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Special Kurti Manufacturer: Welcome to Kesaria Textile Company! Do you know why this company is known as the special kurti manufacturer in Surat? Because it offers special designer piece that you won’t get in any other market. With the complete team efforts, they have earned the textile blessing and cultural touch that no one can beat their designs.


If you are also planning to start your kurti selling business, or already have a store and want to upgrade it for better, then Kesaria textile Company is must to visit. They are the leading name among Kurti Manufacturers in Surat.


Today, we will discuss the about few varieties of special kurti manufacturer that might be beneficial for your kurti market. Moreover, we will also discuss which are the best areas to sell your kurtis.


Let’s look more closely at each of the beautiful kurtis from the special Surat kurti wholesale market:


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Explore Trendy Kurtis from Kurti Wholesaler in Surat:


1. Bandhani Flare Cotton-Rayon Kurti:


The craftsmanship in this lovely kurti is amazing. Very careful work went into making it. The base is a beautiful red color, and there is plastic mirror work around the neck. It looks fancy and shines brightly because of the mirror work, which makes it perfect for special occasions.


What really sets this kurti apart is the gota patti work on the flare. Bandhani is an interesting variation on gota patti, and both are beautiful in their own right. The bandhani dupatta and straight pant complete the outfit, giving your customers a coordinated look.


2. Rayon Foil Printed Coord Set: Long-Short Kurti:


Kesaria Textile Company presents a wide range of cord sets in different patterns, colors, sizes, and designs. This cord set has attractive foil prints on the long-short kurti that catch the eye and add a touch of chic style. This set makes sure that your customers are always dressed to please, whether they’re going on a casual date or to a more formal event.


You will get the best quality bottom wear. Kesaria Textile Company is also a best printed leggings wholesaler in Surat.


3. Foil Printed Long Gown for Travel and Gatherings:


The foil-printed long gown is a great choice for people who want to look good and feel good at the same time. This dress’s foil prints add a touch of glitz while keeping the design simple and classy. This outfit is great for both traveling and getting together with friends and family. It’s stylish and can be used for a variety of events.


4. Frock Style Georgette Kurti:


Kesaria Textile, a kurti supplier in Surat, presents this beautiful dark blue georgette kurti. With its golden zari work on the choli, flare, and long sleeves, the kurti looks very fancy. The zari work shines and shimmers, making it great for big events and parties. Your customers will stand out and be the center of attention when they wear this piece.


5. Naira Cut Georgette Kurti:


The Naira cut is a famous piece among the Kurti wholesalers in Surat. A Naira cut silk kurti is an excellent example of understated elegance. A lot of people will be happy with this option due to its distinctive and understated design. It has beautiful work on the slit, choli, sleeves, and daman. You will also get tassels on two sides of this kurti. It comes with a plain pant and a designer heavy work dupatta, making it an ideal choice for fancy wear.


6. Alia Cut Cotton Kurti with Cotton Pant and Dupatta:


There is a great mix between style and comfort in this outfit. The Alia cut cotton kurti comes with a cotton pant and dupatta that match, so the whole outfit looks put together. The cotton fabric is light and airy, so your customers will feel great and look great in this outfit. For a relaxed day out or a party, this kurti is always a good pick.


The quality of its varieties has made this company a shining star among the best Kurti manufacturers Surat.


Let’s talk about the cost issue now. The price of these beautiful kurtis starts at just Rs. 99/-. Surat Kurti Wholesaler, Kesaria Textile Company, wants all retailers to be able to get high-quality clothes. You can give high-quality clothes to your customers at a fraction of the cost because the prices are so low. This makes your business more competitive and appealing.


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The Best Places to Resell Your Kurtis:


Now, let’s look into the best places to sell kurtis again. Where you sell them can have a big impact on how well your business does. Here are some important places where you can sell kurtis again:


1. Urban Centers: Kurtis are easy to sell in big towns and other urban places like Surat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and many more.


2. Tourist Destinations: If you’re near a famous tourist spot like Agra, Hyderabad, Delhi, Varanasi, Ajmer, and many more, you might want to market to tourists. A lot of people look for fancy and ethnic clothes from that area as gifts or to learn about the culture.


3. College towns: College students are always looking for the latest western and fusion kurtis that don’t cost a lot of money. Places with lots of schools and universities can be great places to sell used kurtis.


4. Online Markets: In this digital age, trading kurtis online has become very popular. Selling kurtis on different e-commerce sites lets you reach people all over the world.


You can also get proper advice from the sales team of Kesaria Textile Company about the market and requirements. Thus, they are a special kurti manufacturer.


Shop the Graceful Wholesale Kurtis from Wholesale Kurti Supplier in Surat


Remember that if you want to sell kurtis, you need to know your target market and the latest fashion trends in your area. When you purchase the most appealing kurtis from Surat Cotton Kurti Wholesalers, pay attention to what your customers want and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Your business can also stand out anywhere by giving customers great service and a unique shopping experience.


The kurti collection from Kesaria Textile Designer Kurti Manufacturer in Surat is made to fit a lot of different customer tastes. This makes it a great item to add to your resale business in any of these areas.


Whatever your level of expertise as a retailer, the kurti collection from Kesaria Textile Ladies Kurti Manufacturer Surat will allow you to better serve your customers and expand your business.




1. How do I buy bulk kurtis online?
If you are a retailer and want to shop online for wholesale kurtis, contact us at +91-9909048061.


2. Where is this Surat Kurti supplier located?
This store is located at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002.


3. What is the specialty of Surat Fancy Kurti Wholesalers?
The pure organic threads, quality, and all India taste is the specialty of the Surat kurti wholesalers.


4. How long will it take to deliver the order to my place?
We provide a fast shipping facility with a duration of 6-7 working days.


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