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Sarees Manufacturers in Surat: As a retailer in the competitive textile market, it’s essential to offer your customers a diverse and profitable collection. Kesaria Textile party wear saree manufacturer in Surat brings you an unparalleled assortment of Partywear Sarees and Wedding Sarees that promise to elevate your business and leave your customers mesmerized. Whether it’s the elegance of partywear sarees for retailers or the opulence of Wedding Sarees collection for bridal shopping, Kesaria Textile Company has it all.

Let’s explore four stunning varieties of wholesale party wear sarees in Surat and four heavy ranges of Wedding Sarees that are sure to captivate your customers and make your textile business thrive.


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  • Varieties of Partywear Sarees:


1. Embroidered Georgette Sarees:

Embroidered Georgette Sarees are a perfect blend of classic grace and contemporary allure. The lightweight and flowy georgette fabric drapes beautifully, while the intricate embroidery adds a touch of sophistication. Kesaria Textile Surat saree wholesale market provides collection of Embroidered Georgette Sarees that boasts an array of colors and designs that cater to every woman’s taste and style. These sarees are perfect for evening parties, social gatherings, and formal events, making them a profitable addition to your textile business.


2. Sequined Net Sarees:

For women who love to shine and dazzle, Sequined Net Sarees are a must-have in your saree collection. The delicate net fabric adorned with shimmering sequins creates a mesmerizing effect, making these sarees perfect for grand celebrations and cocktail parties. Kesaria Textile party wear saree manufacturer in Surat offers an exquisite selection of Sequined Net Sarees in various patterns and hues, ensuring you have a range that attracts a wide customer base.


3. Printed Crepe Sarees:

Printed Crepe Sarees are an epitome of elegance and versatility. The soft and textured crepe fabric showcases beautiful prints and designs that exude sophistication. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal event, simply buy bulk party wear sarees from Kesaria Textile Company and it will be a hit among women of all ages. The comfort, style, and affordability of these sarees make them a highly desirable choice for your customers.


4. Silk Cotton Partywear Sarees:

For those who love the rich texture of silk and the comfort of cotton, Silk Cotton partywear sarees wholesale are a delightful choice. These sarees combine the traditional allure of silk with the breeziness of cotton, making them ideal for various occasions. Kesaria Textile Company’s collection of Silk Cotton Partywear Sarees showcases intricate patterns and designs that evoke a sense of timeless beauty and grace.


 How to start a business with
lowest investment?


  • Heavy Range of Wedding Sarees:


1. Banarasi Silk Sarees:

Banarasi Silk Sarees are the epitome of luxury and grandeur, making them a timeless choice for weddings. The intricate zari work and beautiful motifs on the rich silk fabric create a regal look that every bride desires. Kesaria Textile Company’s Banarasi Silk Sarees offer a wide range of colors and designs, ensuring you have a curated collection that appeals to every bride’s vision of perfection.


2. Zardosi Embroidered Sarees:

Zardosi Embroidered Sarees are a celebration of exquisite craftsmanship and opulence. The heavy zardosi work on rich fabrics like velvet and silk adds a royal touch to the sarees, making them perfect for bridal wear and special occasions. Kesaria Textile wedding saree manufacturer in Surat designs Zardosi Embroidered Sarees that symbolize luxury and elegance that will surely attract brides looking for the perfect ensemble for their big day.


3. Vichitra Sarees:

Vichitra Sarees combine the grace of a saree with the flair of a lehenga, creating a unique and fashionable look. These sarees are heavily embellished with zari embroidery, sequins, and Siroski stones, making them ideal for weddings and receptions. Surat wedding saree wholesale offers a stunning range of designs and colors, ensuring that every bride finds her dream outfit.


4. Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees:

Kanjivaram Sarees are a timeless symbol of South Indian culture and tradition. The rich silk fabric and intricate zari work on these sarees make them the epitome of elegance and grace. Kesaria Textile wedding saree wholesaler in Surat designs the collection of Kanjivaram Sarees. It has a beautiful range of colors and patterns, embroidery ensuring that brides from all over India find the perfect saree for their special day.


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Kesaria Textile Company is located in the Millennium Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat which is just 10 minutes distance from Surat Railway station. In this market, partywear sarees suppliers present a breathtaking collection of Sarees and Wedding catalogs that promise to make your textile business thrive. From the elegance of Embroidered Georgette Sarees and Sequined Net Sarees to the versatility of Printed Crepe Sarees and Silk Cotton Partywear Sarees, each piece will attract a wide customer base.


If you are looking to explore the wholesale partywear saree market, then just contact us at +91 99090 48061. We also provides pick and drop service directly from the Surat Railway station.


Additionally, the heavy range of Wedding Sarees, including Banarasi Silk Sarees, Zardosi Embroidered Sarees, Lehenga Sarees, and Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees, ensures that you offer brides the most exquisite and diverse choices for their special day. As a retailer, partnering with Kesaria Textile party wear saree manufacturer in Surat will not only elevate your business but also make every customer’s saree shopping experience a memorable one.


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