. If you come to Surat, then how come it is necessary in the Kesaria Textile Company only that you can see a lot of variety which is there, it all means that you can see the complete collection on ladies, then I hope this video will help you. Liked the video very much, not only the design would have been very much liked, so now order online sitting at home and your business and this is bigger so that you can get very good profit, then see you with the next variety in the next video till then thanks for watching!

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