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Designer Saree Wholesale: A wedding day is a momentous occasion that deserves nothing less than perfection. Every retailer keeps in mind what and when customers will ask for a bridal collection, so he always tends to stock unique saree sets that match customers’ tastes and preferences. Being a designer bridal saree manufacturer, Kesaria Textile Company understands the significance of a bride’s saree and strives to create exquisite masterpieces that capture the essence of beauty, elegance, and tradition. To fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of our latest bridal saree designs in 2023, you must enter their world.

In this blog, we will explore the colors and design availability that enhance the trending bridal saree designs. So, if you are a retailer or online bridal saree supplier, then this blog is for you. Here, you will get a brief roller-coaster ride of the designer saree collection.


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Colors that Radiate Romance and Grace

Designer bridal saree manufacturer offers wholesale collections that feature a stunning array of colors that range from timeless classics to contemporary favourites. Embrace the timeless allure of rich reds, symbolizing love and passion. Delve into the regal charm of royal blues, exuding elegance and grace. Embrace the ethereal beauty of soft pastels, radiating femininity and serenity. Whatever your preference, our bridal saree wholesale in Surat has the perfect color to complement your unique style and personality.


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Wholesale Wedding saree collection with Traditional Embroideries- Add a Touch of Opulence

Each saree in our collection is a work of art, meticulously crafted with intricate embroidery that exudes opulence and charm. Our talented artisans design a variety of embroidery techniques to adorn every Bridal saree with heavy work, ensuring that every stitch is a testament to their skill and expertise.


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1. Zardosi:

Surat’s bridal saree wholesaler offers the timeless art of Zardosi embroidery, characterized by the use of gold and silver threads, which creates intricate and dazzling designs. These exquisite embellishments add a regal touch to the saree, making it a true masterpiece.


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2. Resham:

Resham embroidery, also known as silk thread embroidery, showcases the beauty of colorful threads delicately woven into the fabric. Designer bridal saree manufacturers create stunning sarees that bring depth and dimension to the saree, creating a stunning visual impact.


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3. Sequins:

For a touch of glamour and sparkle, sequin embroidery is incorporated into our bridal sarees. The shimmering sequins catch the light, adding a touch of radiance and enchantment to the overall design.


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4. Stone and Beadwork:

Stones and beads are carefully handcrafted onto the saree to create intricate patterns and motifs. Every designer bridal saree manufacturer maintains the balance of such embellishments to add a three-dimensional effect and a luxurious feel to the saree.


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5. Mirror Work:

Reflective mirror work embroidery creates a captivating effect, capturing the light and adding a mesmerizing element to the saree. It brings a contemporary twist to traditional bridal wear.

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Discover Wholesale Bridal Sarees at Kesaria Textile Company- Designer saree manufacturer

With our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, Kesaria Textile Company has earned a reputation as a trusted and sought-after designer bridal sarees wholesaler. We take pride in offering an extensive wholesale Wedding saree collection that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of brides worldwide.

As a leading designer bridal saree manufacturer, we offer competitive prices without compromising on quality, making our Bridal Saree Collection an ideal choice for retailers and boutique owners. Make your bridal sarees wholesale shopping a breeze with our online and offline wholesale service. To understand this better, you can simply contact our sales executive team at +91-9909048061. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure that every saree is a true masterpiece, designed to make every bride feel like a vision of beauty.

Experience the magic of our wholesale bridal saree collection 2023 at Kesaria Textile Company. Let us be a part of your special journey, and allow our sarees to weave memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the epitome of elegance, tradition, and luxury with a traditional bridal sarees supplier.


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