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Designer Kurti Manufacturer in Mumbai: Every customer wants something different in their attire. Even if they are looking for the same straight cotton kurtis, they will ask for unique prints, gota Patti lace, and any embellishments. So, for this outstanding collection, Kesaria Textile Company has you covered. This is Surat’s Biggest kurti manufacturer which designs and manufactures unique kurtis for the retail and wholesale market.


Kurtis are love and emotional connectivity for the customers in their daily lives. Surat kurti manufacturer offers comfy, stylish, and ethnic two-three pieces of different outfits. When it comes to most affordable wholesale kurtis, Kesaria Textile Company, a designer Kurti Manufacturer in Surat, stands out as a leader in quality, variety, and price.


Here, you will learn about many different kinds of kurtis, and each one is unique in design and style. The prices start at an extremely low Rs. 99/-. Today, we will learn more about the interesting company Kesaria Textile and the different kinds of kurtis.


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Explore the Ideal Varieties of Kurti Wholesaler In Surat


1. Plain cotton kurti:


Surat kurti wholesale market offers the high range of cotton kurtis to the retail market. Customers love to wear it’s comfort and softness, which makes them great for everyday wear.


The cotton plain kurtis from Surat’s Biggest kurti manufacturer, Kesaria Textile Company are the most simple and elegant thing you can wear. You can get these kurtis in many colors, so you can ensure you have a piece that you can dress up or down for different events.


2. Rayon Kurti in the Style of a Sherwani:


The cotton kurti in the style of the Sherwani has a front closed button placket, stand collar, and long sleeves. The kurti is a show-stopper with its stunning abstract prints and siroski diamond work on the closed button placket. It’s made of rayon cloth, which is known for its softness and durability. The focus on every detail makes the company stand among the Surat fancy kurti wholesalers.


3. Straight lines Printed cotton dress with a stand collar:


Vertical lines can do amazing things to make you look taller and better in general. Surat’s Biggest kurti manufacturer presents a premium kurti collection of painted cotton kurtis with stand collars that look stylish and classy. You can wear these kurtis to both official and casual events. They’re easy to style with different bottoms and are comfortable to wear.


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4. Cotton-rayon kurti with sequins and embroidery: 


Kesaria Textile Surat Kurti Wholesaler sells cotton-rayon kurtis with pearls embroidery for customers who like to add a little bling to their clothes. There is a touch of glitz on these kurtis thanks to the detailed sequin work. The mix of cotton and linen makes it both comfortable and stylish. They look great at parties and other events where you want to stand out.


5. Cotton kurti with floral digital printing and Swarovski diamond work:


Floral themes are always a hit. Kesaria Textile Company is the best kurti manufacturer in Surat that provides amazing cotton kurtis with digital flower prints that are decorated with beautiful siroski diamond work on the closed button placket. This mix of prints that are inspired by nature and sparkling embellishments is a perfect mix of beauty and class. These kurtis are great for big events like weddings, receptions, and parties.


6. Cotton Block-Printed Kurti with Pants That Look Like It and Chiffon Dupatta:


Surat’s Biggest kurti manufacturer, Kesaria Textile sells a set that includes a cotton block-printed kurti, pants that match, and a Georgette printed dupatta. This is the ready-made suits for the customer who wants to wear an entire outfit at a time. This outfit has everything you need for a classic and ethnic look. The block prints give your style a touch of history, which makes it great for family parties and cultural events.


Companies like Kesaria Textile Company are known for making some of the best kurti manufacturers Surat. They are dedicated to providing a wide range of products of good quality at reasonable prices. This lets stores stock up on the newest fashion trends without breaking the bank. Prices start at just Rs. 99/-, which is almost too good to be true for the quality and range of goods they sell.


Last Note on Surat Kurti Supplier:


Kesaria Textile designer kurti manufacturer in Surat is the best place to buy cheap kurtis for all kinds of events and tastes. Their range has everything you need, whether you want everyday comfort, holiday beauty, or party-ready glamor.


Take advantage of their amazing prices and stock up on the newest fashion trends. Your customers will be thrilled and keep coming back for more. It’s not enough for Surat’s Biggest kurti manufacturer to just make clothes; it also empowers the fashion statements and makes the beautiful and unbeatable look among Surat cotton kurti wholesalers.




1. Where is this ladies kurti manufacturer Surat located?
This store is located at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002. It is near Surat Railway Station. Please contact us at +91-9909048061.


2. I want to buy bulk kurtis online. Do you provide cash on delivery facilitiesy?
Of course we do. Credit purchases require a small down payment. Please call us at +91-9909048061 for more information.


3. What is the shipping cost for ordering dresses in bulk?
Product quantity and weight determine shipping costs. Please call us at +91-9909048061 if you are a store owner who wants to buy textiles in bulk online. We will give you all the information you need about shopping online and making payments.


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