Cotton Kurti के सबसे बड़े मैन्युफैक्चरर: Latest Kurti Collection of 2023 | Kesaria Textile Company

Kurti Wholesale Supplier: Are you planning to start a kurti reselling business? Do you know the market and its trending demand? For any such tricky points, Kesaria Textile Company is always there to help. This company is a cotton kuti manufacturer and offers amazing kuti collections in all shades and designs.


In the world of fashion, which is always changing, Kesaria Textile, a cotton kurti wholesaler in Surat, has become a top name when it comes to the kurti collection of 2023. Kesaria Textile Company is known for its skill and commitment to quality. They offer a wide range of kurtis to meet the different needs of fashion lovers.


In this blog, let’s learn more about cotton kuti manufacturer and its beautiful daily wear wholesale kurti collection:


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Trending List of Affordable Daily wear kurtis:


1. Foil Printed Anarkali Long Kurti:

This anarkali long kurti from a cotton kurti manufacturer is a perfect example of ease and style. It stands out because of the elaborate sequins work embroidery at the neck, which gives it a touch of glitz and sophistication. A tightening dori is beautifully placed at the back to hold the waist in place and make sure the dress fits perfectly. The beautiful gota patti work on the three-quarter length sleeves of this kurti make it a true fashion statement.


2. Half Koti Attached on Double Gher Kurti:

This kurti is a great choice if you want something with a little sparkle. The half koti that goes with the kurti is embroidered with diamonds, which makes it shine. The long, pastel-colored kurti has a flared hem with double gather pleats that give it a beautiful shape. The sleeves have the same glitter work, which adds to the beauty of the dress as a whole. The kurti is also adorned with plastic mirror work, which makes it a beautiful piece.


3. Batik Printed Flare Kurti:

Sometimes, the most elegant thing is to keep things simple. Kesaria Textile Company is a kurti wholesale supplier that offers quality kurtis that are simple and easy to wear. The soft fabric makes it great for hot summer days and everyday wear. Its simple A-line cut makes it easy to move around, and the batik print gives it a trendy touch. This makes it a flexible piece to add to your wardrobe.


4. Rayon Tie-Dye Straight Kurti:

As a popular cotton printed kurti manufacturer, Kesaria Textile Company offers prints with sequins and sometimes embroidery work. This rayon kurti, which blends elegance and modern design, will take your style to the next level. It has silver zari work and Siroski diamond work, which make it look even better. The beautiful zari lace work on the daman (hem) gives it a touch of sophistication and makes it good for many different situations.


5. Jaipur Cotton Rayon Kurti for College Girls:

This Jaipuri cotton rayon kurti is great for college girls who want a mix of style and comfort. Its bright colors and detailed designs show how rich Jaipur’s cultural and artistic history is. It is more than just a kurti; it is a work of art. Kesaria Textile, a cotton printed kurti wholesaler, offers this designer printed kurtis in two to three piece sets and combo packaging.


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6. Naiyra Cut Zari Work Kurti:

This kurti is a masterpiece for people who love small details and fine handiwork. It looks amazing because of the Siroski diamond work and the detailed dori art with tassels. It’s a great choice for special events when you want to stand out.


7. Regular-Wear Three-Piece Cotton Kurti:

With this three-piece set, comfort and style come together. The set has a cotton kurti with flowers, a plain straight bottom, and a cotton suti scarf. Embroidery, sparkles, and fancy buttons on the neck placket give your everyday clothes an elegant touch.


8. Belt Style Foil Printed Frock Style Kurti:

This beautiful frock-style kurti with an embroidered sequin belt patti will make a fashion statement. The belt not only adds a bit of style, but it also helps define your waist, giving you a chic and fashionable look. It’s a piece that you can dress up or down for different situations.


The 2023 kurti collection from Kesaria Textile cotton kuti manufacturer shows how much they care about quality and good style. Each kurti is a work of art that is carefully made to suit the different tastes and interests of people who care about fashion. By looking through their collection, you can add the magic of Kesaria Textile Company to your outfit. Accept the newest fashion trends with confidence, knowing that you’re wearing clothes that are well-made and stylish.



Each piece shows how much Kesaria Textile Company cares about good craftsmanship and style. They have blended tradition and technology so well that their kurtis are not just clothes, but also works of art and style in the wholesale kurti market in Surat.


So, don’t be afraid to check out their clothes and up your fashion game. You can try out the latest fashions with confidence, knowing that Kesaria Textile, a cotton kuti manufacturer, made these kurtis to make you feel both beautiful and comfy. Now is the time to dress in the best clothes and let your style show off the magic of Kesaria Textile Company.


1. I am looking for a Cotton kurti bulk buying Surat. How can I place an order for Kesaria Textile Company’s latest Cotton Kurti Collection for 2023?
– The best way to get in touch with Kesaria Textile Company is by calling +91-9909048061. You can contact them if you have any questions or would like to place an order.


2. Do you offer denim kurtis at Kesaria Textile Company?
– Yes we do! Learn about the unique denim offerings and qualities that set Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurti collection apart in the fashion industry.


3. Do Kesaria Textile, a cotton kurti manufacturer, offer different size options in kurti collection to cater to diverse customer preferences?
– Yes, Kesaria Textile Company’s Cotton Kurtis typically offer different size options from S to XXL to cater to diverse customer preferences.


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