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Dupatta Wholesale Market in Surat: Do you know that you can also start or promote your business through dupattas? Yes! Now, you just need a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000/- to kick start your textile journey. From Navratri to Eid, and from casual to party wear, women want fancy dupattas to add more value to their attire.


Today, the dupatta wholesale market in Surat offers a great deal in fancy, traditional, and fusion dupattas. Don’t go anywhere. Shop the dupattas directly from bridal dupatta manufacturer, Kesaria Textile Company, starting at ₹19!


This blog is all about the huge world of wholesale dupattas. It’s a complete guide for Kesaria Textile Company’s wholesale collection that will meet every market requirement.


Let us explore the beautiful varieties of dupatta wholesale market in Surat and understand its embellishments.


 How to start a business with
lowest investment?


Unbelievable Deal at dupatta wholesaler in Surat: Dupattas for just ₹19!


The wholesale dupatta market in Surat has made it easy for every retailer to shop their collections on a light budget. The condition is also simple that you will get everything of your choices but you need to purchase in bulk. Yes, Surat dupatta wholesaler, Kesaria Textile Company, offers everything in a set wise collection.


Here, the dupattas come in 8-12 colors and sometimes 15 pieces in one packet. The starting rate of per dupatta is just ₹19/- that seems too good to be true is like going on a treasure hunt.


Kesaria Textile Company is also famous among a bridal dupatta wholesale market. From Nikah to Shaadi dupatta, you will get everything at factory rates. This has created a huge credibility as the designer dupatta supplier in Surat.


Now, get ready to explore the collections in depth.


A Lot of Different Collections of Wholesale Dupattas:


1. Chanderi Dupattas:
These are delicate, light dupattas with a faint sheen that look great with suits and sarees for special events. It is traditional piece that also comes with fabric tassels and mirror work.


2. Banarasi Silk Dupattas:
These are high-end silk dupattas with detailed Banarasi designs on them. Great for giving ethnic outfits a bit of luxury. The silk reflects the richness and the ethnic designs makes it look more appealing. You will also get zari and resham work on this fancy dupatta collection.


3. Phulkari dupattas:
These are bright, hand-embroidery work dupatta wholesale that come from the heart of Punjab. A bright touch to traditional clothes, especially for celebrations.


4. Bandhani dupattas:
These are made with the tie-and-dye method, which gives them unique designs. The standard pick for an old-fashioned, country-style look.


5. Kantha Work Dupattas:
These are dupattas that have the ancient art of Kantha stitching on them. Brings a sense of art and history to any outfit.


6. Cotton Dupattas:
Surat’s cotton dupatta wholesaler offers you all kinds of cotton printed dupattas for formal, casual, and heavy look. Great for everyday wear because it’s light and airy and comes in all kinds of prints. Comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your needs.


7. Zari Border Dupattas:
These are dupattas with beautiful zari borders that add a bit of glitz. Great for a holiday look when worn with plain clothes or sarees. These dupattas also come in red color for bridal look. So, you can also say that you are getting the collections from the red dupatta wholesaler.


8. Mirror Work Dupattas:
These have mirror work on them to make them look more boho. A stylish choice for current ethnic wear.


9. Georgette Dupattas:
These are beautiful, flowy dupattas that are perfect for special events. Decorated with lace or embroidery to make it look nicer.


10. Phantom Silk Dupattas:
These are thick, rich silk dupattas that are great for making traditional clothes look better.


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Quality Guarantee at Unbeatable Prices:

When it comes to quality, the dupatta wholesale market in Surat’s ₹19 material doesn’t skimp. Each piece goes through a lot of quality checks to make sure it will last, keep its color, and be beautifully made. Stores can be sure that the accessories they sell are not only cheap, but also works of art that make ethnic clothing look better overall.


Benefits of the “Buy Now, Pay Later” Option for Stores

Because of how retail companies work with money, the dupatta wholesale market in Surat offers a “pay later” choice. This means that stores can stock up on the newest styles of dupattas without breaking the bank. It’s a smart move that helps stores stay ahead in the tough market for standard clothing.


You just need to contact the dealer and talk about the terms and conditions.


How Stores Can Make The Most Money:

1. Make your collection more varied:
Have a variety of dupattas for people with different tastes and for different events.

Try out different styles, colors, and materials to make your collection more interesting.


2. Group deals and discounts:
Offer discounts and group deals to people who buy suits or sarees with dupattas.
Offer deals for buying in bulk to get people to place bigger orders.


3. Specials for the holiday season:
Put together special sets for weddings and events.
Show how versatile dupattas are by wearing them for different events.


Conclusion: Shop The Beautiful Collections Directly From Designer Dupatta Supplier In Surat

The ₹19 drape deal in dupatta wholesale market in Surat is more than just a way to set prices. It’s a chance for stores to completely change how they do business. It’s fun to sell dupattas again when you can choose from a wide range of sets, from traditional weaves to modern styles. Traditional clothing stores can get in on the action by selling cheap but high-quality dupattas that make any ethnic outfit look more beautiful.


Not only is it a buy, but it’s also an investment in the rich fabric of old-fashioned fashion. Dive into the world of ₹19 dupattas and see how your shopping experience changes.



1. Where is this shop located?
This store is located at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002. It is near Surat Railway Station. Please contact us at +91-9909048061.


2. How can I buy bulk bridal dupatta at wholesale price?
If you are a retailer and want to shop online wholesale dupattas, contact us at +91-9909048061. We will provide you with complete information regarding online shopping and payment facilities.


3. Do you have ready-made Pakistani suits for a fancy look?
Yes, Kesaria Textile, a ladies kurti manufacturer Surat, provides all kinds of ladies ethnic wear Kurtis and wholesale suits (unstitched and stitched) collection at manufacturing cost.


4. What are the payment options available for purchasing kurtis from the dupatta wholesale market in Surat?
They offer multiple payment options to facilitate convenient transaction processing including online UPI payments, bank transfers, Barcode system, and other secure methods.


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