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Surat Bridal Lehenga Wholesale Market: Hey! Looking for a Surat bridal lehenga wholesale market? Well, look no further! Check out Kesaria Textile Company in Surat. They’ve got the best bridal lehenga manufacturers around. Happy shopping!


Surat, the textile hub of India, is famous for its awesome collection of sarees, lehengas, and ethnic wear. It’s all so vibrant and diverse, you won’t believe it! There are so many wholesale bridal lehenga suppliers in Surat, that offer a dream collection for retailers and boutique owners who want to sell fancy bridal clothes to their customers. The main player in this Surat bridal lehenga wholesale market is Kesaria Textile Company, a big-shot bridal lehenga maker that’s been making waves in the fashion world since 1977.


If you are looking for bridal lehenga at wholesale price, then this blog is for you. Here, we will discuss the varieties of Bridal Sarees and it’s offerings by Kesaria Textile Company. So, let’s get started!


Check out the awesome Surat Bridal Lehenga Wholesale Market!


The Surat Bridal Lehenga Wholesale Market is like a goldmine for all those brides who want their dream wedding outfits. This market has a bunch of super cool lehengas that show off the awesome culture of India with a modern twist. The market is like a magnet for retailers from all over the country who want to get their hands on top-notch bridal wear without breaking the bank.


In Surat bridal lehenga wholesale market, there are so many suppliers, but Kesaria Textile Company is like the boss when it comes to making awesome bridal lehengas. They’re known for making super beautiful wedding outfits that are all about being graceful, elegant, and fancy. Kesaria Textile bridal lehenga manufacturer in Surat is all about creating beautiful lehengas. Our team of talented artisans and designers put their heart and soul into every piece. We make sure to add lots of fancy details, fancy decorations, and fancy fabrics to make each lehenga super luxurious.


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Bridal lehenga collection available at Kesaria Textile Company starting at ₹750/-:


1. Green Silk Satin Lehengas

It is a mesmerizing masterpiece from Kesaria Textile Company. It offers beautiful zari embroidery and diamond work from belt to bottom. you will also get a contrast dupatta and heavy embroidery work blouse which makes the entire lehenga piece ideal for Mehendi functions.


So, as a retailer, don’t pass up the opportunity to add this exceptional piece to your collection. Customers will be attracted to this lehenga’s pure elegance and beauty, making it a fast-selling treasure in your business. Elevate your offers with the mesmerising Surat bridal wear wholesale from Kesaria Textile Company, and let your clients enjoy the irresistible appeal of grace and precision in bridal clothing.


2. Yellow Satin Lehengas

When it comes to Haldi parties, a bright yellow lehenga is the best way to show what the event is all about. The Haldi ceremony is a happy celebration filled with the warmth of turmeric, and the colour yellow stands for prosperity, happiness, and new starts. Yellow lehengas have become a popular choice for brides and girls because they fit with the spirit of this happy event.


Lehengas in yellow with intricate embroidery and embellishments give the outfit a bit of elegance and glitz. Lehengas are frequently made in 12 kalis and rendered more beautiful with floral patterns, contrast embroidery, zari work, mirror work, and sequins.


3. Red Lehengas with Siroski Diamond Work

Elegant red Georgette Lehengas with Siroseki diamond work are a dazzling delight from Kesaria Textile Company.


The Red Georgette Lehengas are beautiful to look at because they were made with great care and attention to detail. The rich georgette fabric falls smoothly, giving the outfit an airy look. The lehenga is covered in complex patterns of mesmerising Siroseki Diamond Work, which reflect light and give off a soft shimmer that adds to its beauty.


4. Banarasi Lehengas

The Kesaria Textile bridal lehenga wholesaler in Surat is very proud of its beautiful line of Banarasi Lehengas, which were made just for stores. These beautiful lehengas show the timeless beauty of Banarasi craftsmanship. They have elaborate embroidery and embellishment work that show how rich and luxurious they are.


Rich and shiny Banarasi silk falls elegantly, and the zari work and shimmering embellishments give it a touch of royal elegance. Each lehenga is a work of art that combines traditional and modern styles. This makes it a popular choice among brides and other fashion-forward customers. With these beautiful Banarasi Lehengas from Kesaria Textile Company, retailers can add to their bridal wear collection and give their customers an outfit that makes them feel like kings on their special day.


Buy bridal lehenga at wholesale rate that not only saves your purchase price but also gives you more profit margin. With Kesaria Textile Company, you don’t need a huge investment. You can simply stock the Lehengas in just ₹10,000/- and kickstart your dream business.


 How to start a business with
lowest investment?


What Makes Kesaria Textile Company Different:


Kesaria Textile Company manufactures Lehengas with all the layers, matching or contrast blouse material and dupattas. You will also get 12 kalis lehengas that mix traditional skills with modern style. Their lehengas have like, super pretty zari work, fancy embroidery, and cool motifs that make each piece, like, a total masterpiece.


Here, the lehengas consist of three main layers:


1. Inner Lining: The innermost layer is the lining, which is made of soft and comfortable fabric like satin or cotton. It provides a smooth base for the lehenga and ensures that it drapes well on the wearer.


2. Interlining: The interlining is an optional layer, but it is added to give the lehenga some volume and structure. It is made of a stiffer fabric like net or tulle and is sandwiched between the outer and inner layers.


3. Outer Fabric Layer: The outer layer is the main fabric of the lehenga, which is made from various materials like silk, georgette, chiffon, velvet, or Banarasi brocade. This layer showcases the intricate embroidery, embellishments, or prints that make the lehenga visually stunning.



Hey, if you’re a retailer or boutique owner looking to step up your Bridal lehenga shopping, you got ta check out the Surat bridal lehenga wholesale market. They’ve got tons of options for you to choose from! And when it comes to making bridal lehengas, Kesaria Textile Company is the real deal. They’ve got amazing quality, one-of-a-kind designs, and fancy fabrics, and in-store designer bridal lehenga wholesale in Surat. They always make sure their customers are super happy.

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For all your wholesale saree needs and to explore the exquisite collection of bridal sarees, lehengas, and more, feel free to contact Kesaria Textile Company at the provided number or visit their address in Surat. Their dedicated sales executive will be more than happy to assist you and ensure a seamless shopping experience for your business. Whether you are a retailer or a boutique owner, Kesaria Textile Company is the go-to destination for high-quality sarees that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.


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