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Partywear Saree Wholesaler in Surat: When it comes to attending parties and special events, sarees have always been the epitome of grace and sophistication. Kesaria Textile partywear saree wholesaler in Surat presents an exquisite collection of Fancy Partywear Sarees that are crafted to elevate every woman’s style quotient. These designer sarees not only exude charm but also showcase semi-embroidery work that adds a touch of elegance to each piece.


As the best designer saree manufacturer in Surat, we offer the most affordable sarees collections that will undoubtedly captivate your customers and leave them enamored with the enchanting beauty they bring. In this blog, we will delve into the list of fancy partywear sarees for retailers starting at ₹225/-. So let’s get started!


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Explore the varieties from the Kesaria Textile Wholesale Fancy saree Shop in Surat


1. Semi-Embroidered Zomato Chiffon Saree: Effortless Grace


Zomato Chiffon sarees have long been associated with effortless elegance, and Kesaria Textile designer saree manufacturer in Surat takes it a notch higher with semi-embroidery work. Delicate and intricate floral embroidery adorns the pallu and borders, enhancing the ethereal beauty of the saree. These Fancy partywear sarees wholesale are perfect for evening parties and cocktail events, making every woman feel like a vision of grace.


2. Georgette Semi-Embroidered Saree: Contemporary Chic


Georgette sarees have become a favorite among modern women, and the semi-embroidered version adds a contemporary twist to the classic look. The subtle embroidery on the borders and pleats imparts a chic appeal to the saree, making it ideal for formal gatherings and office parties. Kesaria Textile designer saree manufacturer in Surat’s Georgette Semi-Embroidered Sarees are a perfect blend of sophistication and style.


3. Chiffon silk Semi-Embroidered Saree: Glamorous Glitter


Chiffon silk sarees are synonymous with glamour, and semi-embroidery work elevates their allure to new heights. The intricate embroidery on the Chiffon silk fabric creates a dazzling effect, making these sarees a perfect choice for grand celebrations and festive occasions. At wholesale designer sarees market, you can buy Chiffon silk Semi-Embroidered Sarees with zari work, and Siroski diamond touch up. It will make every woman shine like a star. The concious designs and unique collections makes the Kesaria Textile Company, the best saree manufacturer in Surat.


4. Blue chiffon Saree: Timeless Tradition


Blue chiffon sarees hold a special place in Indian tradition, and the semi-embroidered variants add a touch of contemporary flair. The fine embroidery work on the Blue chiffon fabric showcases exquisite craftsmanship, making these sarees ideal for weddings and traditional events. Kesaria Textile partywear sarees manufacturer in Surat offers delicate yet rich work on blue chiffon bottas zari-Embroidered Sarees with resham golden work, zari border, and multicolour contrast touch up that epitomize timeless beauty and elegance of the attire.


 How to start a business with
lowest investment?


5. Crepe Semi-Embroidered Saree: Artistic Finesse


Crepe sarees are known for their smooth texture, and the semi-embroidery work adds an artistic finesse to the saree. At Wholesale fancy saree market, you will get weaved zari embroidery on the crepe fabric with Siroski diamonds, heavy laced border, and tassels to create a captivating visual appeal, making it suitable for formal parties and social gatherings. Kesaria Textile designer saree manufacturer in Surat’s Crepe Semi-Embroidered Sarees are an amalgamation of sophistication and creativity.


6. Jacquard Semi-Embroidered Saree: Textured Glamour


Jacquard sarees boast intricate patterns, and semi-embroidery work enhances their textured beauty. The delicate embroidery adds a touch of glamour to the saree, making it perfect for festive occasions and family gatherings. Kesaria Textile Designer sarees manufacturer Surat has an expertise in designing and producing Jacquard printed Semi-Embroidered Sarees thay are a perfect choice for women who love a blend of traditional charm and contemporary aesthetics.


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Kesaria Textile designer saree manufacturer in Surat offers a stunning range of Fancy Partywear Sarees with semi-embroidery work that complements every woman’s personal style. From the effortless grace of Chiffon and Georgette sarees to the glamorous allure of Net and Silk Surat designer saree wholesale, and the artistic finesse of Crepe and Jacquard sarees, each piece is a masterpiece that showcases the impeccable craftsmanship. As a retailer, offering these exquisite partywear sarees will undoubtedly enthrall your customers and leave them delighted with the beauty they bring to every special occasion. This makes Kesaria Textile Company, Surat saree wholesale shop and best supplier of textile collection that ensures confidence in the product. Here, every woman will embraces elegance and stands out with sheer sophistication at every party or event.


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