सूरत में इससे बहतरीन दुपट्टे नहीं मिलेंगे ,कम लगत में ज्यादा मुनाफा Kesaria Textile Company से जुड़े

Wholesale Duptta Market: Dupattas are not just a piece of cloth, it’s an emotion of Indian tradition. From wedding to daily wear to western drappings, dupattas are the limitless happiness for every woman.


Kesaria Textile Company is the best dupatta manufacturer in Surat. It has the largest selection of dupattas that provides new vision and direction to the resell wholesale dupatta at cheapest rate.


Indian women’s dupattas have traditionally played a significant role in the dynamic and varied world of fashion. These collections not only improve the look of an ensemble, but also make a statement. The Kesaria Textile dupatta manufacturer in Surat is proud to provide not only a wide variety of high-quality but also very reasonably priced dupattas.


In this blog we will discuss the dupattas collections from the dupatta wholesaler in Surat at a low starting price of just Rs. 30/-. These dupattas offer retailers a tantalizing chance to buy dupatta for reselling or retailing and increase their earnings while satisfying a diverse range of tastes.


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Explore the varieties of Dupattas from the most reputed dupatta wholesaler in Surat:


1. Chiffon dupatta with sequin embroidery.

Wow! The cotton dupatta wholesaler in Surat has a stylish and most the chiffon scarf. Their unique design is elevated by the use of delicate sequins work. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable, making it suitable for both formal and casual use. You absolutely need to add this multipurpose piece to your collection.


2. Cotton Bandhani-printed Dupatta:

This dupatta is a treasure for fans of the classic Bandhani design. The patch at its neck is embroidered by hand, adding to its allure. This printed dupatta wholesaler in Surat offers a smooth cotton dupatta wholesale collection that is perfect for a variety of situations and looks well with a wide range of clothes.


3. Saree’s bridal dupatta:

This net bridal dupatta wholesale is perfect for bridal sarees and will help the bride make a bold fashion statement. Its rich red hue and intricate golden zari embroidery capture the splendor and significance of a wedding. This bridal accessory is symbolic of a fresh start and adds to the bride’s overall look.


4. Printed Cotton Leheriya Dupatta

Wholesale duptta market presents this gorgeous Gota Patti Samosa lacework and Banarasi influence in the form of golden thread work that make them one of a kind purchase for all. Adding a touch of heritage and elegance, the timeless Leheriya design is a great option for parties and festivities.


5. Banarasi silk Dupatta

This exquisite silk dupatta with a traditional Banarasi border is a fine addition to any collection. This dupatta is the perfect accessory to dress up any attire, whether it’s a traditional ensemble or something more modern.


6. Chiffon dupatta embroidered with golden zari:

The golden zari embroidery and lacework on this chiffon dupatta are what really set it apart as something special. It’s a great piece to have because it goes with so many different looks and events, from everyday to formal.


7. Net dupatta with sequin embroidery.

This unique dupatta takes its design cues from the vibrant culture of Rajasthan, and boasts intricate sequin embroidery on a sheer net. The finished piece is a work of art that will elevate any outfit with its exotic flair.


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The Dupatta Collections Can Help Your Company Grow:


– The versatility of the dupatta lies in its ability to complement a wide range of clothing and events. A designer dupatta supplier in Surat promises this adaptability and ensures year-round consumer interest.


– Retailers can afford to carry a large selection of dupattas from Kesaria Textile Company because to the company’s reasonable pricing.


– Combine and Contrast: Customers are encouraged to try new looks by purchasing multiple dupattas to go with their new ensembles.


– Seasonal & Special Occasion Discounts: Demand for dupattas rises dramatically around holidays and other special events, giving shops a boost in seasonal sales.



A Never Ending Story Of Designer Dupatta Supplier in Surat:


The assortment of dupattas produced by Kesaria Textile dupatta manufacturer in Surat is a fantastic chance for merchants to reach out to a wide customer base. Because they can be worn with so many different looks, dupattas are always in style. You can afford to keep a large designer dupatta collection in stock thanks to our competitive pricing. Customers are more likely to make multiple purchases due to the versatility of the items, and holiday seasons are prime times for business.


Therefore, if you run a store, the collection of dupattas from reputed dupatta manufacturer in Surat is your passport to higher revenues and happier customers. Stop by their shop right away to have a firsthand look at these alluring dupattas and start paving the way to better sales and more fashionable clients. At Kesaria Textile Company, you can buy dupatta at wholesale rate and begin your rise to the top of the fashion world.


1. Are these dupattas suitable for gifting purposes?
Yes, Kesaria Textile Company’s dupattas, especially those with intricate embroidery and zari work, make great gifts. They make elegant gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.


2. Can I purchase individual dupattas, or is bulk buying the only option?
Kesaria Textile dupatta manufacturer in Surat specializes in bulk wholesale. They do not offer individual pieces or samples online. To learn more about their products and policies, visit their store.


3. Do you offer stoles for Western tops?
Yes, we offer all kinds of dupattas from stoles to bridal long dupattas to religious suti cotton dupattas for namaz and gurudwara ardas.


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