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Loot ki hello how i himanshi from Radisson company once again some special variety is most liked for you in the starting summer it happens but dupatta yellow suit material comes to the top of everyone whether it happens otherwise Keep it in that which is very much liked and if you want to call the 100 number of cotton saree that you are going to get the design collection after the combination, then here you get your age and I am going to start the tube, that khadi Cotton is inside and khadi is turned, you all know that the first favorite thing in the world was this cotton and we started getting all the collections inside it and you see what is going to be the first Marathi beach. You can have Haji cotton but you are going to get the whole printed concept but you can also see inside the printed concept, here you get the complete border work of the medium in some way and you are going to get it inside the saree itself. that people name you can see full catalog is going to be by name Madhuri and catalog we Let us tell you because if you want to order this variety sitting at home, you can order very easily, then you can see that it is going to be a pallu pattern in such a way that I would be the thing. Inside the sari there is that pallu concept and inside it you go to a very cute printed concept, that party, if I talk, you get to apply for printing in some way, inside it which is cotton, then cotton’s own staff.

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Everyone knows that in this way everyone sees the whole sari, but you can see the softness of it after folding, if it is a dream defect, then if it happens once, then after that it will not be locked after spreading. You are going to get something different, even if you look towards the new design, you can see that you have a lovely name tubelight in the new design from Pakistan, but if I get you in the same way, then you will get full cream color sarees but you will get complete Whatever is here, you get it and after the name of the phone you get is bad, then the bill is here. Can’t even see that even after doing it at all, if you look at it this way you will get it and if you get it then it was found but I am the thing, only the pallu happens, then you can see this In this way you also get the pallu in which you are going to get the complete plan pattern and also the follow pattern, so if we talk about whether it is a channel saree or a kurti or whatever it is, inside the variety of clothes but the flower pattern which is It is liked every time that the design is easy or rice is different, this is our sari starting. Inside it inside cotton that if I talk, then we have 150 rupees setting, which is Marathi, if you want semi work designs inside it, then you get such a collection and in it with blouse piece if you want. So he also gets cotton, so if you want more varieties, then I am going to get you here, so the button is from the new design.

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Send the language designer, the figure is going to be above the concept that means you can see very cute you get the word pattern here but inside it what you are going to get of Tripura Sundari like we are Banarasi People are found inside, in the same way now you get cutting variety inside it and its name is going to be the whole catalog name of cotton silk and there are such varieties that you can sit at home even through video call by Khesari Lal DJ We are able to purchase but there is a minimum word, every time we tell you to keep the darshan path of 20000 so that such websites can be ordered very easily that it is like a clothes business, now tell everyone that we have margin in it so that We are able to set up but what we should have, it should also be very good, that means if you keep all the varieties according to the friend, then you all know that whatever the customer connects with us, he stays connected like that.

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How is the textile company the only company here, 90% of the customers are like this with us Stay connected just once, you go offline by purchasing or if you visit once, then whatever celebrities are here, I can very easily tell you all the variety about it, does everyone know clothes If we are doing business, unless we do not have knowledge about clothes, then you all know how we will be able to do business, then that too you get full facilities from here, so take care of new designs and next collection which It is going to come in the same way, it is going to be found inside the zari border, but in this you can see the color double color shades that you can see in it and there is some test in it which you do not cut the dam when you get it while inside cotton Which app do you get Hardik Printed, whichever is liked more, you are going to get the same collection here, so in this you can see that in this way you are going to get this complete saree, you will get Orange Pink with the Dark You get this complete combination inside the red color and in this you can see that it is a big difference.

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This means that the overall look is going to come in this way, but if you like the sari from here, then you have to walk the whole 121 rather and inside the punch you have to walk the photo. You get the set-up by grinding seven pieces so that you also get easy color combination of the customers, which were shown very easily and are also able to convey, so till the subscriber is not going to be done, it is very difficult to do the customers. If it happens, what is it going to mean that in this way you get it, in the same way you get it and it is going to be a cream colored saree, the color you get for this saree is very different. but you have variety

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Of different different If we talk about it, then you can see that in this way you get what the whole company is, you can do Meghnad very easily, there are many collections which you can join by joining us here. Remedies are also able to purchase even better ideas if you want, related to it, if you want, then you get them from here because our slogan is new thinking and new direction, you don’t think you get from here for business but which one There is a new direction, you get it from here, how to buy from us how to keep variety and after that how to set up margin then every facility when you are getting its place then why join as soon as possible Those numbers that have to be called and also come, then definitely once in the company which is at a distance, it means that if I talk to the market now, then there are four markets in which you have to come inside and inside it.

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You can subscribe that it is Poonam Starting joins us that as we are able to see in the video, the variety is going to be available till tax time or not, then from here you will not have any problem like the varieties we show you there. Variety of Quantum which is going to be delivered in all Worshiping is available from us, your language is used, I don’t have any problem in your language, you get celebrities from us so that you can easily connect to the city. Stay with us like this and if you go to the collection, you will definitely tell by comment, we will keep bringing many more such collections for you and we will continue with some new collections with new varieties till then thank you for watching!

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