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Designer Kurti Wholesale: Are you a true business owner? Do you want to expand your Textile retail business and make it extraordinary in the market? Then, kurti manufacturers are a boon for you.


In the bulk textile market of kurti manufacturers, Kesaria Textile Company is a shining example of high-quality kurtis. Surat ki mitti sachmay kamal hai! As a dedicated textile dealer, this company loves crafting fashion and making it trendsetter in the market.


Let us learn more about Kesaria Textile Company’s amazing Surat wholesale kurtis collection, which is setting new standards in the fashion world.


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Change up your style with different kinds of gown kurtis


1. Kurti A-Line Gown:

Think of a classic A-line gown kurti that will never go out of style. Simple elegant waits embroidery with a good flare. It is carefully made to give the customers an ethereal charm that can’t be beat. This kurti is the best thing to wear to formal events or college collections when you want to make a lasting impact. It has a natural grace and beauty.


2. Front pleated Gown Kurti:

If you want to add a little drama to your clothing, the front pleated gown kurti is the way to go. It cleverly combines the elegance of a gown with the flexibility of a kurti. It also goes well with leggings and contrast dupatta as it gives complete ethnic touch to the wearer.


3. Anarkali Gown Kurti:

Kesaria Textile Company,a cotton kurti wholesaler in Surat, presents the best cotton Anarkali gown kurti that has beautiful prints. The flared shape and detailed details of this style give it a sense of grace and richness. The sequins work on the neck patch is a great choice for fancy wear and get-together that call for a touch of comfort because it embodies timeless beauty.


4. Cape-Style Gown Kurti:

The cape-style gown kurti is the best choice for fashion-forward people who want to wear traditional clothes in a modern way. The cape that’s connected to the dress adds a touch of style and a layer of sophistication that makes it great for both casual and formal events.


5. Layered Gown Kurti:

The layered gown kurti is your fashion statement if you love layers and a unique look. It has sometimes an overlapping shrug style or jacket that gives it a contrast but fancy look. Its double layered design also gives it a unique and stylish look that will help you stand out at parties and other special occasions. It’s a unique mix of the old and the new.


Where Comfort and Style Meet: Different Types of Tunic Designer Kurti Wholesale


1. Straight short Tunic Kurti:

The straight short tunic kurti is the most versatile of all clothes. It does a great job of combining style and comfort with jeans or palazzo pants. Its simple design and clean lines make it a must-have for any wardrobe, whether you’re going to the office or out to lunch with friends. It’s the perfect choice for a modern woman who wants to look nice and feel comfortable.


2. Flared Tunic Kurti:

Sometimes you want to add volume and fun to your outfit. For that, organza fabric is the best. Enter the pullover organza floral kurti with a wide hem. It’s great for casual outings because it fits well and looks good, making it easy to show off your own style.


3. Asymmetric Hem Tunic Kurti:

The asymmetric hem tunic kurti is a great choice for people who want to make a bold fashion statement. Its uneven length gives it a unique look that makes you stand out, and it can be worn with jeans and leggings. You can also style it with delicate accessories to make the attire ideal for both formal and casual events. It’s just the right mix of stylish and unusual.


4. Georgette Tunic Kurti:

The georgette tunic kurti is the most stylish piece of clothing with balloon sleeves. It is ideal for people who like wrap-style clothes. It combines comfort and style with a fabric belt on the waist, making it a great choice for the casual day out. It’s the kind of piece you can count on to take your everyday look to the next level.


5. Tunic Kurti in the Style of a Kaftan:

If your inner hippie gives you comfort, the tunic kurti in the style of a kaftan is your ticket to fashion freedom. It’s known for having a loose, comfortable fit, which makes it a great choice for beach trips, laid-back weekends, or any other time when comfort and style are important. It’s your ticket to stylish freedom.


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Straight Kurtis with a Touch of Glamour are part of the Designer Boutique Collection.

Kesaria Textile Company is very proud to offer an exclusive line of straight kurtis from their designer boutique collection. This wholesale kurti collection shows that we never stop caring about style and quality. If you are a picky reseller and retailer in the fashion industry, this company is definitely a standard place among other kurti manufacturers to make your business credible. They offer a mix of unique designs and beautiful decorations that change the definition of glamour.


Our straight kurtis have a lot of different kinds of decorations on them, like zari work, sequins, Siroski diamonds, delicate lace edges, and more. These accessories add a bit of luxury and class to your outfit, making you the center of attention at special events and occasions. These kurtis are the epitome of class and style.


Check out the Kurti collection at Kesaria Textile kurti wholesaler in Surat today.

The Kesaria Textile Company in Surat, Gujarat, is the best place for people who love fashion and want the best. Our large collection of kurtis has something for everyone, from the classic grace of gown kurtis to the style-meets-comfort of tunic kurtis to the glitzy straight kurtis from our designer boutique collection.


Are you looking for Kurti bulk buying in Surat? Simply dial +91-9909048061 to learn more about the latest kurti collection and make a strong fashion statement in the market. With PDF facilities or video calls, Kesaria Textile Company gives you a virtual shopping extravaganza. Start your journey with leading kurti manufacturers today! Your closet deserves only the best, and we’re here to give it to you.


1. I have seen many kurti manufacturers who show a stunning image of their collections but we get something different in designs. How can I trust you on quality and perfection?
Kesaria Textile Company has been a wholesale kurti supplier since 1977. We assure you that you will get exactly what is shown to you. You can also visit the store at B 3031-32, Millennium Textile Market-1, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002, personally to check the quality and collection for more satisfaction.


2. I like your collections but I am on a tight budget. What is the minimum quantity cost for wholesale purchase?
Kesaria Textile kurti manufacturer in Surat understands the hesitation of all retailers. That’s why, you just need to place the minimum order of just Rs.10,000/- and you can stock a huge product quantity for your business.


3. Do you provide catalog kurtis in single pieces?
Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company and it only deals with set wise collections. You have to purchase a complete catalog set.


4. Do you offer Pakistani designs in Wholesale cotton kurtis?
Yes! We gladly provide all types of designs, style and patterns in Wholesale cotton kurti collections.


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