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Kurti Wholesaler in Mumbai: Sale sale sale! This word attracts most of the customers. They only want discounts and affordable prices that satisfy their requirements without spending much on it. But, yes, they also never compromise on their quality. If you are a retailer and come across such customers, Kesaria Textile Company understands your concern. It is a Surat kurti manufacturer and wholesaler that provides high-quality Kurtis to retailers.


Recently, designer Kurtis with palazzo and pants have become the trendy outfit for women who want to mix comfort, custom, and ethnicity. This is because fashion changes with each season and so does Surat kurti manufacturer.


Among all the companies in Surat kurti wholesale market, Kesaria Textile Company, kurti manufacturer stands out as the best. It offers all type of wholesale kurtis staarting at Rs. 99/-.


Let us take you on a trip through their amazing collection, which has a wide range of kurtis that will satisfy the needs and wants of any fashion lover.


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Expand your Business with Trendy kurti collections of Kurti Wholesaler in Surat:


1. Rayon Sequins Work Kurti:


The silk thread work with sequins makes the rayon kurti a great comfort wear. This kurti is soft, long sleeves, and airy. It combines comfort weaving with printed style. It falls elegantly on the body making it ideal for every customer to look better. The sequined beads work on the prints, making it stand out and adding a little sparkle are very detailed. This kurti will make your customers look fancy and ethnic whether they are looking for daily wear or occasional collection.


2. Abstract Printed Kurti:


The kurti with the uneven prints and sparkle of colors give the kurti a real stylish work of art. It takes the bright and bold combination of abstract art with fancy buttons on kurti. As a result? Some kurtis only require prints; no diamonds, no decorations. Its straight cut with side slits make it a free top for every desirable bottom.


3. Bandhani Printed Black Kurti with Plastic Mirror Embroidery:


Black is always a classy color in ethnic wear. Moreover, the bandhani painted black kurti with contrast floral embroidery entirely changes its story. This cotton kurti has digitally printed Bandhani designs on it, which reflects Rajasthan’s rich history with technical touch. The plastic mirror needlework wit colorful threads makes a stunning contrast. You should definetly get this kurti from the Kesaria textile wholesale kurti supplier in Surat.


4. Kashmiri Embroidery Blue Kurti:


Do you know why Kesaria textile Company is known as Designer Kurti Manufacturer in Surat? Because of its versatility of leadies textile collections. The beautiful needlework on this blue Kashmiri kurti is a salute to the skilled artist of Kesaria Textile team. It has beautiful, detailed stitching with interlock finishing to represents the unique beauty of the Indian Kashimir paradise. The deep blue color will surely makes you think of calm lakes and clear skies of kashmir, which makes it a lovely choice for many customers.


5. A kurti with plastic mirror work, lace work, and machine embroidery:


Get ready to be amazed by the kurti with plastic mirror work, lace work, and machine stitching. The design of this kurti is truly amazing, combining many different styles in a way that looks perfect. The plastic mirror work makes it sparkle, and the lace work and machine stitching make designs that are both complicated and beautiful. When you walk around in this kurti, you look like a work of art, a testament to skill and imagination.


6. Bandhani Printed Embroidery Kurti:


Surat kurti manufacturer also expertly prints the bandhani tie-dye pattern on kurtis. This printed embroidery kurti is a lovely mix of modern stitching and traditional bandhani prints. It easily gives you a classic look with a modern twist. This kurti is a great piece to add to your wardrobe because it can be worn to both casual and dressy events.


7. Pastel Color Kurti:


When it comes to fashion among Surat fancy Kurti wholesalers, pastel colors have a classic beauty in the market. It can never goes out of style. This luxury is shown by the sequins emboridery work on the pastel-colored kurti. Because the colors and embellishments, they are soft and soothing.


8. Button Placket Plain Kurti:


There are times when simplicity plays a significant role in normal days. But today, you will also get grace in sophistication. The button placket simple kurti is a beautiful example of simplicity. It’s a must-have for any closet because of its clean lines and basic style. It can be dressed up with items that make a statement or kept simple. Either way, it’s a good choice for many events.


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Kesaria Textile Surat Kurti Supplier is the start of your fashion journey.


Kesaria Textile Company, a popular Surat kurti manufacturer designs and creates the soft fancy kurtis that depicts the true beauty of Indian culture. This company welcomes the fashion journey that everyone has to discover.


Their collection of kurtis showcase the style and attitude in every piece of material. It also opens up a world of affordable fashion options endlessly. Their kurtis come in a wide range of styles, from classic grace to modern chic.


As your fashion partner, Kesaria Textile, a Surat kurti manufacturer, gives you the freedom to show off your unique style and charm at all times.




1. I want to buy bulk kurtis online but don’t know how to place an order. What should I do?
Kesaria Textile Company provides you sales executive number: +91-9909048061. Please whatsapp us your requirements and we will get back to you with our PDF catalog collection.


2. What is so special about the Kesaria Textile Company’s kurti collection?
The beautiful kurtis from Kesaria Textile Company will boost your profit margin and increase the credibility of your store. More than 40,000 customers are already contacted with us and are still amplifying the textile style and confidence in their business. This is where your textile reselling journey starts!


3. Do you have pakistani readymade suit collections?
Yes, Kesaria Textile Company also provides three-piece and two piece kurtis collection. We also provides readymade and unstitched Pakistani suit collection.


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