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Pure Cotton Saree Exporters: No, Disha has come again with a new concept for you, Ji Han, now you must have understood that you are seeing variety like some box packing, but today all we see are work basis sarees, which means according to the regular routine. Also remains in very high demand, similarly here also you can see that you will find many concepts all around, if you also want to do the business of centuries and are looking for some such variety within centuries, which you will find completely different. If you get then see this very cute concept you will get here only gota patti with sequence design all you have to purchase straight vice from here because we have only what is in hall selling here The deal is done and what is here, if you want to join, then you will be able to know very well about how to do what is related to your business, so see today’s collection which is going to be like this. Will be of the century, inside which the touch up of the entire Sirrus diamond has been given, see this Dr. Yamond’s Deserve is inside black and silver color and inside it on the pallu you will see the look of tasals is also going to be proper.


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And inside this, you get the complete triangle type pattern here, which is a party wear concept and you will get such sarees with the length of 6:30, and many more collections of this type, if you want to see quickly Se jo hai go to youtube and search semi work sarees or bridal saree accordion so that you get to see the whole collection which is a companion then grow next concept why so whatever collection you like if you like it quickly screenshot Do not forget to take it at all because if you take a screenshot once, then you will easily know the price of these varieties, by the way, we will talk about the price, the amount starts from ₹ 145, in the last, showing you the concept, it goes up to 600. It is going to last till 6000 so that you will be able to order all these collections easily. So let’s move on to the next collection, then look at something like this and many more, you will find varieties even inside most chiffon, this is also a complete shining material and with this you can see the embroidery work all around. It is going to be found, in this way you get Siroj’s diamond here, no matter how much you rip it then it is not going to get spoiled and in that also you can see the tone parrots, you get the touch up of the lace here.


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Which is going to be very beautiful, so the blouse that will come with it is inside the contrast, so if I talk about the packing of 20, then look at the packing, which will be like this, you are going to get the packing, you will get the catalog together. So that it becomes easier for you to know the details of the varieties, then let’s move on to the next concept, why see this, the next one which is going to be a concept, is going to come in a similar way, with Gota Patti, see the whole Gota Patti inside it. This box type design has not gone inside which the sequence has been propped up and all these varieties which are at your home. If you can order through video call while sitting, then let’s move towards the next collection, look at the next collection which is going to happen now, it will be chiffon basis and inside the chiffon, touch up of Siroj’s diamond has been given on pallu like this. Inside, you will find very cute butes, inside which embroidery work has been done.


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If the colors are light color then light color is also going to be available, if dark color is dark color then you get dark color concept, blouse is also set up in the same way, so all these sarees which you have ordered are book size, further congratulations to your business. Because the world has changed now, the test of the world has changed, so if you are doing business, then include some such colors and such designs so that if the customer wants to join you anytime, then he cannot leave disappointed, then watch today’s video. K is going to be the last variety, its color which will be showing you in light colors like this All the varieties of saffron are manufactured here and such designs are made here, so you see in this the whole sequence has been reduced in this way according to the beauty of the lace.


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The border is also going to be available ahead of you according to the stone and this concept will be there, you will find many more varieties of designs available, so see the props, in this way you will get the complete work up to 5 meters. As well as this blouse which will be very beautiful in this way all blouse is going to be available then Kesaria Textile Company deals inside not only century but also complete collection of womens wear according to which sarees kurtis leggings dupatta plazo suit materials lehenga and so on Along with this, if you want a variety like bed sheet, then you will get bed sheet here, so here you can see all the collections, if you want to order the set according to the set, because we are selling what is in our heart, every time I give you I keep telling and at the same time I Himanshi aapse leti hoon alvida apo me comment karna nahi bhuliyega kahan se hai and which collection you liked more through today’s video and also subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon Never Forget.

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