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Premium Dress Material Wholesale: Suits are the biggest go in ethnic wear. With perfect material, one can create any style and pattern to enhance the appearance of a kurti. Kesaria Textile Company presents Premium dress material wholesale collection starting at Rs 199/-. Here, you will get soft and quality material that can create the big difference in the market.


Are you a dress material reseller? Then, you must have come across many customers saying that they want affordable premium collections. Shop the most exciting range of Premium dress material wholesale from wholesale unstitched dress shop in Surat. Kesaria Textile Company has all your market requirements.


Today, we will discuss how to get Unstitched suits direct from manufacturer. Moreover we will also learn more about the quality suit material collection that you can get from Kesaria Textile Company.


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How do I get wholesale suit material from a dress material manufacturer in Surat?


When it comes to ethnic fashion, high-end dress materials are like gold mines for every retail store. They are not only a bridge to profitability for retailers but also a conscious choice for customers. That’s why it is important to get unique items from the best dess material wholesaler in Surat.


Kesaria Textile Company, a well-known designer suit manufacturer that offers all premium dress material wholesale at a low manufacturing cost. If you call the team at +91-9909048061, they will gladly send you the entire fantastic catalog via WhatsApp.


In addition, you can find it at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002. It is near Surat Railway Station.


List of famous Designer dress material wholesale At Kesaria Textile Company:


1. Elegance in Silk:

When it comes to unstitched dress material wholesale, silk is the highly preferred material for rich and fancy appearance. The Zari work silk dress material from the Surat wholesale clothes market is a go-to choice for every customer. It mostly comes in bright and bold colors. There are classic and modern silk dress fabrics for every taste.


2. Regal Faux Georgette:

Georgette dress fabrics are all about style and comfort. The Georgette Dress Material line from Kesaria Textile makes every woman feel special. Being light and colorful, these fabrics are perfect for wedding and partywear collection.


3. Glowing Glaze Cotton:

Kesaria Textile Company is a famous wholesale suit manufacturer that offers proper glam in material. This glaze cotton dress material is a blessing for customers who love both comfort and style. The company values style and detail in these products. Glaze cotton is flexible and shiny, making it suitable for daily wear and special occasions. Stores can satisfy a wide range of customers with the variety of colors and styles.


4. Cotton suit material:

Continuing with the cotton theme, the Surat dress material market has an extraordinary range of cotton dress materials that are both stylish and comfy. These materials are adaptable to many styles. Basic colors and painted patterns are available. The comfort and quality of these fabrics will impress your customers.


5. Embroidery suit material:

Complex embroidery: Premium dress fabrics are needlework masterpieces. Dresses with intricate embroidery from Kesaria Textile are beautiful. Whether beads or fine threadwork, these materials can make any clothing magical.


As a store owner, this is the last place you need to look for the premium dress material wholesale. Kesaria Textile Company cares about fashion by offering unique collections like the Gorgeous Glaze Cotton collection. If you stock up on these high-quality dress materials, your shop will be the most luxurious.


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Final Note:


Kesaria Textile Company presents the premium dress material wholesale that embrace the beauty of unbeatable quality. These beautiful items should be added to retailers’ shelves now to boost stock. Kesaria Textile gives your customers only the best because they all are precious to them. Don’t miss this chance to stand out in the fashionable market.


Just stop thinking! If you have any questions about the products or Unstitched dress materials online services, you can reach them at +91-9909048061. Take pleasure in buying on the wholesale market and impress your clients with the finest quality available. Shop the wholesale dress materials directly from the dress material supplier in Surat.




1. Where is this shop located?
This store is located at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002. It is near Surat Railway Station. Please contact us at +91-9909048061.


2. What is the shipping cost for order dresses in bulk?
The shipping cost completely depends on the product quantity and weight. If you are a retailer and want to shop online for wholesale textiles, contact us at +91-9909048061. We will provide you with complete information regarding online shopping and payment facilities.


3. How can I buy a kurti from Kesaria Textile Company, and what methods of payment do you accept?
Kesaria Textile Company, a popular name in the Surat wholesale textile market, accepts multiple payment methods for convenience. These include online UPI payments, bank transfers, barcodes, and other secure methods.


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