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Bridal Sarees Manufacturer in Surat: Welcome to the world of exquisite and glamorous sarees, where beauty and elegance meet to create timeless masterpieces! If you’re a retailer on the lookout for the finest collection of Fancy Partywear Sarees and Bridal Sarees from the Surat saree manufacturer, look no further than Kesaria Textile Company in Surat.


There are numerous saree manufacturers in Surat and offer a heavy range of wholesale sarees in the retail market. Among those competitors in the heart of the textile industry, Kesaria Textile Company is a renowned bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat. It is famous for its top-notch craftsmanship, mesmerizing designs, and a wide array of sarees that cater to every occasion and style. Get ready to explore a mesmerizing collection that will leave you and your customers enchanted and make your saree business shine with splendor and success.


6 Exciting Festivals and Wedding Special Sarees from a fancy saree wholesaler in Surat Starting at Rs. 200!


Are you on the hunt for exquisite sarees that add a touch of grandeur to your festive and wedding occasions without breaking the bank? Look no further! At Kesaria Textile, a bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat, we take pride in offering you a stunning collection of festival and wedding special sarees, all starting at just Rs. 200. Get ready to dazzle with our handpicked selection of sarees that promise to make you the center of attention at every celebration.


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Red Chiffon-Georgette Sarees – An Ode to Elegance:

Fall in love with our enchanting Red Chiffon-Georgette Sarees that weave a tale of sheer elegance and sophistication. Embellished with delightful butas, these sarees boast a stunning border with a touch of diamond detailing. The playful tassels attached to the pallu add a whimsical charm to your overall look. We, being the experienced wholesale saree supplier since 1977, provide the fashion statement to Indian culture.


Jimmy Chu Sarees – Embrace Glamour and Glitz:

Step into the spotlight with the glamorous designs of Surat Saree Wholesaler’s Jimmy Chu Sarees. Crafted from shiny material and adorned with vibrant multicolor embroidery, these sarees are an embodiment of opulence. The exquisite Siroski diamond work and heavy detailing, along with trendy tassels, make them a fashion-forward choice for any special occasion. Here, at a bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat, we offer in-house manufactured designs that will enhance your business’s profit margins.


Organza Fabric – Light as a Feather, Gorgeous as Ever:

Organza sarees are highly trending in the traditional saree industry. Kesaria Textile, a fancy saree wholesaler in Surat, offers the true beauty of this fabric. For those seeking lightweight and luxurious partywear, our Organza Fabric Sarees are a dream come true. The mesmerizing glitter threadwork and enchanting jaal patterns exude a celestial charm. Ideal for delicate party collections, these sarees effortlessly blend sophistication and luxury.


Simmer Chiffon – A Symphony of Embellishments:

Prepare to steal the spotlight with our Simmer Chiffon Sarees that boast exquisite embroidery work and Siroski diamond embellishments. A bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat designs these sarees to make them the epitome of elegance and luxury, with tone-to-tone designs adding to their ethereal allure. Perfect for weddings and extravagant celebrations.


 How to start a business with
lowest investment?


Lucknowi Sarees – Unravel the Essence of Tradition:

Our Lucknowi Sarees will transport you to the realms of timeless beauty and cultural heritage. Adorned with intricate Jaal pattern contrast embroidery work and a touch of piping for a sophisticated finish, these fancy partywear sarees wholesale exude elegance and grace.


Chiffon Embroidery Sarees – A Kaleidoscope of Colors:

Experience the splendor of colors with our Chiffon Embroidery Sarees. The heavy borders and intricate sequin work add a captivating sparkle to your ensemble, making them the perfect choice for any festive occasion.


At Kesaria Textile bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat, we believe that beauty and elegance need not come at a hefty price. With our thoughtfully curated collection of festival and wedding special sarees starting at Rs. 200, you can now embrace style and grace without compromising on your budget. Get ready to turn heads and make a lasting impression with our exquisite sarees, tailor-made for your special moments. Step into the world of Kesaria Textile bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat and discover the magic of affordable luxury!


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If you are planning to purchase a wholesale saree collection and are looking to stock bulk sarees, visit Kesaria Textile’s wholesale sarees shop in Surat. We only deal with wholesale purchases and provide catalog sets in the market. You can also buy bulk catalog sarees of 2 to 6 and sometimes 8 sets together, starting at Rs. 200. But when it comes to cotton sarees, you can get them for Rs. 125/- which is way less than any other shop. This is not it! You will also get readymade blouse in Surat starting at just Rs. 85/- to compliment it with your sarees collection.


With our exclusive collection of partywear sarees, retailers can curate an enchanting range that promises to be a hit amongst customers seeking style, elegance, and uniqueness. The versatile designs and diverse embellishments ensure a perfect choice for every festive occasion and celebration. At Kesaria Textile bridal sarees manufacturer in Surat, we take pride in offering you top-notch sarees in competitive price, ensuring you lucrative profit margins. Elevate your retail business with our stunning sarees and leave your customers enthralled with their beauty and craftsmanship!


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