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Ladies Kurti Manufacturer Surat: There is this famous saying,” Where There Is Will There Is A Way.” This sentence describes the journey of a successful business person. Undeniably, kurti has a great market in India but making yourself stand apart is also an art to take your textile business to the next level. Kurti wholesale market in Surat pushes its strength to help every retail kurti business to have their own success story.


Kesaria Textile Company, is also a leading name in the Kurti wholesale market in Surat. Whether you’re a store owner looking to keep up with the latest trends or an ambitious businessperson hoping to get into the wholesale kurtis industry, you’ve come to the perfect spot.


Are in search of Surat fancy kurti wholesalers for bulk Kurtis shopping?


In this blog, we will discuss the most beautiful wholesale Kurtis that are popular for formal, casual, and sometimes group gathering events.


Let’s take a closer look at the stunning assortment that’s in store for you:


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Presenting the Most Popular Kurti Collections of Surat kurti Manufacturer:

1. Cotton kurti with silver sequins:

Wear this summer with poise and elegance in this light green kurti that falls just above the knee. It’s embellished with tiny sequins that sparkle like stars in the dark. The Siroski golden diamond work is the crowning touch, the ideal combination of class and sparkle. This kurti can take you from daytime events to late parties with ease. This type of collection in Kesaria Textile Company makes it stand proudly in Kurti wholesale market in Surat.


2. Cotton rayon kurti with a block print

This kurti strikes a nice balance between classic and contemporary design. The floral block print is a nod to tradition, while the crochet lace adds a touch of modern elegance. The richness is enhanced by the embroidery sequin work on the neck patch. The graceful lace is designed on the edges of three-fourth length sleeves.


Kesaria Textile Company’s such collections are ideal for parties and formal gatherings to create a fashion statement. The designs artistry makes the company stand proudly among Surat cotton kurti wholesalers.


3. Navy Blue Kurti with Decorative Embroidery:

This navy blue kurti has an aesthetic appeal that will fascinate you. It has the look of something from a high-end boutique, with delicate lining stitching that produces a hypnotic Kali effect. The neck patti features intricate stitching and whimsical paper mirror work. Those who value exquisite workmanship will adore this kurti.


4. Yellow Rayon Kurti:

Kesaria Textile wholesale kurti supplier in Surat offers the balance beauty in their kurti collections. The complexity of this yellow kurti gets in the way of fabric and prints elegance. This kurti’s bright yellow color is attention-grabbing on its own. The embroidery work with sequins is a classy touch. This is a must-have item that can be worn with a wide variety of bottoms, including leggings, jeans, and white palazzos.


5. Floral Gathered Kurti:

This cotton rayon kurti features lovely flowery digital patterns, perfect for releasing your inner flower child. From frock style to Nayra cut and gather flared Kurtis, they all are the great option for the carefree fashionista who wants to look fab. Kesaria Textile designer kurti manufacturer in Surat offers varieties of colour and prints options in these types of designer pieces. The flattering gathers are at the waist. The neck patti’s frilly buttons are a nice finishing touch.


6. Batik-printed Shirt style kurtis:

This long cotton rayon kurti is both stylish and comfortable. Its batik print adds a touch of artistic and cultural flair, making it a great pick for those who value practicality without sacrificing aesthetics. This kurti is so versatile, you can wear it anywhere, whether it’s a casual outing or a formal event.


Kurti wholesale market in Surat, however, has more to offer than just the most up-to-date styles of kurtis. Kesaria Textile Company is a reliable kurti wholesaler in Surat for anyone interested in starting their own clothing retail business. You can visit the store or use the website as a springboard to contact the company and launch your own kurti business. Now, introduce these amazing garments to trend-aware consumers.


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Do visit the Store or Buy Bulk Kurtis Online: Kesaria Textile Company

There are more than just kurtis on textile collections at Kurti wholesale market in Surat. They might be a reliable partner if opening a clothing store has always been a goal of yours. You can launch your own kurti business with their help, allowing you to share these amazing garments with the world of fashionistas.


So, if you’re looking to spruce up existing retail offerings or start a new business venture, Kesaria Textile kurti supplier in Surat is your ticket to a world of fashion and opportunity.


Explore the exciting world of wholesale kurtis with Kesaria Textile ladies kurti manufacturer Surat and make 2023 your year of trend forward success. Now is the time to start your wardrobe exploration!




1. At which area does Kesaria Textile Company located in Surat kurti wholesale market?
Kesaria Textile Company is located at Millennium Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat. You can also contact +91 99090 48061 for more kurti and textile details.


2. What if I received a defective product at wholesale collection?
Kesaria Textile Surat Kurti Supplier always make sure that every product is designed and manufactured with conscious accuracy. But if somehow you received a faulty product, you can immediately contact our support team. They will instantly take action to this.


3. Can I get Kashmiri embroidery Kurtis in bulk?
Yes of course! You will get a wide range of Kurti collections from Kashmiri artwork to Lucknowi Chikankari and Pakistani three piece kurti collections.


4. I just loved your Kurtis collection. Can you deliver the required Kurtis wholesale collection to Bihar?
Yes of course! We provide PAN India wholesale shipping facility. Not only this, we also offer a world wide shipping facility. You simply need to contact the team and we will get back to you with exclusive collections.


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