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Wholesale Dress Material Market: When you are ready to set your resell game in the market, explore the trending varieties of wholesale dress material collection. Because Kesaria Textile Company presents an irresistible collection that will make you fall in love with every piece you browse.


This company is a dress material manufacturer in Surat that offers you the in-house designs and outstanding masterpiece for daily wear to wedding season collections. If you want your textile business to gain profitable opportunities, try to cut off the purchasing cost and keep it to a minimum. Well, Kesaria Textile Company will also help you with it.


This dress material manufacturer in Surat provides a range of collections starting from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 500/-. To stay on top of your game in the always-evolving fashion industry, you need quick access to both the newest trends and the highest quality products.


Let’s have a look at this breathtaking assortment, which highlights the fabric qualities, details, and decorations that have earned Kesaria its status as Surat’s leading maker.


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1. A Masterpiece of Extravagance Siroski Diamond Work on faux Georgette Suit Material.

The Kesaria Textile dress material wholesaler in Surat unfolds a work of art that epitomizes extravagance at every turn. Siroski’s diamond work on faux georgette suit fabric is the epitome of opulence and style. Diamonds on faux georgette provide a hypnotic appearance, making this fabric ideal for formal events where you want to make a lasting impression.


2. Glaze Cotton for Gleaming Glamour, a Cotton Suit Fabric with Golden Zari Work.

The cotton suit fabric with the golden zari work will never go out of style for the discerning shopper. Glaze cotton gives the outfit a unique glitter that works for both everyday use and special occasions. Kesaria’s dedication to diversity is celebrated in this fusion of old and new world charm.


3. Silk crepe Suit material with golden zari embroidery is the very definition of elegance.

Known for its luxurious feel and fluid drape, silk crepe is showcased to its greatest potential in Kesaria Textile Company’s 2023 collection. This suit fabric is a cut above the rest thanks to the golden zari embroidery on silk crepe. The soft material and heavy zari embroidery floral designs make it an ideal piece of collections for formal gatherings because of the comfortable pant material and refinement it creates with silk dupatta.


Note: You can also purchase the amazing dupatta collections from Kesaria Textile Company, a famous name in the entire wholesale dupatta market in Surat.


4. Cotton Printed Suit Fabric: Revealing a Spectrum of Patterns

Surat is full of wholesale dress material market! Every turn and twist provides you the opportunity to expand your business with new latest wholesale collections. The range of cotton printed suit material displays a wide range of styles and designs. This material features a wide range of digital prints and patterns, from those that are suitable for everyday wear to those that are sure to be the center of attention at any formal event. There is a wide variety of latest Dress Material Collection available to online distributors and retailers to cater to their clients’ individual tastes.


5. Georgette Wedding Suit Fabrics Revealed, and They’re Glorious!

Glaze cotton and faux georgette suits are two of Kesaria Textile Company’s most popular bridal collections. The preferences of the bride and the theme of the ceremony determine which materials are most in demand. The sparkling beauty of glaze cotton suits makes them a great option for classic and afternoon nuptials. faux georgette suits, on the other hand, with their extravagant Siroski diamond embroidery, are excellent options for evening and large weddings where luxury is essential. Both the bride’s sense of style and the mood of the wedding should be considered.


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To Sum Up: Surat Dress Material supplier Will Take Your Collection to the Next Level

In 2023, Kesaria Textile Company is still a leading example of excellence in Surat’s textile and clothing sector. You may find anything from the luxury of Siroski diamond work to the dazzling glitter of glaze cotton and the beauty of silk crepe in Kesaria’s assortment of garment materials.


Being the most famous dress material manufacturer in Surat, this company equips resellers and retailers to cater to a wide variety of tastes with their wide variety of print and bridal options.


Kesaria’s Dress Fabric Collection: Explore It Today!

Are you prepared to step up your fashion game and provide your clients with the most stunning gown fabrics of 2023? Remember that your dress material selection doesn’t depend on any wholesale dress material shop in Surat, but it matters with your market and consumer demand.


Get started on your selection of designer dress material online to embrace style and grace. Contact the Kesaria Textile team at +91-9909048061 to speak with about their trendy collections. Rewrite the new story of Surat’s fashion scene in Kesaria’s newest collection. This dress material manufacturer in Surat is the first step on your way to becoming a fashion icon.



1. What makes the Siroski diamond work suits special?
Siroski diamond work suits at Kesaria Textile Company are known for their rich shimmering appearance. They feature intricate diamond work and often have foil printed details, making them designer pieces in the market.

2. Are there options for resellers to set profit margins when purchasing wholesale from Kesaria Textile Company?
Yes, Kesaria Textile dress material manufacturer in Surat offers flexibility for resellers to set profit margins, typically ranging from 20% to 30%, based on their area and market dynamics.

3. What is the starting price range for wholesale ladies suits at Kesaria Textile Company?
The wholesale ladies suits at Kesaria Textile Company start at just Rs. 200/-, making them an affordable option for resellers and retailers.

4. Which material is more popular for bridal collections, Glaze cotton, or faux georgette suits?
The popularity of Glaze cotton or faux georgette suits for bridal collections depends on the bride’s vision and the style of the wedding. Glaze cotton suits are known for their shimmering allure and are suitable for traditional and daytime weddings, while faux georgette suits with Siroski diamond work are ideal for evening and grand weddings where opulence is desired. Ultimately, the choice depends on the bride’s personal style and the wedding’s ambiance.

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