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Who is called the store of sarees, yes, the store of sarees, how Kesaria Textile Company, where you are going to get the latest latest design, as fast as it is chatting now, nor with the same loudness, our collections come here every day. Live only inside which you keep getting new to new concepts, here you can see the complete bridal collection, inside which you will also get one and a half designs and you can see that the variety of box packing is from the states, that means the brand. All care has been taken, you can see the most important packing, but you can see how you are going to get the name of the people of the textile company, you can see the first leaf, we are at the forefront of the world of fashion.

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I have to be at the forefront so that you are going to get the collection which is new to new quality and quality best product here, now its branch, Madhuri 225 reduce such a separation DJ starts in which you can see Everything you’re going to get from the bar coding system Cat Booty It is available at the same time and whatever sari you are going to get according to its weight loose sari, we are starting only 225 provinces, you have heard right, this kind of tubelight is here, you get it here and colors There are a lot of people in the design, you get variety here and with that you get box packing, so that all of you know that if you shoot such a wedding in your shop, then the customer who is there stays connected like this. We are here with the best of the best quality and give you the variety here, in which you get the variety that you have, the customers are also associated with you in the same way, with whom there is no trust, it remains because how textile The company where you get the sari stored inside it, you can see it here too, you will see a lot of collection here and you are going to get new concepts from what is new in the coming days.

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You can see that voice packing I am going to get you from Delhi, whose Inside, if you want a catalog of non-people variety, then you get that too and you can see that you are going to get the catalog with the design concept, so like I told you that you are going to get better and better varieties that too With affordable prices, you are going to get all the design concepts here, there is not going to be any shortage of fabric in which if you want the design inside the saree, then you get the same variety and with the same if you set up the marking. If you want to do that too, you get guidance from us very well so that you also do not have any problem going ahead and here you have to take all the variety Jyoti State Wise because here we have only Vaseline in the heart.

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And in that too the biggest benefit of connecting with the manufacturer is that as much as you get only the best variety here, not the same quality, you are going to get the best products here, so the Kesaria Textile Company name is not only the biggest trust Where is the variety in this video The variety is shown, the variety which is delivered to you home means that if you want to do online purchasing, then world by shipping is available from us so that it becomes more easy for you, then stay like this and many more For information, you have to call the numbers given on the screen and you can join us like this sitting at home, so many such websites, if you want to see about it through direct videos, then how about the Kesaria Textile Company There is a YouTube channel that you must subscribe to so that you keep getting notifications of new collections and do like share and comment so that the variety that happens in the future, you have more friends, they also come to know who have to do business so that It also becomes easy for them that where you are going to get which variety and how you get it, we have thanked you for this video till then with the coaching collection.

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