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Pure Cotton Saree Suppliers in India: Cotton Centuries If You Have Retirement Then The Quantity Starts Surat’s Largest Manufacturing Company Where You Can Get Cotton Cotton Garhwal Cotton Inside Cotton Centuries If You Want Fancy Cotton Materials Quota Checks Inside Every Concept You Can See Here And designs are going to be available to you today with a small budget, if you want to start your business, then if you want to order Book Vijay Varieties, then here you will see the design which will be available to you, and the colors will also be different for you. Pay is going to be found means that which is in hall selling, how is it deal in Kesaria Textile Company Hello I am Himanshi, I hope you all will be very good and your business will also be running very well, so with this how Kesaria Textile Company I warmly welcome all of you once again and how is the Kesaria Textile Company, which you all know is the biggest manufacturing company, which is being liked very much all over the world today, because here There are varieties according to the quantity too. With A1 quality, you get the products here, you can join any company, but once the man’s test goes out, then we do not like the variety of Kesaria Textile Company.


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Sara aapko nazar e hoga sab kuch aapko jo hai catalog vijay yahan pe collection mil ja Aega Barcode Systems will remain the price which is being shown to you and you will get the same collection here and cotton century which is running all over the world but the most liked one is ours which is cotton century in south side which is there. If it is in high demand, then I am going to show you that whole test, in which you get good pricing too, look at it in a similar way, you do not have Siroj’s diamond, but this sequence has been reduced. It is a very cute pattern and according to the weaving designs inside it you get the border concept like see the pallu which will remain inside it some of the tasals have been made to look like this and you can see the border inside the entire zari kam Finishing has been done you can see the prop here which is the finishing you are going to get then we are going to show the collection but what is your area wise test how is going to go now comment us immediately because till you do not comment We will not know which collection you are liking or not. But from where do you belong, what kind of variety do you sell out more, then you can tell us by commenting on all those places, by that you can see the rest of the varieties here, if you want Garhwali cotton Print cotton is needed inside cotton cotton or whatever you want, you need some other patterns which are according to the silky pattern, even according to the chanderi patterns, you will also find them here, so see the next collection which is going to be something like this.


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In this way it is complete, you will get it with threading work, daal type pattern has been made with flower designing and inside it you can see the pallu has been reduced in a very cute way, which adds to its beauty. The pattern which increases even more, we can also speak a little bit of lyrics pattern because you are going to get the same tassels, you also get them in the same way with different designing, so now if we talk about its catalog If you do this, then look at the name of Cotton Paro, it will be completely Cotton Paru. See this from me and inside this weak li you are going to get set up of five piece which according to bonus packing you are going to get take photo of catalog which you have through which it will be easy for you to know varietys rest you have PDF The facility will also be available from here, for which you have to do like how every time we have to connect with Kesaria Textile Company, but we think that how can we add, then for that you go to WhatsApp’s props in the description. You have been given the link, you have to message us on it so that you get a good response from the online team, in the same way, if we have a problem, as if we belong from anywhere, the language issue is too much. What you get is world wide shipping, through that you get a mix of all languages here, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, if you want, English, Gujarati, every single sales executive is going to be found here.


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Look at the variety, some box packing which means a little to you. According to the small size of the accordion, if you want box packing, then that too you will get here, then here you will get such varieties with A1 quality only, that means if you want to buy number one product, then with Kesaria Textile Company. I can join now of course means see this century proper you get this pallu with Siroj’s diamond the look of tasls is going to get you proper and here you see the live pattern made inside the bottom small flowers Along with designing, that too water, you see the complete release, you are going to get its variety which is available in our India, when according to fashion, it is also very much liked, according to the concept of party wear, such varieties are available to you. If you are running a boutique, then definitely keep such a variety that it becomes easy for the customers to connect with you and they can choose the colors very easily in the collections made in this way.


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See this set of proper five pieces is going to be available in which you can see the whole A Jo Hai Fashion Money Catalog Will Remain Of Kesaria Textile Company And Manufacturing Hai All These Collections Are Such Collections Hota Hai Na Aap Direct Visit Kar Kar Ji Haan Abhi Aapko How To Visit Kare To Visit Jo Ko Comment Us Can or call us to know that means you have to do this pick up and drop facility is available but at the same time want to come directly from the station only 10 minutes away from the station B Block inside Millennium Market In first floor 303 and 3032, where you can see such collections, each segment wise, you get to see particular, then move on to the next variety, look at the next pattern, this is Chanderi cotton, but you will find this shining material inside it. Because in clothing you all know that there are different designs, but the material is also available here in very different ways, so see this, this is the century, completely you are going to get its lookup in this way.


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Pallu which remains basically of some easy way which is made inside cotton or goes and see this design inside it bird pattern is made with threading work touch up of stones which is going to give you diamond touch and see this you will get proper proper century with same quality same designs so see its The catalog which is going to be named as Cotton Madhu will be a complete catalog in which how many pieces are going to be there, so see the proper piece, if you get a setup of six pieces, then this is our today’s collection, I hope you like it very much. You must have liked it, if you want to know the price of all these collections, but we have forgotten one thing that how much budget has to be kept, if you want to know about the budget, then keep a small amount of 10000, through which you can online You can do purchasing, yes, that too through cash on delivery, you get delivery from here, which is going to be available to you inside India, if transport facility is available through your pin code, then you will get it from here and the same Along with this, you will be able to order all these varieties through world wide shipping, whatever is available from here.


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Access will be made, you will keep getting the full details of it, so that along with all this collection, you will also be assured that we are connected online with how Kesaria Textile Company, but there is no lack of trust, so the same product Whatever it is, you are going to get quality bestie, so what do you do today, you will be connected with us, you must have subscribed to our channel and I will surely wait for a small comment, as if you are a customer, please give us back. Back comments are being made that now you have a new change in Kesaria Textile Company, how are you going to pay, then women are always available at your place, are children’s faces also going to be available, so yes, very soon you will get all these. Collections will be available from here but till then stay connected with us like this any variety like century kurtis dupatta plazo suit materials lehngas blouse and bed sheet any collection like if you want to purchase state wise then you are with us Can join the rest of the numbers given on your screen call what In the description of the sap, you have been given a proper link so that you will be connected with us like this and want to see many more varieties inside cotton, go to YouTube, cotton century, how Kesaria Textile Company, you search, you will complete all together. Listing leads me till then I himanshi take you all bye thank you.

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