₹99/- में ये कुर्ती का कलेक्शन पूरे मार्किट में सबसे ज्यादा बिक रहा हे | Kurti Manufacturer

Affordable Kurti Manufacturers: Stop! Stop! Stop! It’s a loot!


Yes, of course, ab itna sasta hoga to loot to machegi na!


Surat is the second biggest textile manufacturing hub and is well known for creating textiles at the most reasonable price. Kesaria Textile is also an iconic company and a reputed Surat’s Kurti Manufacturer.


Are you looking for Kurti Manufacturer for Resale Kurtis. Get the trending Kurti Collection for only at Rs. 99/-.


In this modern fashionable world, the style is a reflection of culture and variety, there is a collection of kurtis that has really made its mark. Not only do these kurtis have an unbeatable price of just 99/-, but Surat Kurti Wholesale Market also have great patterns that make them perfect for everyday wear.


As we look more closely at this collection, you’ll find that Surat’s Kurti Manufacturer has designed the kurtis with the perfect mix of comfort, style, and cost. This is what has put them at the top of the fashion scene.


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Best varieties of Surat Kurti Supplier


1. Straight Block Printed Cotton Kurti: Everyday Elegance

The straight block-printed cotton designer kurti wholesale Surat, which is the first piece in the collection, is a great example of everyday beauty. Its strength is that it is simple, and the block prints make a pattern that is both classic and on-trend. This kurti goes from casual trips to work days with ease, making it a comfortable and stylish choice for many different situations.


2. Red Embroidery Cotton Kurti: A Splash of Vibrance

The red embroidery cotton kurti is a great choice for people who like to add color to their everyday clothes. The simpi look of your fashionable ladies kurti Surat is brought out by the deep red color and detailed embroidery. This kurti is the right mix of style and comfort, making it a great choice for a day full of things to do.


3. Silver Thread Work Plain Cotton Kurti: Subtle Sophistication

The silver thread work simple cotton kurti is a great example of how little things can say a lot in fashion. The stitching and zari threads used to line this kurti are done with great care, giving it a delicate yet elegant look. It’s a flexible piece that can be dressed up or down, making it a great addition to your closet.


4. Embroidery Long Straight Kurti: Kashmiri Charm

The embroidery long straight kurti adds the beauty of Kashmiri needlework to your collection of clothes you can wear every day. It gives off an air of beauty and grace with its intricate embroidery and a hint of sequins. This kurti is a tribute to classic artistry that will always be in style.


5. Checks Printed Cotton Kurti: Traditional checks with a twist

Checks are a pattern that never goes out of style and will always be in style. This cotton kurti with checks on it is comfortable and has a classic look. The shirt’s prints and round neck give it a modern touch and make it a versatile option for your regular wardrobe.


6. Bandhni Rayon Kurti: The Essence of Ethnic Elegance

The bandhni rayon kurti is a real gem for people who love ethnic prints. Its foil-printed bandhani pattern gives your everyday clothes a sense of history. With its full button placket and stand-up collar, it has a unique and stylish look that blends technology and tradition perfectly.


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7. Batik Printed Rayon Cotton Kurti: Sleeveless Chic

This rayon cotton kurti is both stylish and classic with its batik prints and lack of sleeves. Even though it doesn’t have arms, the set comes with fabric for sleeves, so you can change up your look. The batik prints add a touch of art to your everyday clothes, making them stand out.


8. Sequins Embroidery Work on Rayon Kurti: Shimmer and Shine

Last but not least, the sequins embroidery work on rayon kurti gives your everyday clothes a bit of glitz. The shimmering sequins catch the light and make an ethereal sparkle that’s great for when you want to shine.


Kurti Wholesaler in Surat: Fashion That’s Cheap and Says a Lot

In the hassles of the Indian fashion industry, where there are many different styles, Kesaria Textile Company Kurti Manufacturer in Surat kurtis stands out as the best of both cheap and stylish. At just 99/-, they combine comfort, style, and cost in a way that makes them the best choice for everyday wear collections.


This kurti collection is the best place to go if you’re a store owner looking for affordable choices or a fashion lover who loves the beauty of simplicity.


Explore the charm of everyday luxury without breaking your budget with Surat’s Kurti Manufacturer, Kesaria Textile Company. These kurtis show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes to make a big fashion statement.


1. Do you offer dhoti style Kurtis?
Kesaria Textile wholesale kurti supplier offer an awesome kurti range for all regional and fusion collections. For more details about style, contact +91 99090 48061.


2. Does Kesaria Textile Company offers kurtis collection directly from Surat Kurti Factory?
Yes, Kesaria Textile Company manufactures the ladies wear collection in Surat Kurti Factory and provides the wholesale range at an affordable price.


3. Does the diamond work on Kurtis are long lasting?
Yes! The Kesaria Textile Company aims to provide quality and budget-friendly suit material. This makes Kesaria Textile Company the leading name among Affordable Kurti Manufacturers


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