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Best Kurti Manufacturers Surat: Kurtis are the evergreen staple for every wardrobe. Whether you are looking for wedding gifts wholesale purchase or for business purposes, this collection is ideal in all ways. Surat kurti manufacturer presents the ideal collections of Kurtis for daily wear to partywear.


The kurti collections for 2023 from Kesaria Textile Company, the biggest Surat kurti manufacturer is the pinnacle of fashion style. These kurtis are more than just clothes; they are examples of grace, style, and beautiful design.


Let’s explore the world of kurtis with Kesaria Textile designer kurti manufacturer in Surat, where every detail tells a story of skill and elegance:


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1. Naiyra Cut Lucknowi Printed Kurti:

The Naiyra Cut Lucknowi Printed Kurti is so beautiful that it will make you feel like you’re in a dream. This group of three pieces is a masterpiece. The Lucknowi-style prints on the kurti have intricate floral designs that give off a sense of femininity and grace. This Surat Kurti wholesaler also designs the three-fourth sleeves to add a touch of modesty, and the printed pant and chanderi printed skirt finish off the look. This set is great for people who want a full outfit that blends traditional and modern styles in a seamless way.


2. Bandhni Print Rayon Cotton Kurti:

There are numerous kurti wholesalers in Surat but Kesaria Textile Company is unbeatable. Their Bandhni Printed Rayon Cotton Kurti is beautiful to pick for traditional and simple prints lover. It shows the colorful and interesting world of bandhni prints, which are known for their bright patterns. The soft, flexible rayon cotton fabric makes it comfortable enough to wear all day. This kurti can be worn to a party or on a casual day out. It is flexible and stylish.


3. Kurti in the Frock Style:

The Frock Style Designer Kurti is a great choice for people who want to stand out. Its unusual form brings together the best of both old and new styles. The frock-style cut and elbow-length sleeves make it look both fun and stylish. The batik-printed kurti in bright colors adds a bit of fun, and the contrast between the dark-colored choli and the light-colored flounce is fascinating.


4 . Cotton Kurti with Block Prints:

A wholesale Kurti supplier in Surat presents this classical block printed Kurtis starting at Rs 125/-. They are made of high-quality cotton and is the right mix of comfort and style. The detailed block prints on the body of the kurti give it depth and character. This kurti is both simple and elegant, which makes it a great choice for many different situations.


5. Floral-Print Straight Kurti with Sequins Work:

The Floral Printed Sequins Work Straight Kurti is sure to make you feel like a princess. The pretty floral prints on the soft, comfortable cloth are a sight to see. The detailed sequin work on this kurti is what makes it stand out. It adds a touch of shine and sophistication. It’s the best choice for people who like features that are simple but stylish.


6. Abstracted printed flared kurti number:

Abstracted Printed Flared Kurti is a piece that makes a statement. These prints are popular among many best kurti manufacturers Surat. Its long flare, digitally printed pattern, and soft cotton fabric make it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. When you combine psychedelic prints with a flared shape, you get a look that is both stylish and elegant.


7. Style of Jacket with Long A-Line Black Kurti:

With the Jacket Style A-Line Long Black Kurti, you can never have too much style. This kurti has the elegance of an A-line shape and the detailed stitching of a jacket from Rajasthan. The fusion beauty of Kurtis makes the Kesaria Textile Company a leading name in Kurti Manufacturers in Surat. The artistry of the jacket is shown off by the black kurti, making a mix of traditional and modern style that is great for special occasions.


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Shop the wholesale collections with Surat Kurti Supplier

If you are looking for an extraordinary kurti purchase for your business, then contact directly a Surat kurti manufacturer. Shopping with the manufacturer will cut-off your middleman cost and provide you with the cheapest possible products.


These designer kurtis from Kesaria Textile Surat kurti manufacturer are more than just clothes; they show style and inner character. Each one has been carefully made to fit the different tastes and styles of fashion fans today.


Do you know why most of people prefer to shop the Kurtis collection from Surat? Because of its self-designed and craftsmanship. Undeniably, Surat fancy kurti wholesalers are the leading statement in the fashion industry.


Final thoughts on Ladies Kurti Manufacturer Surat

With prices starting at just 99/-, these kurtis offer unbeatable value for money, making it possible for your customers to look stylish and elegant without going bankrupt. Low price and quality product is the speciality of Kesaria Textile Company and this makes it stand out among Surat Cotton Kurti Wholesalers.


Stock up on these beautiful items now, and in 2023, your store business will do very well. It’s time to change the way people think about fashion with the designer Kurtis from Kesaria Textile kurti supplier in Surat. Style is a language, and these kurtis speak it well.


1. Does this Surat kurti manufacturer provide a shipping facility in Karnataka?
Yes of course! Kesaria Textile Company offers worldwide shipping facility and PAN India shipping services.


2. In which Surat kurti wholesale market is Kesaria Textile Company located?
Kesaria Textile Company is located in Millennium Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat. It is the famous kurti wholesale market near Surat Railway Station.


3. How to buy bulk kurtis online?
For ladies Kurtis online shopping, simply contact our team at +91 99090 48061. You call or WhatsApp them for more details.


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