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Best Ladies Suit Wholesale Shop in Surat: Suit wholesale market presents the best suits at wholesale prices.


– Ab kharide collection Apni Dukaan ke liye!


Every Suit wholesale market in Surat has always been a treasure mine of inexpensive yet exquisite garment materials. The wholesale market here has a vast variety of products to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.


Look no farther if you’re looking for the ideal suit material! You’re in for a treat with the manufacturer of ladies suit pricing starting at just Rs. 120/-.


In this blog, we will learn about the best suit material collection of Kesaria Textile Company. This is a popular name in the Suit wholesale market in Surat.


So, let’s understand the trending designs and premium collections of Kesaria Textile ladies suit supplier in Surat .


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Explore the collections of Ladies Suit Manufacturer in Surat:


1. Chiffon Georgette Pakistani Suit material

The wholesale ladies suit market presents this Coffee color suit collection with sequins embroidered and cutwork motifs, soft net sequins work dupatta, santoon lining and bottom material.


Consider a stylish coffee-colored costume embellished with sequin embroidery and elegant cutwork motifs. This Chiffon Georgette Pakistani Suit Material oozes sophistication. The soft net sequins work dupatta adds opulence, while the santoon lining and bottom material ensure comfort and style coexist.


2. Pink Faux Georgette Suit Material:

Take a glance on this Pakistani embroidery work suit material incorporating mirror work, stone work, sequin embroidery, and zari work. Now, buy bulk ladies suit from Surat to enjoy the charm of elegance.


Pink is the color of softness and charm, and this Faux Georgette Pink Suit Material amplifies it. This suit is embellished with Pakistani embroidery, including mirror work, stone work, sequin embroidery, and a touch of basic zari work. It’s a work of art in terms of ornamentation and style.


3. Glaze Cotton Sequins Embroidery Work Suit Fabric:

The collection of this Grey suit with daman tassels, contrast embroidery work, net dupatta with cutwork art makes the Kesaria Textile Company stand proudly in the entire Surat textile market.


This Glaze Cotton Suit Material is ideal for individuals who enjoy the allure of grey. The daman’s tassels provide a fun touch, while the contrast embroidered work increases its charm. The net dupatta with cutwork art is the showpiece of this set.


4. Lucknowi Embroidery Suit Fabric:

Wholesale ladies clothes market in Surat – the only place to get an amazing Chiffon Georgette suit at wholesale collection. This suit comes with Chikankari embroidery work, peach hue suit with white embroidery and sequins work.


The attraction of Lucknowi embroidery is evident, and this Chiffon Georgette Suit Material brings it to life. It’s the perfect pick for any party or special occasion, in a relaxing peach tone with delicate white embroidery and sequined work.


The Best Pakistani Suit From ladies suit wholesaler in Surat That Will Make You Buy Wholesale:

– Unparalleled Elegance: Pakistani suits are known for their classic elegance. Pakistani suit wholesaler in Surat emanate a charm that is both old and modern, making them appropriate for a variety of events.


– Excellent Embroidery: The elaborate embroidered work on Pakistani clothes is a work of art in and of itself. These decorations, which range from Chikankari to sequins and mirror work, lend a touch of richness.


– Comfort and Fashion: Pakistani clothes are not only fashionable but also comfy. They frequently have soft linings and comfortable bottoms, allowing you to enjoy both style and comfort.


– Adaptability: Pakistani designer ladies suit wholesale collections are versatile enough to fit any occasion, whether it’s a casual gathering or a large celebration. Their ageless appeal assures that you can wear them again and again without losing their allure.


– Vibrant Color Palette: Pakistani suits come in a variety of colors to fit your taste and the occasion, ranging from subtle pastels to vivid hues.


So, whether you’re wanting to add exceptional dress materials to your inventory or simply want to upgrade your ethnic wear collection, Pakistani suits from Suit wholesale market are a great option. Their combination of tradition and modernism, as well as their low wholesale prices, make them a must-have for any fashion fan.


Dive into the world of Pakistani outfits of Kesaria Textile, the best ladies suit wholesale shop in Surat and let your personality shine through!


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So, whether you want to extend your inventory or simply add to your ethnic wear collection, Pakistani suits are the way to go. Suit wholesale market sells these fashion treasures at incredible prices, making them affordable to everyone. Wherever you are on your fashion journey, you will find that here tradition meets modernity, affordability meets style.


Finally, the dress materials from Surat’s manufacturers, particularly Pakistani suits, demonstrate the marriage of beauty and affordability. It’s a location where fashion fantasies can be realized without breaking the budget.


Dive into this realm of beauty, inventiveness of Kesaria Textile Company, a ladies suit wholesaler in Surat, and style and let your fashion shine brighter than ever!




Q1: Are these wholesale suits suitable for all seasons?

A: Yes, Kesaria Textile Company offers dress materials that cater to various seasons. You can find options suitable for summer, winter, and transitional weather. It’s important to check the product descriptions to identify which season each suit material is best suited for.


Q2: Can I request specific colors for bulk orders?

A: Kesaria Textile Company sells catalog suit material in different colors and designs. However, we understand customer needs and offer bulk order customization. To discuss customization, contact the sales executive team. They will be able to accommodate your requests based on their manufacturing capabilities.


Q3: Do these wholesale suits come with matching accessories like dupattas and bottoms?

A: Many wholesale suit materials come with matching dupattas and bottom fabrics. However, the availability of accessories can vary from one catalog to another. Be sure to check the product details to see if they include matching accessories or if they need to be purchased separately.


Q4: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale purchases from this market?

A: The MOQ can vary depending on your textile requirements. To start even a smallest inventory, you must set a minimum budget of Rs.10,000/- for order requirements in terms of the number of suits or the total order value.

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