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Surat Fancy Kurti Wholesalers: Har Dil ko Jo bhaaye, kuch ese collection le aaye,
Muskurate sametne ka mouka hai
Ab manufacturer se kharide aur ache damo me munafa kamaye!


The kurti manufacturer in Surat presents the most unique and amazing collection for every retail store. This city is a paradise for affordable kurti collections. Do you want to buy bulk kurtis online? Are you looking for a wholesale kurti collection to stock this year? Then this blog is for you.


So, let’s have a look at this cool array of Kurtis that are made to shine all year long. Kesaria Textile Company in the Surat kurti wholesale market knows how to keep up with the fashion game, offering a variety of Kurtis that are not only trendy but also made to be worn all year.


Let us take a stylish stroll around these all around collections and find the magic woven within each piece. Now, shop the best collection directly from the kurti manufacturer in Surat.


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1. Plain Cotton Embroidery Kurti:


Kesaria textile Company is a wholesale Kurti supplier in Surat. It designs and manufactured this Maroon Shimmer Kurti with glaze cotton material and with beautiful neck embellishment work.


The elegance and simplicity of this Kurti are set to make first impressions. It’s like having a fashionable best friend who always knows how to make you look fantastic. The maroon sheen provides a touch of glitz, while the neck embroidery work adds a finishing touch. It’s ideal for when you want to slay the day or glam up for a night out. Plain cotton Kurtis are always the best choice while purchasing wholesale collections from Surat cotton Kurti wholesalers.


2. Kurti with Green Mirror Embroidery Thread Work:


Kesaria Textile Company is a kurti manufacturer in Surat and has designed this A-line flare and sleeveless Kurti with multi-color thread work around mirrors.


On a cloudy day, this Kurti is like a ray of sunlight. The brilliant green color, paired with mirror embroidery and thread work, is eye-catching. If you wear it, you will be the center of attention at any event. It’s practically a party in the making.


3. Kurti with Sequins Embroidery:


The best part about Surat Kurti Wholesaler is that they are completely focused on kurti detailing work. This is a lovely light green kurti with a floral digitally printed design and beautiful sequin embellishments.


If you like a little sparkle, this is the one for you. The modest sequin work adds a magical touch, and the flowery digitally printed design offers a new, modern vibe. Kesaria Textile Company is the best kurti manufacturer in Surat. It presents kurtis that are like a fairy tale wrapped up in a Kurti.


4. Plain Suti Cotton Sky Blue Kurti: 

A sky blue kurti with delicate embroidery on the neck patch and three-quarter plain sleeves. Isn’t simplicity the highest sophistication? That’s what this sky blue Kurti is all about. It’s similar to your favorite cozy blanket, but in trendy shape. You may wear it with leggings, pants, palazzos, or jeans – the possibilities are endless.


5. Kashmiri Embroidery Work Kurti


A simple yet fashionable blue kurti with infinity motifs and floral art on Kashmiri thread work. Kesaria Textile Company is said to be a designer Kurti manufacturer in Surat because it offers designs from Kashmir to Kaniyakumari.


This Kurti is like a slice of heaven from the Kashmir valleys. The delicate thread work and floral art add to its ageless appeal. Whether it’s a festival or just a relaxing day out, this Kurti has you covered.


6. Plain Khadi Cotton Kurti:


A ladies Kurti manufacturer Surat crafts this basic Khadi cotton kurti that features a lovely textured design and sequin embroidery on the neck patti.


Khadi cotton reigns supreme in terms of comfort, and this simple Kurti is the crown treasure. The textured design and sequin embroidery on the collar patch lend a glamorous touch to your everyday look.


7. Lace Work Block Printed Kurti:


Being a leading Surat Kurti Supplier, Kesaria Textile Company takes proper care on latest and unique prints on the kurtis and textile attire. This is a lovely printed cotton kurti with lacework at the front neck.


This Kurti is a mix of tradition and fashion. The colorful print and delicate lacework create a one-of-a-kind appearance that’s ideal for days when you want to make a statement without saying anything.


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Kurti Sizes Included:



– No matter your size, Kesaria Textile kurti manufacturer in Surat has your back. Kurtis are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL. It’s like having your own personal stylist at your disposal, ensuring you look great no matter what. This makes the company special among other Surat fancy Kurti wholesalers.


To summarize:


The Kesaria Textile kurti manufacturer in Surat presents the best bulk catalog collection, which is essentially a style treasure trove. These Kurtis are your fashion sidekicks, ready to make you look amazing, feel comfortable, and slay all year long.


Visit the manufacturer and wholesaler, Kesaria Textile Company, at Millennium Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat. This is the best dress material shop in Surat that makes every textile dream come true.


So, whether you’re organizing a special occasion or simply looking for something elegant to wear on a daily basis, these Kurtis are your fashion BFFs waiting to be chosen. Kesaria Textile kurti wholesaler in Surat has these timeless Kurtis that will have you turning heads and feeling fantastic.



1. Can I purchase Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurtis online?

– If you are looking to make an online purchase, feel free to chat with us on WhatsApp about the specifics of what you are after. The next step is for us to send you a quote for the product, and then it is up to you to decide what to do. For your convenience in selecting products that meet the needs of your market, we offer both online PDF catalogs and video call facilities.


2. Do they offer customization options for Kurtis?
– Kesaria Textile Company sometimes offers customization options for certain Kurtis, depending on their policies and the specific collection. It’s advisable to inquire with their customer service for customization details.


3. What sizes are available for Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurtis?
– Kesaria Textile Company offers a wide range of Kurti sizes, including Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), and Double Extra Large (XXL). This ensures that customers of varying body types can find their perfect fit.


4. Are the Kurtis suitable for all seasons?
– Yes, Kesaria Textile Company is a kurti manufacturer in Surat that designs the Kurti collection with versatile and suitable materials ideal for every seasons. You can find Kurtis suitable for both summer and winter wear, allowing you to stock a year-round collection.


5. What is the price range for Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurtis?
– The price range for Kesaria Textile Company’s Kurtis starts from Rs. 101/- up to Rs. 500/-. It can vary depending on the design, fabric, and embellishments. They offer a diverse range of Kurtis to cater to different budgets, starting from affordable options to more exclusive designs.


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