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The variety of cotton is a very special variety that you all know that when the textile judge started, then first of all, cotton was preferred, in which the varieties of edible cotton are very famous and now the front I have brought in this, she is also going to show you inside the suit cotton, which means that you get printed sarees here but if you want fancy sarees as well as this designer variety, then which app I am going to show today So I am Himanshi with new thinking and new direction from Kesaria Textile Company I have come once again with you and our Kesaria Textile Company’s YouTube channel where you stay connected with us every time and collection is not your mind. According all these varieties are able to purchase, so first of all I would like to tell you that whenever you come to Surat, how should you visit the Kesaria Textile Company once because unless you visit here, you will know. I could not find that the collection which is shown to you here, you can get it with hundred percent quality.

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If you are going to call, then just numbers have been given on your screen, you have to call, message and connect with us, then here you can see this complete statement which will remain in the cotton sari which means that if If you want to progress within the business, then keep the collection in such a way that it goes according to the season and especially it is preferred more than your area wise Tescon, it is also necessary to take care of it, then move on to the designs now. It can be seen that the cotton sarees we have here starts only from these UP but the concept I have brought for you is such that the brightness goes to our 210 system here, inside which you can see it You are going to get the complete light color charter of the whole inside it, that too with the set up of five pieces, so you can see what is there right now, which is going to be the accordion border of Vivek concept through Kapoor 65 inside it You get plastic mirror work which is not there, you will get attached inside it and it is completely For this you are going to get Jet Clockwise Varieties, meaning here you can see that the entire catalog is going to be named Ranjan and send it inside, I get you a very cute design that means that the entire pallu will remain the same. You can clearly see the way you are going to get the very best systems, people of the very best systems also get inside it, which means that we want to tell you that you should join with any such manufacturer, from where you connect that you are not only variety.

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Rather, you should also learn to mix very well what you are, along with what you have baby knowledge as well as how to deal with what I am adding you to customers, how to give them all this with reasonable margin. You have to sell variety, this should also be a little convenience to you because you all know that when we start the business of clothes, if we do not want the knowledge, then we are not able to earn profit well inside it but you all know that Now we do, we do it for profit, we do our service to move forward. Because of this reason, how to make our Kesaria Textile Company very well known all over the world, that is why you get all the variety with a hundred percent quality here, you will not get any phone in quality. What is being shown, the correction is going to be delivered to you from here as well, so now you can see by mistake of the new design that the next variety is coming, in this way you get it inside the light color, now these sarees If we talk in sorrow, then we talk about the test of Orissa or South, if I talk about MP side, then it is the pride of the collections that such collections are very much liked there because there cotton It is especially more in trend that the person in whom they feel very comfortable and they are able to do official work inside it very easily and if there is a housewife, then according to the housewives their test is going to be the same.

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You can see that now this saree is going to be complete that you get the pallu in this way. Also, whatever is there in the cotton sarees, you can see that something is going to be seen in a simple pallu, here we have been given leadership every day, here you are going to get the whole husband type design. You can see the border inside, this order has been made without the whole pallu, how can you get the top and eat it in small pieces, then here you can see what it will be with multiple colors you are going to get Meaning that double color shade according to the color tone of a sari according to other districts, you get this tuff, so if you like any of these sarees, don’t forget to take a quick answer screenshot because until the screenshot does not fight, then the price How are you going to come because customers are waiting to know the price in France because we can’t tell you the price of each variety, you all know that the problem is that if we tell them the price, then more Also, those who are traders join with us or else in your area. Whatever work you do, if you face a lot of difficulty in setting up the margin, then we do not want at all that the customers who connect with us have any problem in any business, now the income group is open minded. From those who can easily do the business of a cloth, then increase the neck design, this design is going to be found inside the cotton, now you can see this, then you will get more after this cotton, you can see that you will get It means that till the feet you get this whole and can see inside it that if the check is according to the check and here you can see the round design has been made because very beautiful pattern you are going to get inside it So you can see that now the pallu that will come is also going to be very good because if I talk about such designs, if I talk about Banarasi saree, then you are going to get the pallu in the same way, you can see that the whole is complete. This design will be found according to cotton but you are going to get the complete pallu inside the golden color and here is what you will get.

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The pattern of the color is found, it can be seen that you are going to get more concept of the whole cotton saree, the jewelery is being preferred inside it also because when the fancy saree is made, then its pallu to make some different circulation. And with it the design of the skirt is not the same, they mostly like it, so why the next design, see now whatever pattern is going to come, in this way it is a concept, now this saree is small and the functions are there only. There are many festivals going on, so today we bring many such varieties for you and if these sarees are there, then there are such sarees in the South Side which you like very much as an omen. Now this sari which is complete, in the same way you get the pallu, inside which complete reliance has been made and whatever is inside it, you get the concept of small and big things made inside which all the sequence work has been done. You can see that there is no accordion of multiple colors, but inside the golden color, you only have a fence meeting.

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Wing According is going to be there and in that which will be the border, the bottom has been made here which you are going to get with a lot of pitching, inside you can see the whole JP you are going to meet with Singh that means if you Even if you look at the sari by twisting, you will feel the same way that this sari is straight, then we will tell you that if you want to know the price of any of these collections, if you want the facility of the victims home, then just message us so that You get complete support through our online team because right now you all know that the season is in the clothing business in which you all know that the shoppers who do the shopping with a lot of fanfare because everyone wants that their They get some more profit in business because when we earn, when we also put our hard earned money on any product, then every time we think that we are going to take this variety in it, we get the complete If you are going to get profit or not office, then I would like to tell you that when we take any variety It is necessary to give him a time period of six minds, then we will know which collection is going to last more because if we directly feel that this variety is not going to work, Tom will not be successful in the business of clothes but a staggering boss. If you go more, it is necessary to keep confidence on yourself, by keeping confidence, click on all these products, which you can share with ease It has been made inside it, you can see that a very beautiful border is going to be found here and here you are going to get this small design made in this way, rather this design is the whole machine you are going to get here.

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But it is made by the machine itself and this design is made in the machine, then you are going to get the whole thing that has been installed, you are going to get the very soft fabric that you are going to get Meghnad what you will get inside it. One needs chanderi cotton or praise cotton or any pattern like Garhwal cotton. You are going to get many of these designs here, about which if you want to go, just click on the button and about all this collection, you also get good information about it and for questions you can see that How are the designs going to look like to you, then let’s move on to the next design, why see the next pattern that is going to come, in this way you get the perfect English color found inside the gray color, its sequence work has been done and here you You can see that this saree will be something you are going to get in this way, you get it in this way, which means that whatever you are showing in the design of the saree, you will get 10 plus designs and bars inside whatever collection you will get here. If it is going to be available, then I must be thinking that if you have to keep this much time, then I would like to tell you how if you want to do business with Kesaria Textile Company, then keep a minimum budget of 5000, now 5,000 you must be thinking that variety Which we can buy very rarely but you will buy as many varitis.

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