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Textile Business in Surat: The Textile Market in Surat has a lot of fabric factories and wholesale shops. It is often called the textile manufacturing hub of India. But, one name that stands out among these: Kesaria Textile Company. With 44 years of experience in the business, this company has become known as the biggest saree maker and wholesaler in Surat.


In this deep insight post, we’ll show you how Kesaria Textile Company works and take you through the fascinating world of making sarees to establish every women’s clothing business.


From Threads to Grace: The Manufacturing Process To Establish A Textile Business In Surat

When you walk into Kesaria Textile Company, you feel like you’ve found a treasure chest full of fabrics, the biggest clothing factory in Surat. The trip starts with the threads and yarns, which are the raw materials. These materials are woven into beautiful sarees by skilled people using modern tools. The company makes a lot of different kinds of sarees, such as ones made of cotton, silk, linen, and more.


As you walk through the plant, you will see how dyeing and printing are done in their saree factory in Surat. The Kesaria Textile Company is proud of its complex patterns and bright colors. Every saree is a work of art and a sign of the skill it takes to make these beautiful pieces.


  • Taking orders: They’ll make what you want.


Kesaria Textile Company stands out in Surat textile market because it works hard to make sure its customers are happy. They know that each customer is different and has different needs. So, they take orders in a way that is tailored to each person. Whether you’re a store or an individual, you can talk to their sales team about your wants.


Kesaria Textile Company has what you need if you own a business and want to stock up on the latest saree designs. Their sales reps know a lot about how the market works and can help you choose the styles that are most popular.


  • Sending packages all over India: reaching every part of the country


The Kesaria Textile Company doesn’t just sell textile products in Surat and Gujarat; they send them all over India. Their logistics network works well, so your items will always get to you on time, no matter where you are. This makes them a reliable name as the “biggest clothing factory in Surat” for stores and companies all over India because they can reach everyone.


  • Affordable Elegance


One of the best things about Kesaria Textile Company, a saree manufacturer in Surat, is that it is cheap. You might think that sarees with good quality and detailed designs would be expensive, but that’s not the case here. Their starting price for saree styles will surely surprise you! They offer sarees starting at Rs. 49/-, which means that a wide range of customers can buy them seamlessly.


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Different types of saris available from Kesaria Textile Company:

Kesaria Textile Company has many sarees for different events and tastes. Let’s examine popular varieties:.


1. Cotton Sarees:

Sweating weather calls for cotton sarees for casual wear. Kesaria Textile Company sells beautiful cotton sarees in many designs and hues. By owning the biggest clothing factory in Surat, Kesaria Textile Company knows how important comfortable and beautiful sarees are for daily use. They offer lightweight, easy-to-drape sarees for frequent use.


2. Silk Sarees:

Silk sarees symbolize opulence. Kesaria Textile Company’s silk sarees have elaborate designs, rich colors, and superb craftsmanship. Beautiful sarees for weddings, festivals, and special occasions.


3. Linen Sarees:

Linen sarees are chic and comfy. They are lightweight and breathable. Kesaria Textile Company’s linen sarees are appropriate for formal and casual settings due to its contemporary and classic designs.


4. Georgette Sarees:

Georgette sarees drape wonderfully and are elegant. They are popular for parties and evenings. Kesaria Textile Company sells fashionable georgette sarees with decorations.


5. Chiffon Sarees:

Chiffon sarees are sheer and airy. They are perfect for an elegant, flowing style. Kesaria Textile Company’s chiffon sarees are perfect for day and night events due to their variety of colors and designs.


6. Designer Sarees:

Kesaria Textile Company’s designing sarees are unique and eye-catching. Innovative designs, delicate needlework, and exquisite craftsmanship make these sarees great for special events.


7. Traditional Sarees:

Kesaria Textile Company embraces Indian culture and workmanship with elegant Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, and Paithani sarees.


8. Party Sarees:

Kesaria Textile Company’s party dress sarees let you stand out at parties. These sequined, embroidered, and bold-patterned sarees will make you glow at any event.


9. Bridal Sarees:

Kesaria Textile Company offers stunning bridal sarees for a woman’s most important day. These sarees make brides look and feel royal on their wedding day.


Kesaria Textile Company’s saree range includes modern and traditional styles. Saree lovers and retailers trust them for quality, craftsmanship, and price. So next time you think of sarees, know that Kesaria Textile Company has a world of elegance to explore.


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Kesaria textile Company offers more than sarees collection:


Kesaria Textile Company has a large collection of textiles for women, and it’s not just skirts. Here are a few examples of the kinds of textiles you can look at at Kesaria Textile Company:


1. Kurtis says:

Kurtis are now a must-have item in every woman’s closet. Kesaria Textile Company knows this and has a beautiful collection of kurtis to show for it. You can find something that fits your taste, whether you like traditional or modern styles. Their kurti line has everything from simple clothes to wear around the house to fancy clothes for parties.


2. Salwar kameez:

Salwar pants have been a staple of Indian fashion for a long time. At Kesaria Textile Company, you can find a variety of stylish and comfortable salwar suits. There are Anarkali suits, straight suits, and more in the collection. Each one was made with care and precision.


3. Clothes Materials:

Kesaria Textile Company has a wide range of dress materials that you can use to make your clothes more unique. These materials come in a variety of fabrics, designs, and colors, so you can make dresses that are unique to your style. It’s a great choice for people who like to have their clothes made to fit them.


4. Exclusive Lehenga:

Kesaria Textile Company has a beautiful selection of lehengas for special events like weddings and holiday parties. The pattern of these lehengas is meant to make you stand out. When you wear one of their lehengas, you’ll feel like a princess because of the fine embroidery, rich fabrics, and beautiful patterns.


5. Desi Duppatas:

A good dupatta can quickly make your outfit look better. The beautiful dupattas sold by Kesaria Textile Company can add a bit of elegance to your outfit. No matter if you want to wear it with a saree, kurti, or salwar suit, their collection has a scarf that will go with it.


6. Stitched and unstitched Blouses:

A saree’s look can be made or broken by how well the blouse fits. Kesaria Textile Company has a range of blouse fabrics and styles that look great with your sarees. You can mix and match your blouses with your sarees to make many beautiful outfits.


Kesaria Textile Company has put together these sets of textiles for women to meet their many fashion needs. Whether you want traditional clothes, modern ones, or a mix of the two, you’ll find a lot of options to show off your own style. So, when you go to the biggest clothing factory in Surat, keep in mind that it’s not just about clothes to sell; it’s a whole world of fashion ready to make a mark in the market.


The Kesaria Textile Company has been in business for 44 years and counting.


What really makes Kesaria Textile, clothes manufacturing company in Surat, stand out is its long history. With 44 years of experience, they not only know how to make textiles well, but they are also open to new ideas. They have kept up with the changing styles while staying true to their commitment to quality.


Kesaria Textile Company is a treasure trove in the Surat textile market for both people who want to start a new retail business and those who want to grow in the textile industry. If you’re in search of wholesale textile purchases or planning to explore textile products, make sure to check out this biggest clothing factory in Surat and learn how beautiful sarees are made. Your closet will thank you, and so will your bank account.

1. Do you accept cash on delivery?
Yes! Kesaria Textile Company accepts Cash on delivery, but you have to pay a 10-15% token amount to confirm the delivery. For more details, please contact us at the WhatsApp number +91 99090 48061.

2. What will be the shipping charges for wholesale textile delivery?
The shipping cost depends on the product’s quantity and weight.

3. Do you provide video calling facilities to understand the product’s quality more precisely?
Yes, we offer video calling facilities to let you know more about varieties and product insights.

4. Do you have a ladies night wear collection?
Yes, we also provide ladies night wear collections wholesale.


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