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Surat Suit Wholesaler: We always think to expand our business but at the same time somehow stepped back when it comes to investing a huge amount on collections. So, why not get the picky collections from the well-known Surat suit wholesaler that provides you top-notch varieties of suit materials.


Are you a shop owner in search of the most on-trend and fashionable designer suit materials? Your search is over with us! Presenting the wholesaler and manufacturer of Surat dress material market!


The Kesaria Textile Company is a wholesale suit manufacturer that offers a wide variety of high-quality designer suit fabrics starting at just Rs. 145/-. These items are a great addition to your store’s selection because they are both reasonably priced and stylish.


In this blog, we will discuss the unique collections of designer unstitched suits which are not limited but are few catalog collections among the bulk units. Now is the right time to embrace the business success with credibility!


Let’s have a look! You are going to love it!


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Best varieties of Dress material manufacturer in Surat:

1. Glaze Cotton Stone Work Embroidery Suit Material (Catalog: Sangeet)

The wholesale suit manufacturer offers the beautiful glaze cotton suit material that is complemented by a chiffon georgette dupatta with embroidery work. A wonderful catalog, this collection is called “Sangeet,” and it is well suited to wedding celebrations. These suits, with their beautiful stone work embroidery, are perfect for people who want to make a bold statement at formal events.


2. Glaze Cotton Maroon Suit Material

The maroon glaze cotton unstitched dress material wholesale is fantastic if you want something luxurious and vivid. It’s an eye-catching display of gota patti and embroidery in a variety of colors. The triangular patterns and siroski diamond work of these outfits are what make them stand out and make a statement.


3. Plain Sequins Work Cotton Suit Material

This collection is a must-see for any fan of minimalist design or Pakistani-inspired textures. The floral digital designs on the Nazmin chiffon dupatta are a great finishing touch. Surat suit wholesaler offers the in-house manufactured suits that are great for year-round use and may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


4. Siroski Diamond Work Faux Georgette Suit Material (Catalog: Silver Girl-3)

Siroski’s diamond work faux georgette designer dress material wholesale is hard to refuse when it comes to formal events like weddings and other celebrations. Both the suit and the dupatta are adorned with high-quality diamond work, making this set a beautiful option.


Kesaria Textile Company, Surat dress material manufacturer provides the”Silver Girl-3″ catalog and provides everything you need to look your best at a formal event or find a one-of-a-kind present.


5. Digital Printed Cotton Suit Material

Looking for something that can go from Surat wholesale textile market? Stop right there. The digitally printed cotton suit fabric is perfect for year-round, practical use. The batik-printed cotton is not only super comfy, but it also looks great. In addition, the 2.25-meter length of the dupatta allows for a variety of drapes and can be used as a head covering during namaz and gurudwara visits.


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Why limit the stock with the same collections? Explore more with Kesaria Textile Designer suit manufacturer!

Kesaria Textile Company is a wholesale unstitched dress shop in Surat. It is the best option for retailers and business owners looking for high-quality designer suit fabrics at a reasonable price. These amazing collections have a starting price of just Rs. 145/-, making it easy to stock your retail business with items that appeal to a wide variety of customers.


These high-quality designer suit fabrics will elevate your stock and guarantee happy customers. Check out Kesaria Textile Company, Surat suit wholesaler’s breathtaking designs in the catalog today and add some sparkle to your retail offers. People who buy from you will appreciate it.




Q1: Can I purchase these designer suit materials separately for personal use?

A: Kesaria Textile dress material wholesaler in Surat specializes in bulk buying at wholesale prices. Individual retail sales are not available. You must make bulk purchases for your retail firm in order to gain access to their gorgeous designer suit collections.


Q2: Can I order a single item or a modest quantity to begin my business?

A: Kesaria Textile dress material supplier primarily serves enterprises seeking to purchase in bulk. If you’re thinking about beginning a retail business, you’ll still need to meet their minimum order criteria like catalog purchase.


Q3: Can I order samples of unstitched dress materials online before making a large order?

A: Kesaria Textile Surat suit wholesaler, unfortunately, does not offer fabric samples or swatches online. You are welcome to visit their real store, where you may discover their extensive choice of designer suit materials, to examine their products directly and make informed decisions.


Q4: Do they have a product catalog or price list online?

A: Kesaria Textile Surat suit wholesaler mostly serves customers through its physical store. They may not have an easily available web catalog or price list. It’s recommended to visit their Surat store or contact them personally for more information about their selections and pricing.

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