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Wholesale Dupatta Market in Surat: Namaskar Radhe Radhe ji yes you must be thinking today Radhe Radhe how to see today I have brought for you cotton dupatta that too collection starts from mantra 89 and you will get Radhe Radhe concept inside it see these dupatta Sometimes we need only 12 months because whenever we go to the temple, we go to any religion. So today we are going to see many more articles like this, here you can see that there are varieties inside cotton like this The sequence has been reduced inside it see the length you will get proper how many meters up to two meters you are going to get this dupatta ok 2 1/4 m I want to tell you I am sure but it can be more but not less at all If it remains, then see the next concept, inside it you will find many more varieties of sarees, you are getting this whole of cotton, yes, it is cotton, and inside it you can see the complete sequence, don’t you on concept. Look inside and here on the stomach you get the full border type touch up on the stomach, see, no matter how much you wash it, it is not going to get spoiled and it is so soft that you can see it completely.


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Mulayam has got you caste in these saree varieties because it is summer time and in summer only cotton-cotton scarf is going to be in demand and on that too if you want plain scarf, then see that you get plain scarf, you get cotton which we Even if it is accorded to the stall, such a variety is the most preferred species. See, now I am showing you this dupatta in very fresh varieties, which is going to be available here, see, it takes a lot of time to open it. If you have already seen the colors, then you will say that you should see this scarf, from there you will know that how much length you are getting, how much width and length you are getting, here you will get the perfect Well, see, now is the time to visit Kesaria Textile Company, until you do not visit.


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You will not be able to know how many concepts you can find in so many varieties of dupattas that you are seeing. See, I am back. I have gone to the side, yet there is no shortage in the collection, it is absolutely dazzling India, here is the whole concept, so here you can see the varieties inside the dupatta from Wholesale Dupatta Market in Surat, here you can see outside also, this was the area, but outside also you can see See how many designs are available in digital print, you need file printing with embroidery look, if you want every kind of concept, you will get it, then now let’s see the scarf that you will get inside the quota checks, see how beautiful the pattern is.


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You are getting the combination of red orange yellow color and with this you see here what you have temple type full border touch up you will get full temple border touch and I will also tell you about its colors, the colors are there but you see the design, only then you will get different design concepts, see here you get the complete color combination in this way, isn’t it very beautiful in price Let me tell you that you will get through the price bar coding system, you are going to get absolutely fixed rate accordings, no trees and clouds will be done from here, so now the next collection, I will tell you, look, it is summer, every single girl in the summer. Who is very fond of tying this scarf, please, we all tie it only for 12 months in the summer, so here you see, in this way, you will get cotton cotton scarf, completely here too, there is a touch up of the entire border inside it.


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Also a glass dupatta and let me tell you what you will get with le border see here we have taken the suit dupatta if you don’t like this type of dupatta you can purchase from here you will get lots of collection color design you will get every Various types of dupattas are going to be available and at the same time you will get some printed dupattas that you want, so keep subscribing to our channel for information about all these collections, I will tell you that you will get today’s collection. You will tell me which one you like in the next dupatta, and at the same time, please leave to come here, thank you!

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