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Hello that how will I inventory retail companies will take these new thinking and new direction suit material, inside it you have some new latest designs and bring more than one, you like it and you like it even more if you comment so that We bring more new variety for you, then we are more that what you get in the collection way that you are not able to tell you all about Chhapra, its results are that we get what we have from a manufacturing company. Customers can and as soon as they are equipped, there are retailers, some have to do business from home, so can customers, that’s why there is a lot of problem, then for this the numbers given on your screen, you just have to call and join us. If you want to go like this, then you can see the collection cropped, in some way you get what is going to happen inside the digital print itself, you have taken the view of many designs, but some this method is going to get the design.


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What you get is very wonderful here you can see above it If you have been completed, then you get it here, I get you light colors in the same way and you are going to get all these varieties in the manufacturing post itself and like the suit material, it has the specialty that the dupatta inside it Don’t you get it, it’s an absolutely wonderful collection, you can see that it is very wonderful, here you get a scarf, which is pure ghee inside you, you get China inside their whole Chinese material, which makes it four in beauty. By the way, you can see that the cut and quarters have been given, here you have the complete golden color and here the complete reading and done, but you can see this design inside the printed one, which is a rose. If you find such patterns here, then stay connected with us to know about many such collections because I am going to show the design closer, then the digital print inside the new design which is very soft.


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You get it here and you can see it’s full length. The line is pure sequence and done over it, the free button format, you get the complete design here, that too with your single but the print you are not able to see, you are going to get the complete digital print which is It is very nice from the material that sleeps and now you all know that Ramadan festival is coming, neither such collection-walls will be liked more, so as soon as possible just include it in your business then you can see it In this way, you get a scarf. Full length is going to get a computer scarf of two and a half meters inside, lace border which you can see is the material of the digital print, nor the whole waterfall goes to Moses, you will get the complete pattern of the sequence. If you are going to get, then to know the price of many such contacts, you have to call the numbers given on your screen, you get all the details through the online team because you get the former vice and the back office of the seven classes. The set up is complete with innocent people because we have swan LEDs here. Well, if we talk about starting suit material, then it is done, then whatever design you get, now you can see that you get it means that you are going to get almost complete here and you can see like this.


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You are going to get it in this and here you can see that you get it and if I talk about it, you get it but if it is inside it then you get it then its dupatta dupatta also its very great way Made from and it gets to the subscribe button but it is going to be available to you within Friday, due to which its weeping material enhances the beauty of the material, so watch such a collection now stay connected to know the price because the material can It becomes free and inside it you can see and take all the light colors and inside you can see that the flower design has been made but is complete and big has been used with it and here you can see that The best quality products go to this designed button, so it is going to be 715 only, so its dupatta So you can see that the very best dupatta is going to be found that dupatta is that custom if you see in the material then just fry the dupatta that how teras you are going to get and you will be able to get information about all these things When once you beat at How to Le Textile Co. means you are only 10 minutes from the station.


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Inside the Millennium Market Block First Three More than you can know about all your variety Buy it Just Minimum Budget Adds You keep 10,000 to 20000 so that if you want to order such a collection even sitting at home, then it becomes very easy a small password, if world wide shaving is available from us, then you are not going to have any problem, then change the necklace design which You can see a lot is going to happen inside the georgette but inside you are going to get the complete complete list kundan work, through you get the whole design pattern, here 3D work is also done with silk threads in don’t don’t make complete pattern and here you can see the throat patter Then we get a lot of time and in this way we talk about its scarf, then you get the same justice in such a quality that you can see that you are getting this whole design from the thread of the printer Which is complete, you get the bright color accordion that means if you have a festival then keep a collection of varieties or something similar so that you can also set up the margin very easily, then such a collection if you liked it.


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You can make a small comment and you will be seeing many more congratulations, in which if you have bar tension or this time e work or banarasi concept or bed, if you want all this pattern, then you can find it here. go and robert ankit then if we talk then only services setting is done then any information if you need number on screen you have been mentioned in the description given and suit material more please click on the button to see all varieties Now you can watch all the remedies sitting at home, so I go, now watch the videos, give variety Well I come back stay like this Tata Bye-Bye Thank you!


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