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Designer Ladies Suit Manufacturer in Surat: Designer Ladies Suit Manufacturer in Surat: Every story has its on tale! You might have heard this before. Kesaria Textile Company is Surat’s dress material manufacturer and well-recognized wholesaler that offers the best women wear cottection to the retailers and resellers,


Do you run a retail store or do you deal online? Are you looking for the newest and finest suit materials from designer ladies suit manufacturer in Surat? If you’re looking for designer suits at wholesale price that are sure to impress your consumers, go no farther than Kesaria Textile Company, located in the middle of Surat, Gujarat.


In this post, we’ll examine some of their best products and talk about why it’s important for retailers to carry designer suit fabrics.


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Presenting the gorgeous Kurtis collection by ladies suit wholesaler in Surat


1. Faux Georgette Embroidery Suit Material:

Kesaria Textile Company, Surat’s dress material manufacturer, creates works of art with their fake georgette embroidery suit fabric. It’s embellished with tiny, sparkly Siroski Diamonds for a touch of glitz. The flowery embroidery on georgette is a piece of art. The overall attractiveness of the designer women’s suits wholesale material is further increased by the incorporation of Siroski Diamond work into the Santoon lining material. This option ensures a stunning and refined appearance no matter the setting.


2. Glaze Cotton Suit Material:

Kesaria Textile Company’s glaze cotton designer suit material is an excellent option for those who value classic style. The Siroski Diamonds used in the entire piece ensure that the decorations will survive washing after washing. The attention to detail on the daman and neck of this product is indicative of the high quality the company strives to achieve. The 2.5-meter-long georgette dupatta is not only lavishly embroidered with Siroski Diamond work, but also serves as a show-stopping focal point.


3. Suti Cotton Pastel Color Embroidery Suit Material:

Do you like suits made from Lucknowi embroidery? Especially for you, from Kesaria Textile ladies suit supplier in Surat. This cotton suit fabric exudes elegance and heritage with its stunning block designs and delicate thread work on the collar patch. Cotton suits are great for both casual and semi-formal events, and they look even better when paired with a Suti cotton printed dupatta.


4. Glaze Cotton Zari Embroidery Suit Material:

Kesaria Textile Company has done an excellent job in the wholesale ladies suits market. It has incorporated the classic beauty of zari embroidery into the glaze cotton suit material. The zari work is really beautiful, and the Siroski Diamond accents take it to the next level. The matching georgette dupatta is another eye-catching aspect of this partywear suit material, making it a great pick for individuals who value refinement and charm in their attire.


5. Chikankari Suit Material:

Grace and elegance have always been associated with Chikankari embroidery. Surat’s dress material manufacturer presents the georgette Chikankari suit fabric as a wonderful illustration of this art form. The motif is given more depth and complexity by the contrasting embroidery work. This suiting fabric was created using centuries-old embroidery and tailoring techniques from India.


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The Importance of High-End Fashion Suit Material in the wholesale ladies suits market

In the Suit selling industry, stocking designer quality women’s suits wholesale is crucial for several reasons.


1. Customer Appeal:

Designer suit materials are in high demand among customers who value unique and fashionable clothing options. They target a specific group of people who value high-end products and services and are willing to pay more for them.


2. Improved Brand Image:

Designer suit retailers are known for quality and style. This can improve the company’s reputation and bring in more upscale consumers.


3. Higher Profit Margins:

Designer suit materials cost more, increasing store profit margins. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for unique and well-made products.


4. Customer Loyalty:

Providing designer options can attract a devoted clientele who will return to shop for new lines and spread the word about your business.


Kesaria Textile Company’s Retail Offering

Kesaria Textile Company is aware of the significance of meeting the demands of the retail industry for a variety of high-quality wholesale suits for women. Everything from antique Lucknowi embroidery to cutting-edge Siroski Diamond decorations is available. Due to the company’s dedication to quality, you can rest assured that the suit materials you receive will be both stylish and long-lasting.


Kesaria Textile Company, a Surat’s dress material manufacturer, presents a new selection of designer and standard suit fabrics that exemplifies their commitment to providing only the highest quality to their retail customers. There is something in their inventory for every taste and event, whether you’re in the market for elegance, tradition, or modern flair. Which begs the question: why wait any further? If you’re a retailer looking to boost your business with the best suit materials on the market, look no further than Kesaria Textile Company, Surat ladies suit wholesaler, and it’s beautiful choices.



1. I want to order bulk ladies suits from Surat. How do I place a bulk order for Kurtis from Kesaria Textile Company?

– Call Kesaria Textile Company at +91-9909048061. Contact them for enquiries or orders about their stylish Kurti collection or other textile products.


2. What is the key difference between designer and regular suits in Kesaria Textile Company’s new range?
– The embellishments are the distinguishing features that make Kesaria Textile Company’s designer suits and regular suits unique in their latest collection.


3. Are there any specific fabric choices available for the dress materials offered by Kesaria Textile Company?
– Discover the range of fabrics, from Silk to cotton to organza kurtis, available for both designer and regular dress materials.


4. Are there any bulk order options or discounts available for retailers and resellers interested in Kesaria Textile Company’s dress materials?
– Kesaria Textile Company offers each product at wholesale rate. We don’t offer any special deals or discounts on bulk purchases. But for more details, contact our team, and we will get back to you with specific information.


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