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Wholesale Kurti Supplier: Are you looking, for the best Cotton kurti manufacturer in Surat? Then you are right place. This blog is all about the Kurti collection, its manufacturing, and wholesale dealing.


Cotton kurtis are an all time favorite in the world of fashion, where styles change as often as the seasons. As 2023 begins, Kesaria Textile, a Cotton kurti manufacturer, is happy to show off its newest kurti collection. This collection sets the tone for a stylish and classy year. With prices starting at just Rs. 295/-, these designer cotton kurtis are affordable without sacrificing style or quality.


Let’s take a tour of this beautiful collection by Kesaria Textile cotton kurti wholesaler in Surat that shows off the beauty of cotton and the skill of fashion designers.


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1. The multicolor Leheriya printed organza kurti is dazzling with sequins.
The designs start with the multicolored Leheriya printed organza kurti, which is a work of art with sparkles embroidered on it. Leheriya is a traditional way to tie-dye, but this foil-printed kurti gives it a modern look. For any Surat wholesale kurtis, a symphony of colors and skill always gives your clothing a touch of elegance.


2. The Georgette floral one-piece kurti has both style and flair.
The next beautiful piece is the georgette flowery one-piece kurti. With its pretty curve and turtleneck, it gives off an air of charm and style. The elastic gathering style makes sure it fits well and makes it a good choice for both relaxed and semi-formal events.


3. The Denim Printed Rayon Kurti is stylish and chic.
The denim striped rayon catalog kurtis are a must-have for anyone who believes that denim always looks great. This kurti looks like a shirt. It has a collar and a belt to make it even more beautiful. It stands out because it has a full button placket, long sleeves, and a noticeable flare. It’s a great piece for store collections.


4. Sheer Elegance: Organza Floral One-Piece Kurti
The one-piece blouse with flowers made of organza is a real treat. It has both the airy beauty of sheer cloth and the softness of inner mal cotton. The prints add to its beauty and make it a valuable choice for today’s customers. Tassels in the style of a dori add a fun touch to the look.


5. Tie-Dye Printed Cut Work Cotton Kurti: Shining in White and Pink
The tie-dye floral cut work cotton designer kurti wholesale will make you look elegant. The delicate shifli work on the flare of this beautiful white and pink kurti makes a mesmerizing design. This work of art is finished off beautifully with bows made of cotton thread that match.


6. The Jaipuri Cotton Jacquard Printed Anarkali Kurti is simple and ethnic.
Ksaria Tetile, a cotton kurti manufacturer, has crafted the best jacquard printed cotton kurti. This Jaipuri cotton jacquard printed anarkali kurti is a great choice for people who like simple ethnic clothes. The beautiful lacework on the neck and flare, along with the foil-printed designs, show off the charm of traditional Jaipur art.


7. The Banarasi Silk Foil Printed Kurti: Silk Splendor
The Banarasi silk foil painted kurti is a luxurious way to enjoy the luxurious feel of silk. The intricate foil-printed patterns on this kurti give it a timeless elegance. It honors the long history of Banarasi silk and makes everyone who wears it feel like kings.


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8. Jacket-Style Anarkali Kurti: Festive Style
The jacket-style anarkali kurti is our last stop. It is a beautiful sleeveless dress that comes with a jacket with elbow-length arms. It’s the best choice for holiday collections, especially during Navratri and Diwali. This kurti gives your parties a touch of grandeur.


Final Thoughts on Wholesale Cotton Kurtis:

Cotton kurtis are always a good choice in the vast world of fashion and a cotton kurti manufacturer makes it better. Let your customers appreciate your collection and makes it the brand in your area. Fashion is something that often comes and goes but the style you carry always remain in trend.


There are many Cotton kurti suppliers in Surat. But the new kurti collection from Kesaria Textile, a kurti manufacturer in Surat, for 2023 shows off the beauty of cotton as an art form. With prices starting at just Rs. 295/-, these kurtis are both affordable and stylish. This collection is your key to a stylish and sophisticated year, whether you’re a fashion lover or a store owner who wants to appeal to a wide range of tastes.


Kesaria Textile Company makes beautiful cotton clothes that will take your wardrobe to the next level. The journey to fashion has just started.



1. What makes Kesaria Textile Company’s wholesale kurti collection for 2023 stand out from the rest?
– Explore the unique features and design elements that set Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurti Collection apart in the fashion market.


2. How can I order wholesale Cotton Kurtis from Kesaria Textile cotton kurti manufacturer?
– You can contact Kesaria Textile Company at the following phone number: +91-9909048061. Feel free to  reach out to them for inquiries or orders related to their Cotton Kurti Collection or any other textile products you may be interested in.


3. I am looking for Kurti bulk buying in Surat. What are the price ranges for Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurtis in 2023?
– You will get various price ranges of kurtis, starting at Rs. 99/- to Rs. 500/-. Get insights into the pricing details of Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurti Collection, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions.


4. Can Kesaria Textile Company cater to specific design preferences or customization requests for Cotton Kurtis?
– Discover whether Kesaria Textile Company offers customization options or caters to specific design requests, allowing you to tailor your orders to your unique needs.


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