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You can see that today’s saree is going to be very beautiful that the whole network will be connected and the whole work that has been done inside it, you are going to get the machine divine accordion that very cute. This is the pallu so far inside the pallu, you can see the type design that has been made here, along with the peacock pattern, which increases its getup even more and the beauty of it is going to be the same way you will get and fruits. As soon as we get the complete design in a moment, but only according to the sari of the sari, you can mix the design inside the whole sari, now you can see the complete feeling, you will get the whole of the border, which is used in multiple colors. Who was then to get you and drink the water, which maintains the complete beauty of this saree, you will not get any dipole piece from here and you can see the net which is also there, you are going to get a very soft net here Which you can feel, when you come to visit, then you can see that you are going to get a complete cut. Look here and now whose blouse will go, you are going to get the complete pattern of the back side, so you also get the complete design of it, even if you want to do diet purchasing, we have a set up of 425 here which you have from here.

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If I get it, with this, I welcome you all once again with new thinking and new direction for Himanshu Textile companies, here inside you and our Kesaria Textile Company, you get something new every day as soon as you get a new concept. live but who u like to decorate with the design time that our area wise Tesco President and in the same way from the collection which we can earn good profit from today’s design will be something like this way cricket is going to live a lot The designs of all the heavy sarees have come here, inside which you can see this parlor is also going to meet you very unique, see this now this saree is going to be full desi but border you can see that the border You are going to get the concept, inside which you will get the complete look of Sirosky Diamond. The rice title made of D color, which increases the beauty of the sari even more, you can see it in half a minute, you are going to see the whole pallu, now it is complete with Siroski diamond inside the pallu according to the machine lever.

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Which is, whatever brand you use, it will not be spoiled at all and here you can see that the whole flower design has been made here, which whole app will get its set back. If you are making you on the website immediately, if you want to know what its price is going to be, then only you have to give us a call and message and definitely go with the director so that you will get all the details through the online team. We have just started showing sarees, but how do you all know that the Kesaria Textile Company is the biggest manufacturing company, but all the new web-based ones who are associated with us, I would definitely like to tell them that it is in Surat and what is in Surat. Kesaria Textile Company is a very big manufacturing company where you will find Ladies ware company. Leet collection is going to be available means that if we talk about beard of sari you will get free sarees inside it Catalog want back semi work heavy work energy a warning this saree will be found here in this Banarasi what you want to dam your darleria with digital print Saree is what you are going to get here from every angle, so why are you going to get a growing net saree, what is the next design, how are we going to get it, now see what this pattern is next, you are going to get it completely and inside cancer.

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It is very cute, its shining, it is going to be accorded to the concept in a very beautiful party and you are going to get the work of the complete cut-cutting sequence of the body made here, that too the complete jewel Inside the pattern, you get small flower designs, which is you are going to get the pattern of everyday patterns, which increases the beauty of the apple even more that we get all the time inside the saree but a pallu inside the whole It happens that whether it is according to fashion or office makeup. If the accordion takes more demand, then inside it you can see that the full contrast of the blouse will be available, which means there will be no shortage in the fabric, you are not going to get any compromise, by the way here you can see You will get the complete pattern of the back side, you are going to get the design of the sleeves right here because how this Kesaria Textile Company is not only in making Variety but when Aircel does it, then the customers stay connected with them in this way.

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And you are always going to get the best quality products from here, so take a look at this new design, so there are going to be a lot of collections inside today’s video, so that’s why I will tell you the same, stay till the end, whatever variety you like You can also tell us through the comment, which pattern did you like more in it, so here you can see that now this saree is going to be found inside the whole rangoli pattern and the border inside it will be complete inside gray color. The whole machine was levered which you can see It is said that this pattern is made according to the pattern but the beauty of the pallu pallu increases more because what is the retype made inside it and in Leriya also you can see the full mark of the whole you are going to get if I look at the back side. If I tell you the entire design, then you can see that you will see the entire creation and whatever design is there, we take care that any deposit grinding is found, the writings that we have brought for you now, something is going to happen Lucknowvi. Inside the pattern, yes, you can see that the whole sari is in bright colors, you get the white color inside it, the whole English department has been done, which is going to work in a bad machine.

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Inside the cigarette pattern And here you can see that now we will be semolina, this is some plastic mirror work work but not this bad you are going to get the accordion work of zari which is very beautifully made and such sarees are available in all India It is in high demand everywhere, that too within the festival season, love is coming in many places today. But every woman who belongs to the festival stays here that some saris are such that no one else has only our party, so how are some such concepts going to be found in the Kesaria Textile Company, so whenever you come to Surat direct One thing, 15th station ticket will be available at a minute’s distance from B block 1st floor inside the market, inside 032, where you will be able to see many other collections like this, which you will play on your own, together with this executive, then growing other national Speaker which is the concept that you are going to get within a few phones but all this very lovely education you are going to get don’t look at Lion Shining and in this if we will see the complete flower petals sub flower design you all know That Zindabad variety is a title that everyone likes very much and it is such a design that is always there, we have 500 plus designs within such an hour, you will get the border you can see in a very best way Made inside it goes full tuft of Sirowski diamond piping Full care has also been taken of the tone and tone inside it, you are going to get a tap tap if we take a sari, then there is a requirement of petticoat, if there is a different terrorism comment, then what we have is the requirement of blouse, then what we have here Petticoats start from only 10, if you want a blouse, then motherhood will have it starting inside the ready and with that the last blouses remain only 10 you are going to get when so many collections are in one place or not.

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And there is no need to go, so now you can see something in this, I would like to show you just the point of view, in this way you are going to get many more friends here, along with what is there in this way and more You need a lot of patterns inside the cut, then you get the designs inside the cut and that dark color right now if you want to see the diet, then you join us immediately, pick up the phone, make a video call, that’s all of these ways. Variety that you will find and if you want to see the Catalog Rice Varieties Catalog is also available very easily through the victim, so see what is here, in our how Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get the theory also available to you, yes you have heard it right, which I think I would definitely like to tell them. A textile work, so I ask you a question delivery marriage bat-bat, through which if you live in any corner of India, through pin code, if it is available there, you will definitely be provided with cash on delivery and accordingly we will be here. But what is stylish kurti, luggage, dupatta, lehenga from plazo suit material, as well as more varieties like sit, you get here if you liked the video, if you like the variety, please do this one line and with that you can comment it. Will definitely tell you what other varieties you want to see thank you!

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