सूरत सूट मैन्युफैक्चरर | Ladies Suit Wholesale Market – Kesaria Textile Company Surat

Ladies Suit Wholesale Market: Hello, I warmly welcome all of you to Himanshi How Kesaria Textile Company as you all know that how this Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company from where you get all the variety in all factory rates that means you will get Ladies Wear Complete Collection. That is also very good design with whatsapp we all know that very good materials I get you You can see that I am standing in the segment of suit material and there you are going to get so many designs on WhatsApp that you all know that it is very difficult to see in the video but you can see this counter But many varieties will be visible to you, which will be seeing more than one design, if you are doing business, then there are such varieties that you can order online even sitting at home, it is simple that the number on your screen. given you have to call us with us You have to join directly with the variety you like, only you have to take screenshot, whatsapp us and its related to you the verdict of the victims TV dies and you also know the award that we are going to have it, so now you You can see very beautiful design, you all know that the festival season is going on, so such varieties will be very much liked and the most demanding one is Ramadan, we all know that Ramadan is such a festival which is one month.

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It goes on and you all know that many designs and many suit materials sleep in it, I like it very much, I wear new new designs in routine, so if you use like this, then keep acidity everything is very good to you. Profit is going to come with very good margin and your sales are going to impress a lot in it, so if you are doing business then you must keep such variety as we once told you but today I am telling you You can see the complete counter, which is here, selected for you. We brought many varieties but we all know that you are going to get many varieties which we have not even shown you which we are not able to show in one video but how much collection you get in this Kesaria Textile Company if If you want to do special in the Kesaria Textile Company directly, then definitely come to Surat once, if the sun also comes now, whatever your schedule is, make the train’s accordion up Shivam equal, we also get the facility to pick you up from here.

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It means that you get the facility of pick up and drop, you can come here comfortably, you can visit, appreciate whatever variety we all buy and take it by hand. So you also get that facility from here, but you all know that the month of Ramadan is about to come, in the month of Ramadan, such designs are very much liked that everyone can see the design with a very good design. In which you can see this piece, first of all, if we talk about the variety, it is a black color. Neck color which is very much in demand that it is such a great color and you can see inside it you are going to get the complete design of Siroski Diamond in this way you can see the flowers you are going to get here on top of the neck. This is a very nice pattern, in the new key design, you get the cutting design properly, what time the border can be seen, in this way, which border you are going to get in Siroski only and can not get its bottom there it is black in White you are going to get this complete she is who we are and in that all the sirowski diamonds are found in the whole kurti and also the most basic thing in that is dupatta dupatta You all know that malls are in demand that you suit material without dupatta What is incomplete then you can see very good you are going to get a scarf here in black and white that means according to the suit material and you can see it is very spicy that you are going to get water concept proper all around here.

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You are going to get work from his diamond in this way and what is the matter now. Stummers have issues that you can only mention Reed Tunny, then you all know that we are not able to rate because we also have wholesalers, come to retailers, some have to do business from home, such customers are also very much. Sara comes, so if we tell you the rate, then they also have a lot of difficulty, how to set up the rate, how will they sell further, how they will be able to manage the customers, then these things are very much an issue. Because it is a very big thing to be able to do a clothes business, you all know that the business of clothes is there for centuries, but it is also a very difficult thing to manage it, so if you have any related to it. If any facilities are needed, then how this Kesaria Textile Company snake gets all the facilities, that means every step from starting to every tape going to full support office, then Vinayak is going to be very beautiful in design, in this way all you You can see all the benefits of Embedded in Stone Sculpture silent you are going to get proper I get very good sleep and you can see the fancy button which you are going to get in office tomorrow is very fantastic because the suit material which suits and kurtis is very different at this time that cottage Jyoti we get a lot of readymade but suit material is such a thing isn’t it so many designs are found in it which can’t be found even in side kurti then you can see in this please you are going to get a lot of sleeves you are going to get full full length You get it but you can see in the office in water which you are going to get this design as soon as net, with complete embroidery work and complete converted design in this you are going to get that means the overall look which is going to be complete is very classic If we talk about the dupatta, then you can see that you are going to get a dupatta very good, here there is this dupatta of things and you all know the sign and dupatta, it is very nice softness in this you get that The material is very soft and now you can see the shining in it.

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Only then with good shining, you get all this variety Today you see something printed, if we talk, then in this way you also get something printed, in which you can see the whole job of sequence work in this way, it means a lot in Marathi sleep night if you have such variety. If you take it, it shines very much, which means that it is the full ID, when we get such variety, how you get every variety in the Kesaria Textile Company, I am going to get you every fabric, the design concept will give you a lot. Everything is going to be available, so you get 500 plus designs here, so mean and lover India do the staff is going to get it at the same place with full confidence because the biggest thing is that only the customer is able to come to us. When they have full faith, then if you are also doing business, then the same You should pay attention to the very good quality products that you are getting by taking varieties, because when we sit at home, the customer first sees how his material is going to be his dupatta in the dupatta that we will tell you in this video. I am going to get you and if you talk about dupatta, then you are going to get the complete complete cut.

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It is of many good designs and with that we get good fabric on factory date, we get all the variety which is being found in such delicious DJs at one place so why not buy from there so I can tell you I would like to say that whenever you come to Surat, definitely visit the retail company from the bank and you too must be thinking that why do we ask you to visit the Kesaria Textile Company again and again, then you all know what the sun is. Biggest week of a style where you get a lot of manufacturers But how are retail companies such a company that apart from being a manufacturer, whoever can a customer sees all the variety, they also get sales executives in their own language, accordingly the biggest thing in the year is this trust and joke comedy The best product is his, then you get full support from here, trust you are going to get above every variety because you get very good variety here, the product is going to be the best because till you see live If you watch all these videos sitting at home, whatever customers watch at the time, then only you can see in the video, you are able to share your opinion by commenting here, but till all the words you will not be able to come live and see So you will not even believe that how the variety is going to be available to you then there are also some customers who do not believe that the variety is delivered to their home in the same way as they are watching live or not but how the Kesaria Textile Company is the only such There is a company that shows the variety as it is If it has been delivered till now, then definitely do visit here and hope that you are going to like all this Marathi very much that whatever variety we show you, according to the festival or impress in your sales.

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Yes, we show you similar products so that you can earn more and more profit, you can earn profit in your business and you can see the design, you are going to get more than one design, talk about embroidery work or else you Be it noble designs or send autumn and feed you in every variety, you get the fabric number, add cotton fabric when the temperature is the fabric you want, you get that fabric, it also shares with very good design concept If yes, then I will keep telling you through a similar comment how you have liked Variitis and you can see many more variety by visiting this YouTube channel of ours that you can see the office collection of ladies in one roof. So if you like the variety then you are like You can watch all the varieties live through video call sitting at home and according to your budget, the maximum budget like we tell you that from 15000 you keep 20000 in which now all the variety which is there and you can buy from Ram means that The complete complete comes, the sari comes, some tips come, but by the evening, all the products like suit material come to you so that it becomes easy for you to sell and you have customers, you can easily get the famous pink color. The combinations go very well to us and very West Great’s accord if you get all this variety then see you with the next variety in the next video just hope you will stay with us with the same enthusiasm if you like this If you like the video, then you can definitely increase it by liking us so that if you support us, then we bring more new concepts for you so that we also know how the customers are going to be in demand Cash Withdrawal If you like the search, then see you in the next video for the next flight. thanks for watching!

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