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Surat Saree Market in Prayagraj: Nahi soch aur Nayi Disha Kaise Himanshi Kaise Hai Kesaria Textile Company I warmly welcome all of you see today all of you are connected to see some special varieties that too is going to be catalog saree ki yes catalog saree ki jo hai market There is always a lot of demand within 12 months and within that, when we get such beautiful and amazing patterns, if we get the accordion of only 2 piece setup, then it is very good to include in our business I am going to show you the collection and inside it I will show you the corpse, the concept of up to ₹ 1000. Yes, in the continuation of this short video, I will show you the complete concept of 250 to 1000, as well as the matter of the collection. Inside you see the saree is a very lovely concept, this is the first saree that I am showing you, it is a whole yellow color concept and the barso pattern is made inside it, as beautiful as it looks, its fabric is also very soft material. It is going to be available and if I talk about its pallu, then you can see that it is very cute, you get the pallu concept with tassels look, then this type of sarees is the best catalog, if you want to purchase more And that too according to the packing, so this saree which you have liked is not the box packing concept that I am going to give you and if I talk about 235 varieties of box packing, you will get that too A1 quality.


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Yes, quality, you all know that the variety that starts from Rs.55 is also the best quality, so this collection is going to last, so let’s move on to the next design, and then you see this. This will be the whole concept, you are getting it with some ongoing concept and this is the new trendy design, inside it you will get a very beautiful pattern, in which first we will see the pallu, see this, you are going to get it. The whole pallu inside which you see the whole satin line on which the diamond of Sirus has been reduced and here the concept of zari has been made according to the lining concept, it is singing very beautiful, that means pick one of the saree. A goes and inside it you see the lee border completely, which is up to 9 meters, you are going to get this lee border, very simple design.


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You get this border concept, on which Siruski’s complete touch up has been given, now see the variety you are watching Yes saree cut is 6:30 yes seat 30 you will get proper concept which ship on sea this type of designs has brought for you Kesaria Textile Company and from here if you want to join you have to keep most normal budget to join is 10000 which is going to be for the online one, see all our viewers stay connected with us or whatever new customers are joining us with the release of the video, first you will subscribe to our channel so that you And if you continue to get the best designs of centuries in this way, then see the next concept, with the concept, you will get this flower designing, which you are going to get according to the gapping, complete, you are getting the printing of this method.


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As if digital print or you get caste and inside that also you see the border which you are going to get with gota patti completely you can see that you get with touch up of gota patti and these are the varieties. Isn’t it, according to the daily routine is also very economical and you can sell what you have to the customer very comfortably and continue with good profit, you will see the blouse inside it, you will get the contrast basis, here it is complete, in this way You will get the according variety of bracket blouse and you will get attack in this also because I did not tell you that you get proper border till 9 meters in the saree, then the best design of this method is for you. If you come to the diet and you will get to see many more, then do not worry, just take a ticket to come to Surat quickly, from outside you will get the facility of pick up and drop from the station, so that so many women who give You are getting the collection and if I talk about the centuries, then you get the treasure of the saree, so let’s go inside Cuttack, now I will show you another variety, you see, this is a hill, it is a concept of red color and You are going to get a very light weight concept, inside which you will see very lovingly here, the concept will be made colorful with flower designing, a colorful design has been made inside it, and the same concept has been given inside it, which is a simple border.


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See catalog is saree but what is less of it inside pallu yet you see whole design of tassels has been made so that saree gets a new look as you see simple c printing inside saree you will get proper up to 630 means You get the blouse along with it, yes, you don’t need to buy the blouse separately, and even if you go to buy it, no matter how it is, you also get readymade blouses in the Kesaria Textile Company, do you want a hosiery blouse or Then if you want a variety of blouse piece, then the mantra is that the connection starts from ₹ 15, then let’s go. This concept is not flower one, it is always outside concept means that there will be no such saree, there will be no such test in which flower pattern is not liked, you are getting the same whole collection and I will talk about the fabric right here.


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You get soft soft fabric from here, now here you want georgette, you want chiffon, you want rangoli inside, you want bizarre, or why don’t you want sarees like Dani print, every type of article means from Pari Wale to showroom, if you want collection If you want everything you can buy further from here and whenever you come directly, there will be no boundary within the budget, because whatever you want to take from here according to the variety quantity, you will also get very You can easily purchase another variety, in today’s video I am showing you the last variety and all these concepts which are available at home can be ordered by the code, yes, cash delivery is provided to you in Cuttack and here.


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If you like seeing such a beautiful concept in a video, then you will definitely take a screenshot, then see inside this Puri saree from Surat Saree Market in Prayagraj, you are getting the starting strip only, inside which the entire continuation has been reduced, which is very nice. Shining is giving to us and the colorful pattern which is made inside this ram date design makes this red saree glow even more so in today’s video we have seen completely six sarees six saree collection how did you like it Now definitely tell us and one saree is still left that is only two piece collection yes cuttack deals mantra and mantra and single piece inside ceiling we do not take orders here you must remember because customer who Doesn’t it get confused many times, so see this saree which is going to stay inside it.


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You get it in complete sequence with pattern and sequence is black saree, see its pallu, how much pallu you get means not rambo color Yes, but the color has been done very well, inside it is complete, which is the touch up of zero sequence, there is a very beautiful article on the genders, and the whole printing has been done inside it, as you can see here. The whole pattern has been made but the concept has been made here, so when you get such a beautiful collection in a single saree, then we do not have to purchase it, if we need it for the beating test or the women who are sitting at home. Even if you are doing business sitting, this type of article is going to be very profitable table, so want to see more collection like this. Whatever you have, WhatsApp link has been given inside the description, so that you will get PF, sitting at home, answer video tomorrow, you will get sales executive in your language both offline and online, so how did you like today’s collections? So Himanshu I say good bye to all of you but I will wait for your small comment then you must tell us which next concept I am laughing for you Thank you!

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