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Best Selling Kurti Manufacturer: You have arrived at the rich manufacturing heritage prestige of Surat Kurti Wholesale Market, where festivals are more into the creation of exclusive kurtis; they are lively statements of custom and joy. Kesaria Textile Company is a best selling kurti manufacturer in Surat. They have become an integral place to purchase trendy kurtis in Surat wholesale market that also reflects Indian regional taste.


Today, we’re going to look at the best selling kurti manufacturer’s best collection of West Bengal flavors. They are made for stores that want to bring the spirit of this lively area into their space. More than that, these beautiful kurtis start at an amazingly low price of Rs. 249/-.


Come with me on a tour of this beautiful kurti manufacturer for retailers that combines classic and modern styles.


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The Festive Frenzy: West Bengal’s Wholesale Kurtis Collection by Best Kurti Wholesaler in Surat.


1. Alia-cut cotton dress with chiffon dupatta:

Get ready to get yourself this beautiful cotton Alia-cut kurti and let your customers enjoy comfort and style with ease. This outfit is perfect for any occasion because it includes straight pants and a chiffon two-shaded dupatta. The most beautiful part is the triangle choli that is embroidered with beautiful real mirror work. This shows how much West Bengal values its rich craft history. The intense art work of prints and embroidery makes Kesaria Textile a best selling kurti manufacturer.


2. Multicolored flare gown kurti:

When you want to make a big comeback in the market, you definitely try to present eye-catching articles on the mannequins. The multicolored floor-length kurti with its cute flare gown style will get you noticed. The best kurti wholesaler in Surat offers you exclusive long and designer collections that will keep your business looking very fancy. It had sequins on the neck and bell-shaped arms. It’s perfect for parties and other celebrations. It shows the active and colorful culture that makes West Bengal’s celebrations unique.


3. Georgette Work with Sequins Pastel Kurti:

The georgette beads work kurti is both delicate and stylish, giving you a look that is softer and more pale. The straight-cut style, santoon lining, and diamond stitching make it look very classy. Whenever paired with straight santoon bottoms, this ensemble effortlessly transitions from day to night, guaranteeing an ever-present appearance of elegance. You can also get a wholesale collection of fancy dupatta at wholesale price starting at Rs 29/-.


4. Floor-length floral kurti:

The flower long floor-length kurti is the perfect dress for you if you want to match your outfit with the plants and animals of West Bengal. It’s perfect for special events because the sparkles embroidery on the neck makes it look a little more fancy. The detailed design on your clothes is an ode to the natural beauty of West Bengal.


5. Yellow Kurti made of cotton with a straight cut:

The best selling kurti manufacturer also presents light color options for wedding events. The yellow cotton kurti with a straight cut is a bright splash of happiness. It has bright stitching on the neck, which adds a fun touch to the outfit. This kurti shows the happiness and fun that people in West Bengal feel when they enjoy holidays.


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Now Don’t Wait Anymore! Shop the Latest Kurti Designs in Surat:

Kesaria Textile Company is an expert and experienced Kurti Manufacturer and Wholesaler in Surat, where festive collections are of high quality with creative embellishments. With this collection of wholesale kurtis, you can do more than just add to your clothing. You can also embrace the spirit of West Bengal’s cultural diversity. These kurtis are carefully made to make you stand out in style, whether you’re getting ready for Durga Puja, Diwali, or any other holiday.


Now, there is no need to worry about leat investment. Even better, the collection starts at an amazing Rs. 249/-, which makes it even more appealing. It shows how dedicated Kurti manufacturers are to making elegant clothes that are cheap and fit the wide range of tastes of West Bengal’s fashion-forward people.


As you get ready to enjoy the festival season in style, check out this amazing collection of a best selling kurti manufacturer that are based on the lively and rich culture of West Bengal. It’s a call to celebrate the big events in your life in clothes that are as lively as you are.




1. Where is this designer kurtis manufacturer Surat located?
This store is located at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002. It is near Surat Railway Station. Please contact us at +91-9909048061.


2. Can I buy bulk kurtis online? Do you provide Cash on Delivery options on it?
If you are a retailer and want to shop online wholesale textiles, contact us at +91-9909048061. We will provide you with complete information regarding online shopping and payment facilities.


3. What is the starting range for Kurti Wholesale Price in Surat?
Kesaria Textile, best selling kurti manufacturer, provides all kinds of ladies ethnic wear kurtis at manufacturing cost starting at Rs. 99/-.


4. What are the payment options available for purchasing kurtis from Kesaria Textile Company?
Kesaria Textile Company, a popular Surat Ladies Kurti Wholesaler, offers multiple payment options, including online UPI payments, bank transfers, a barcode system, and other secure methods.


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