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Top Kurti Manufacturer in Surat: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Have you heard this idiom? In textile terms, it means that as a textile retail owner, if you want to avoid loss and downfall in your kurti reselling sector, keep in contact with a top Kurti manufacturer in Surat. You need to cut-off the middleman cost for better growth.


We all know that Surat is heaven for textile varieties. If you are in search of wholesale Kurtis from a top Kurti manufacturer in Surat, you also intend to give your customers more than what they ask for. So, to make everything easy and cheap, Kesaria Textile kurti supplier in Surat has come up with the affordable daily wear wholesale Kurtis collection.


Kesaria Textile Company is the well-recognized name as a top Kurti manufacturer in Surat. Their latest in-house manufactured designs will help you put together a wholesale collection that fits your customers’ changing tastes forever. This blog is all about their collections of kurtis for reselling business and how you can take your business shopping mood to a whole new level of style and class.


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Kesaria Textile Company – a Variety Chart of wholesale kurti for resellers


1. Glaze Cotton Sequin Work Peach Color Kurti:

The Glaze Cotton Sequin Work Peach Color Kurti is the best edition for shimmer cotton material. This kurti is both fancy and simple all in one pattern. The soft peach color is eye-catching and delicate neck patch embroidery is heart winning. If your customers want something for partywear or small festive events, this is the right choice. The round neck makes it look a little more sophisticated, and the contrast brown flowers and detailed sequin work on the front make it look very interesting. Tabhi to kehte hai! Surat wholesale kurti market will never fail to impress you with its valuable varieties.


2. A cotton embroidery kurti with fine sequin work

Ab baari hai cotton work kurti ki! With delicate sequined work, this kurti is a great choice for customers who love the beauty of shimmering traditional work. Kesaria Textile Company, a kurti wholesaler in Surat, has crafted these types of varieties with a great care and attention to the delicate detail. It has beautiful thread work stitching that shows how well it is designed. The tiny sequin lining in front adds a shiny look on kurti.


3. Rayon Gota Patti Kurti: Silver Gota Patti Kurti

The Rayon Gota Patti Kurti is known for soft beauty wrapped in the threads of rayon material. With its silver gota patti work on sleeves and delicate embellishments on the round neck, this kurti is all about simplicity. Complementing the kurti with contrast palazzo, leggings , or jeans, its end result exudes richness and style.


4. Rayon Kurti with Multi-Color Sequin Embroidery Kurti Neck Patch

The top Kurti manufacturer in Surat, Kesaria Textile Company now presents the most comfortable options for fancy kurti lovers. With multi-color sequin embroidery, this rayon kurti is a true fancy work of art for partywear seeking customers who love bright colors and colorful designs. The kurti has a long waist length neck patch with multicolored glitter stitching that makes it look bright and interesting.


5. Jaipuri Printed Cotton Kurti

Do you enjoy stocking regional touches in your textile collections? Then don’t miss this Jaipuri printed cotton kurti. There are beautiful, detailed jacquard printed designs that honor the rich culture of Rajasthan. The soft rayon cotton material will let your customers proudly wear history and tradition. With three-fourth sleeves and comfortable side cuts, it is easy to carry in all seasons.


6. Block Printed Kurti

There is a great mix of classic and modern style in the block printed Kurti. There is something special about this kurti’s pan-shaped piping neck, and the block printing fabric makes a beautiful, detailed button placket. It’s possible to dress this kurti with jeans or leggings. This piece is ideal for daily wear and casual wear. It is a blockbuster in both a relaxing and dressy mood.


7. Sirovski Diamond Touch Straight Cut Kurti

The Sirovski Diamond Touch– Straight Cut Kurti is an absolute choice for customers who want to look rich and beautiful on occasions. This style’s straight kurti with two side slits makes it look modern and desi girl. The Sirovski diamond accents on the kurti adds sparkle, making it great for weddings and special events. When worn, this kurti makes a strong fashion statement and stays with you for a long time.


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Wrapping up the words on Surat Kurti wholesale Market:


If you want to order bulk kurtis from Kesaria Textile Company, you have the chance now! This top Kurti manufacturer in Surat provides all types of online facilities to make the wholesale shopping easy for you. You just have to call or WhatsApp at +91 99090 48061 and mention all your requirements.


This is the time to upgrade your kurti business. Till when are you going to sell the same regular collection that anyone can get in other shops? If you want to stand out among the competitors, shop the best wholesale Kurtis in Surat.


Ab expensive nahi par exclusive wholesale shopping Karo KTC ke sath!


With Kesaria Textile Company, a top Kurti manufacturer in Surat, think out of the box!




1. Do you provide a video calling facility to explore the latest kurti collection?
Yes, of course! You can simply pin us all the details on +91 99090 48061 and we will show you the best collection through PDF format or video call facility.


2. I am from Kerala and I don’t know Hindi. Do you have anyone with whom I can communicate my requirements easily?
Kesaria Textile Company is the best designer Kurtis wholesaler in Surat. It offers you the sales person in all languages to simplify the communication and understand your requirements easily.


3. What is the starting rate of a three piece Kurtis?
The starting rate of premium three piece Kurtis is Rs. 125/-. For more details regarding products, please contact us at +91 99090 48061.


4. Do you accept COD?
Yes, but under certain conditions. Please contact us to learn more about this.


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