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Designer Cotton Kurtis Wholesaler: Are you a retailer and looking for an exclusive kurti collection in Surat? Do you still have confusion in wholesale purchasing? Kesaria Textile Company is the Kurti wholesaler & manufacturer that offers most desirable market trendy collections to the growth of business.


There are a lot of different textile shops in Surat, but Kesaria Textile Company comes out as a true guardian of style and custom. Kesaria Textile, a wholesale kurti shop in Surat, presents its newest collections of kurtis as more than just a fashion stopper; it’s a deep celebration of Indian ethnic cultural wealth and classic beauty.


This article will go into great depth about six stylish traditional two-piece and three-piece exclusive kurti collection in Surat that are popular right now in Indian stores and shopping malls.


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Explore the Pakistani Varieties of cotton kurti wholesaler in Surat:


1. Regal Bandhani Flare Kurti Set

Kesaria’s Bandhani Flare Kurti Set is a beautiful way to embrace custom. This royal outfit has a stunning red kurti with elaborate plastic mirror work around the neck.


With Gota patti work added to the flare, the play of designs is fascinating. This set, which includes a straight suit and a bandhani dupatta, is a classic tribute to ethnic style that captures the spirit of traditional craftsmanship.


2. Long and short elegance rayon foil printed cord set:

The foil printed kurtis wholesale Cord Set from Kesaria is for modern ethnic lovers. The long-short kurti in this outfit makes it both comfortable and stylish. The small foil prints give it a shimmery touch, and the fact that it can be worn for both relaxed and semi-formal events shows how versatile Indian cultural fashion is.


3. Long gown with foil printing for travel and events:

Kesaria’s Foil Printed Long exclusive kurti collection in Surat will make your trip and event wardrobes look better. With its tiny foil prints, this kurti is the perfect mix of comfort and style. The beautiful design and flowing shape make it a great choice for many events, making you stand out with style wherever your trip takes you.


4. Frock Style Georgette Kurti: Golden Zari Magic:

Kesaria’s Frock Style Georgette Kurti will make you stand out. This navy blue kurti looks royal with its golden zari work on the choli, flare, and long sleeves. The shape of the frock style dress is a nod to classic grace. This makes it a great choice for events where style and happiness go hand in hand.


5. Naira Cut Georgette Kurti:

The Naira Cut Georgette Kurti from Kesaria is a modern beauty that will make you feel beautiful. It stands out because of its unique cut and design, which creates a pleasing shape that fits in with current fashions. The organza fabric gives it a bit of elegance, making it a great choice for people who like fashion that is both traditional and up-to-date.


The designer and stylish pieces make the Kesaria Textile Company the best, brightest, and leading name among Surat kurti wholesalers.


6. Alia Cut Cotton Kurti with Cotton Pants and Dupatta:

Kesaria’s Alia Cut Cotton kurtis have the beauty of being simple. The cotton kurti, pants, and drape in this outfit are the right mix of comfort and style. The Alia cut gives the classic look a modern twist, which makes it a great piece to add to your everyday wardrobe. The elegant ease of the design makes this essential for any wardrobe.


Trendy Things About Kesaria’s Kurti Collection:


Very detailed embroidery:

Kesaria Textile designer cotton kurtis wholesaler designs each kurtis collection with machine embroidery and technical support to elaborate stitching that shows how much the brand cares about craftsmanship and detail. These designs are a symphony of patterns that tell stories of custom and art.


Varied Styles:

Kesaria has a lot of different styles in their exclusive kurti collection in Surat to choose from, such as the Bandhani flare, the frock style, and the Naira cut. There is something in this collection for everyone, whether you like classic elegance or modern style.


Choosing the fabric:

The rayon, georgette, and cotton used in these kurtis give them a comfy yet fancy feel, making them perfect for many events. Kesaria is dedicated to making high-quality clothes that are both stylish and comfortable, and the fabrics they choose are no exception.


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People are talking about Kesaria’s kurtis because:

Designs of exclusive kurti collection in Surat that set trends:


The kurtis that Kesaria makes go beyond the limits of normal design. Each piece doesn’t just follow trends; it sets a new standard. This way, every outfit you wear will be unique. The brand is proud of the fact that it sets trends instead of following them.


Affordable Luxury: Kesaria Textile Company is a leader in making high-end items affordable for everyone. This collection of kurtis offers luxurious dressing at a reasonable price, so fashion lovers can enjoy the wealth of tradition without spending a lot of money.


Ability to change: Kesaria Textile, a kurti supplier in Surat, designs and provides kurtis that are perfect fit for a wide range of events, from going to a wedding to flying or just going to a simple get-together. Because the collection is so flexible, it shows that the brand is dedicated to making clothes that fit into all parts of your life.


Stock the Pakistani suit at the wholesale kurti shop in Surat:

Finally, Kesaria Textile Company’s exclusive kurti collection in Surat is more than just a show of clothes; it’s an emotional story about style, skill, and the timeless beauty of Indian traditional clothing. Every piece has a story to tell about art, custom, and the joy of gathering. Kesaria’s kurtis will take your clothing to a whole new level, where every outfit is a celebration of style and cultural history.



1. Where is this shop located?
This store is located at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002. It is near Surapt Railway Station. Please contact us at +91-9909048061.


2. I want to order bulk cotton kurtis online?
If you are a retailer and want to shop best cotton kurtis wholesale online, contact us at +91-9909048061. We will provide you with complete PDF catalog collections regarding online shopping and easy payment facilities.


3. Do you have ready-made Pakistani kurti for a fancy look?
Yes, Kesaria Textile, a ladies kurti manufacturer Surat, provides all kinds of ladies ethnic wear kurtis and wholesale suits (unstitched and stitched) collection at manufacturing cost.


4. Do you have interlock finishing in cheap and reasonable kurtis?
Kesaria Textile Company, a popular affordable cotton kurti wholesaler offers proper finishing in each of its products. You will get embroidery and perfect stitching in every piece.


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