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Bridal Sarees Wholesaler in Mumbai: When it comes to parties and special occasions, sarees are always super classy and beautiful. The perfect partywear saree can totally up your style game and make you the life of the party. If you’re a retailer or online distributor looking for a bridal sarees wholesaler in Surat, you have to make sure you’ve got a killer collection of partywear sarees that’ll totally meet your customers’ fashion needs.

Surat is the best place to visit for wholesale partywear sarees and heavy bridal collections. Kesaria Textile Company is a bridal wedding sarees manufacturer in Surat that offers a wide range of bridal sarees and ethnic wear collections.

In this blog, we’re going to check out some awesome partywear sarees and show you the amazing collection from Kesaria Textile Company. These Surat saree wholesale manufacturers are listed among the top saree makers in Surat, so you know it’s going to be good!


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Best saree collection by Designer saree manufacturer

Shop the Trendy saree wholesale collection from the Kesaria Textile bridal wedding sarees manufacturer. Partywear sarees are all about bringing out the glam and elegance of any celebration!


1. Deepika Catalog Sarees:

These sarees are super charming, especially for parties. Best saree suppliers have got these crazy intricate designs and fancy embellishments that just catch your eye. These sarees usually have super fancy golden zari work, and embroidery with threads, beads, sequins, or stones, on the Vichitra fabrics making them look all glamorous and fancy.

Check out Kesaria Textile bridal wedding sarees manufacturer company! We have a bunch of excellent embroidered sarees in all sorts of fabrics, colours, and styles. It’s perfect for retailers and online sellers who want to offer something for everyone.


2. Get Your Shine on with Sequin Sarees:

If you want to light up the dance floor, georgette sarees in lehriya patterns and sequins are the way to go. The sequins are so shiny with diamonds and embroidery zari work, they reflect light in a super cool way that’s totally mesmerizing. Kesaria Textile Surat saree manufacturer has some amazing sequin sarees that are just perfect for parties. Your customers will totally steal the show wherever they go.

The bridal and partywear saree collections start at ₹999/- per piece, and we offer sets of 2-4 or 4-6 sarees in a catalogue.


3. Pushpa Catalog Sarees:

Pastels with contemporary sarees are super popular these days because they are really cool and offer partywear designs. These sarees have delicate colours and lightweight fabrics with a piping borders, making them look super cool. Kesaria Textile, a bridal wedding sarees manufacturer has a super cool collection of Pushpa catalogue sarees with awesome patterns, red colour combos, and trendy drapes. They’re totally loved by party people!


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4. Fancy Rangoli base Sarees:

These contrast base sarees with piping, mirror and zari work are super elegant and give you a dreamy vibe. These sarees have this traditional partywear fabric that adds a bit of allure and femininity. Kesaria Textile, a bridal wedding sarees manufacturer has got some amazing net sarees with fancy embroidery, cool designs, and all that jazz. Perfect for those festive events, bridal receptions, and carpet shindigs!


5. The Timeless Classic:

Banarasi Sarees: Banarasi sarees are super fancy and have a really cool history. These sarees are super fancy with their silk fabric and all this cool zari work. We have these brocade patterns and motifs that are so intricate, it’s insane. Kesaria Textile, in the wholesale saree market in Surat, has an amazing collection of Banarasi sarees. Your customers can totally rock that timeless elegance at any party or wedding. So cool, right?


Final Verdict:

If you’re a retailer or online seller, it’s super important to stay ahead in the fashion game by offering a wide variety of partywear sarees. So, Kesaria Textile, a bridal wedding sarees manufacturer offers you exactly what you are looking for. We have a huge collection of partywear sarees that are perfect for any fashion style or event. Trust me, We have something for everyone! Buy partywear sarees wholesale, like embroidered ones, sequin ones, shaded ones, net ones, and classic Banarasi ones. So you can totally hook up your customers who want to slay at parties and special events. Make sure you grab these amazing party sarees at affordable sarees prices from Kesaria Textile Company. Your customers will be so stoked when they rock these sarees and totally steal the show at any party.


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