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Best Kurti Manufacturer in Surat: What if you ask for one and get everything on a plate? You will feel special, right? Now, make your customers feel extremely close to your heart with the latest collection from Kesaria Textile Company. The Surat kurti manufacturer and wholesaler company provides affordable kurti collections for every customer.


The Surat kurti wholesale market is a hub of the Indian textile industry. The Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurti collection is another gift that the city has to offer. Whether you’re a fashion-forward person or a store owner looking for an ideal Surat kurti manufacturer to add the best collection to your stock, our choice of kurtis will win your heart and take your ethnic style to the next level.


In this blog, we will learn about the best kurti manufacturer in Surat and its designer kurtis that are crafted for every budget-friendly customer with prices starting at just Rs. 249/-.


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Explore the Collection of Kesaria Textile kurti wholesaler in Surat


1. Coat and Pant Style Collection


Our Coat and Pant Style Collection is a must-try for people who want grace with a unique twist. These kurtis have pretty stitching, a full button placket, and designer pants to go with them. The pants are made of soft cotton rayon and have intricate lace patterns on both sides, which add a touch of charm to your outfit.


Connect with Surat fancy kurti wholesalers to enjoy a traditional kurta and a modern pair of pants comfortably. It’s a combination of styles that leaves a lasting impression.


2. Sequins Alia Cut Kurtis:


Kesaria Textile Company, a ladies kurti manufacturer Surat, designs the celebrity cut Kurtis with regular sophistication. With our Sequins Alia Cut Kurtis, you can imagine yourself in a beautiful flower garden. The beautiful floral prints on the bright red rayon fabric of these kurtis are great for people who want to make a strong fashion statement. These kurtis are made to make you stand out wherever you go, whether it’s a party or a fancy night out.


With their bright colors and elaborate sequin work, these kurtis are like wearable works of art that will make you the center of attention.


3. Naiyra Cut Embroidery Kurtis


In our Naiyra Cut Embroidery Kurtis, pink and blue come together in a beautiful dance of color. These cotton kurtis have detailed embroidery work that makes them look like works of art. Whether you’re going to a family party or a cultural event, these kurtis are the best way to show grace and style. The detail work on ethnic collections make the Kesaria Textile Company stand out among other Surat cotton kurti wholesalers.


When you mix traditional needlework with modern design, you get a harmonious mix that shows off your own style.


4. Anarkali Cotton Kurti with a Floor-Touch:


There are many Kurti wholesalers in Surat, but Kesaria Textile Company is known for its experience and manufacturing expertise. With this Floor-Touch Anarkali Cotton Kurti, you can take your ethnic style to a whole new level. These kurtis give off an air of elegance and grandeur. With a silhouette that gracefully sweeps the floor, you’re sure to make a lasting impact at any event, especially weddings and other big parties.


The royal elegance of these kurtis makes you feel like kings.


5. Straight-Cut Cotton Kurti for Everyday Use:


In our Regular Wear Straight Cut Cotton Kurtis, simple style meets comfort. These kurtis are perfect for everyday wear because they can be worn in many different ways. The standard straight-cut style makes you look stylish no matter where you go, whether to the office, to the mall, or on a casual outing.


What makes the Kurti Manufacturers in Surat so special in India? They set a great example of the beauty of simplicity. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time.


6. Rayon Koti Showroom of Style Article:


Kesaria Textile designer Kurti manufacturer in Surat offers exclusive collections for small retailers to showroom dealers. Rayon Koti Style is a showroom article that will add a bit of glitz to your collection. These kurtis have a unique jacket in the style of a koti, which makes them great for special events. The rayon cloth makes sure you look good and feel good, so you can enjoy the elegance of traditional Indian fashion with a modern twist.


The mix of classic and modern design elements in these kurtis makes them a unique piece to add to your closet.


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Get Started on the Road to Being a Fashion Icon


We at, Surat kurti manufacturer, Kesaria Textile know how important ease is in the fast-paced world of today. So, also being a Surat Kurti Wholesaler, we provide a variety of online services to meet the needs of business buyers:


– Facilities for PDF: You can easily look through our large selection of kurtis using PDF files, which let you see the pieces and choose the ones you want.


– Video calls: Video calling lets you talk to our sales team for a more unique shopping experience. Our pros are ready to help you choose the best kurtis to add to your stock.


Shop the wholesale Collection from Surat Kurti Supplier:


A Surat kurti manufacturer, Kesaria Textile Company is a shining example of quality and style in the world of ethnic fashion. Our trendy Kurti Collection shows that we are committed to giving the best in fashion at prices that are affordable for everyone. With our beautiful kurtis, you can improve your cultural style and add to your collection.


Do you want to expand your business? Are you looking to tie up with reputable best kurti manufacturers Surat?


Contact us right away to explore our wide range collection for online or in-store opportunities. Surat kurti manufacturer is the first step on your way to becoming a fashion expert. The Kurti Collection from Wholesale Kurti Supplier in Surat, Kesaria Textile Company will take your cultural style to the next level.


1. Can I shop for only one or two kurti catalogue sets? I don’t have a heavy budget.
Kesaria Textile Company is a wholesale kurti supplier in Surat. We offer a minimum shopping limit of Rs. 10,000 for wholesale purchase.


2. I want to buy bulk kurtis online. What are your contact details?
For online wholesale purchasing, you can contact us at WhatsApp number +91 99090 48061.


3. Do you accept COD?
Yes, we do accept COD (cash on delivery) for online shopping. For more details, please contact us at the given number.


4. Do you offer customization option in prints for wholesale order?
For any customization details, please contact us at WhatsApp number +91 99090 48061.


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