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Embroidered Designer Sarees: It’s a popular saying that,”Where there is a will, there is a way.” If you are a retailer and want to expand your Saree collection for the festive season, then Surat is the best place in Gujarat. There are so many saree manufacturers in Surat, but Kesaria Textile Company is the top seller among them. They’re reliable and everyone knows it.


In this blog, we’re going to check out the awesome Surat saree market and talk about Kesaria Textile Company, the biggest saree manufacturer. Also, we’ll check out the different types of sarees they have, including some cool fabric names used in embroidered sarees.


Wholesale Saree Market in Surat – A Hidden Gem!

Here, the saree market is like, super cool with all these amazing colours, textures, and designs. People from all over India and even beyond come to check it out. It’s really captivating, you know? Surat’s saree manufacturer is particularly known for their amazing skills, mixing old-school art with modern vibes. As the Silk City is poppin’, Kesaria Textile Company is straight up killing it as a dope source of creativity and top-notch quality in the saree game.


Kesaria Textile Company – Rocking it with Excellence!

Located in Millennium Textile Market, Kesaria Textile Company has been killing it in the saree manufacturing game since day one. Kesaria has been around since 1977 and has always kept up with what fashion-savvy people want. They’re super committed to being innovative and making customers happy, which is why they’re like, one of the biggest saree makers in Surat.


Kesaria Textile Company is a well-known Surat Saree manufacturer that has an awesome collection of wholesale Designer sarees with price starting at ₹229/- per piece without compromising the quality. This will totally charm retailers and saree lovers. Kesaria has some cool saree varieties that are really popular.


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1. Shimmer Golden Zari Sarees:

Shimmer Golden Zari Sarees boasts a timeless appeal that exudes regal charm and sophistication. The incorporation of shimmering golden threads, known as zari, elevates the saree’s overall look and creates an enchanting play of light, making it a captivating choice for various special occasions, weddings, and festivities.


The elegance and shine of these sarees make them a favorite among women who desire to make a statement wherever they go. At Kesaria Textile Company, the Shimmer Golden Zari Sarees are available in a wide range of fabrics, each providing a unique texture and drape.


2. Georgette Siroski Diamond work Sarees:

Kesaria Textile Surat saree wholesaler proudly presents Georgette Siroeski Diamond Work Sarees, a work of art and beauty. These sarees will charm women who want to wow at every event. Georgette, a lightweight, flowing fabric, flows about the body for comfort and style. These diamond-worked sarees add glamour to any outfit. These sarees are ideal for weddings, parties, and festivities because of their magnificent Georgette fabric and glittering diamond embellishments. At the wholesale saree market in Surat, retailers may discover Georgette Siroeski Diamond Work Sarees to enhance their saree collections with a lovely blend of modern elegance and classic charm.


3. Vichitra Silk Sarees:

Vichitra Silk is a high-quality silk fabric known for its lustrous sheen and smooth texture. It adds a touch of luxury and grandeur to the saree, making it a popular choice for special occasions, festivities, and celebrations. The richness of the fabric complements the intricate designs and embellishments, making Vichitra silk embroidered designer sarees a truly opulent choice. They’re a great option if you want the silk saree look without breaking the bank. Plus, they often have really pretty threadwork designs on them.


4. Tussar Silk Sarees:

Tussar Silk Sarees, also known as “Kosa Silk Sarees,” is a treasure trove of elegance and grace that originate from the rich forests of India. This exquisite silk variety is crafted from the cocoon of the silkworm Antheraea mylitta, popular primarily in the eastern regions of India, particularly in Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal. Tussar Silk Sarees are renowned for their unique texture, natural sheen, and captivating charm, making them a popular choice among saree enthusiasts across the country and beyond. They’ve got simple embroidery that brings out the fabric’s natural beauty. For such a stunning collection, Kesaria Textile Company is the best place to get wholesale sarees for retailers.


 How to start a business with
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5. Chanderi Silk Sarees:

These sarees are from Madhya Pradesh and have fancy decorations that go well with the smooth and shiny fabric. Chanderi Silk is a luxurious fabric woven with a blend of silk and cotton or zari, resulting in a finely crafted, translucent texture that is both graceful and airy. The sarees are known for their gossamer-like quality, which allows them to drape effortlessly, making them a comfortable and exquisite choice for all occasions.


6. Organza Semi-Embroidered Sarees:

These sarees are super light and sheer, and they usually have beautiful threadwork and sequins that make them look absolutely magical. The semi-embroidered feature of these sarees adds an exquisite touch of opulence. The embroidery is often delicately placed along the borders, pallu, or motifs on the saree, enhancing its overall charm. The intricate threadwork or zari detailing showcases the finesse of skilled artisans who pour their creativity into creating these breathtaking masterpieces.


Buy Bulk Sarees from Surat and Make your Business more Profitable:

The Surat’s designer saree wholesaler is like this amazing place full of all these cool colours, fabrics, and designs. You need to understand the taste of your area and nearby popular competitors before purchasing sarees for a more profitable collection. At Kesaria Textile saree manufacturer, we provide a 100% profit margin to every customer. The game is all about market understanding and customer relationships.


If you’re a retailer or just really into sarees from Surat Saree Wholesale, checking out Kesaria’s collection is going to be a super fun dive into the world of elegant sarees. Kesaria’s got a wide range of sarees, from traditional classics to modern marvels. They’ve got something for everyone’s taste, ensuring each saree tells its own beautiful and graceful story. You should totally check out Kesaria Textile Company, the biggest saree manufacturer & wholesaler in Surat! They’ve got some amazing sarees that blend classic elegance with a modern twist. It’s going to be a magical experience, trust me!


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