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Ladies Cotton Suits Supplier: Do you know the secret of the ladies Suit wholesale market? The Strategy! Yes, strategy is the main factor of the wholesale market. How they manufacture, packaging, and manage the supply of wholesale suits to the retailers. Surat is the textile hub and has changed the lives of many textile dealers. Kesaria Textile Company is the Surat suit manufacturer that will make every business dream come true.


India is a paradise for every ethnic lover, as the country’s traditions and trendy blend to create an amazing range of suit materials. Among the many options out there, there are a few noteworthy collections of a ladies Suit wholesale market that truly revolutionize the fashion industry.


Are you looking for Ladies suits bulk buying in Surat? This article will take you into a handful of extraordinary suit materials for women that are sure to take your business to the next level and change your market game.


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Kesaria Textile Ladies suits manufacturer in Surat offers a variety of wholesale suit material:


1. Lucknowi Designer Suit Material:


The sequins on this navy georgette suit make it look like the night sky is full of stars. That’s the wonder of high-end Lucknowi tailoring. This high-quality dress fabric was expertly crafted, and it shows in the stunning sequin embroidery at the collar. Shop the best faux georgette suit material from Ladies Suit wholesale market. Its appealing look is the creation of the ensemble that is what truly sets it as something truly unique.


The beautiful chikankari embroidery of flowers that adorns the fabric is what makes this an exceptional piece. In the same vein, the georgette dupatta sparkles with lace, sequins, and intricate stitching, making it the ideal finishing touch.


2. Pastel Color Faux Georgette Suit Material:


This faux georgette suit fabric in Surat ladies suits market is a discovery for individuals who adore the allure of pastel tones. Not only does it include elaborate zari embroidery all over, but it also has charming tassels and elegant buttons on the neck placket. The daman’s colorful lace trim adds a splash of life to the otherwise subdued ensemble.


In addition, the georgette dupatta features the same multicolored buttas, resulting in a beautiful balance of hues and finishes. Intricate embellishments elevate the wholesale ladies suits to the level of wearable art.


3. Timeless Charm Bandhani Sequins Work Suit Material


Ladies cotton suits supplier crafts the Bandhani, or the practice of creating tie-dyed textiles. This Cotton suit catalog has received widespread recognition over the years. When combined with sequin embroidery, the resulting fabric is perfect for a dress.


This suit from the P-Cool-Cool catalog collection offers a patterned bottom made of soft cotton, so you can relax in style. The final touch is provided by the suti cotton printed dupatta, making it suitable for a wide range of events.


4. Cotton Silk Suit Material:


The cotton suit wholesale market presents beautiful cotton silk suit material with the foil-printed design and the sequin embroidered work. It is the perfect outfit for a special occasion. These designer cotton suits wholesale radiate richness, making them ideal for formal events where you wish to make a memorable impression.


Shop the best range of cotton suits for reselling. The combination of cotton and silk creates a fabric that looks and feels elegant. Every element, from the luxurious foil printing to the painstaking sequin work, attests to the high level of skill required to create this work of art.


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Finally Turn the Table of Profit in your Favour with ladies suit wholesaler in Surat


Kesaria Textile Company, a Cotton suit manufacturer and wholesaler, is located in Millennium Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat. They design the garments as works of art, and they represent the pride of a nation in its various clothing traditions. That’s why it stands proudly in the Ladies Suit wholesale market.


You can express yourself freely in the blending of classic and modern aesthetics with the help of the blank slate that is provided by their wares.


These ladies’ suit materials are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers, whether you’re drawn to the simple Lucknowi motifs, the sweetness of pastels, the timelessness of Bandhani, or the opulence of cotton silk.


Don’t miss out on the chance to see these collections at Kesaria Textile Company, which are unbeatable among the other Surat wholesale suit suppliers.



1. What suit materials does Kesaria Textile Company provide in ethnic styles and designs?


Famous ladies’ ethnic wear producer and wholesaler Kesaria Textile Company offers a variety of suit materials. Here are some ethnic collection styles and designs:


  • Cotton embroidery suit material: It contains elaborate and traditional threadwork, bringing refinement to your outfit.


  • Bandhani Prints: Bandhani suit materials’ brilliant tie-dye designs create a dynamic and colorful look appropriate for any event.


  • Chiffon and Georgette: These flowing fabrics are commonly embellished with sequins, zari work, and elaborate motifs for added elegance.


  • Cotton Silk: Cotton silk suit materials are comfortable and rich, making them perfect for casual and semi-formal use.


  • Faux Georgette: Lightweight and delicate faux georgette fabrics typically have sequins and embroidery for added splendor.


  • Silk: Kesaria’s silk suit materials are elegant and perfect for special events. Rich embroidery and traditional themes are common.


2. How much do wholesale suit materials begin to cost?

Kesaria Textile Company offers the suit materials starting at 125/- Rs each making it more affordable in the Ladies Suit wholesale market. Priced reasonably, their collections are within reach of a wide variety of businesses and consumers.


3. Do you Accept cash on delivery?

For your ease, Kesaria Textile Company offers cash on delivery options.


4. Which manufacturing specialty does Kesaria Textile Company specialize in?

Kesaria Textile Company is a wholesale manufacturer of women’s clothing. You can find a wide variety of saris, kurtis, dress fabrics, and other traditional garments in their stores. They specialise in delivering high-quality, trendy and traditional wholesale textile collections to meet retailers’ and customers’ different needs.


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