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Blouse Manufacturer in Surat: Hello Himanshi I have brought for you the variety of blouses, all of you who have sarees can purchase many sarees, but if you want to see the design of the blouse, then how can you join the Kesaria Textile Company, here you will find very beautiful articles. Collections start from 805 also, yes inside these you will see complete sequence in this way that you will get here very lovely design, in back side you will get full touch up of books, here you will get the lanyard which You are going to get the concept of props in which there are tushes, so how are you going with today’s blouse articles, you must tell us in the comments section If there is a lot of it then you see very beautiful pendant has been done in it and this fabric which is going to stay inside it is cotton Bangalore which is the fabric you will get inside it you will get prince cutting inside each and every blouse caste Now whatever blouse I am showing you, isn’t everything a set.


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You are going to get a set, yes, now you must be thinking, how many pieces of set do you get, then see our four piece set starts from 9 pieces. Here you will get available sleeves which are available according to regular cut, so see here, the most beautiful of today’s video is this blouse, which is currently doing a lot of trade in the market, and first of all, how the Kesaria Textile Company I have brought complete like this secret which is not a sequence inside it but it is a complete release which is going to be available here, that too with plastic dot. Will meet you yes, the slaves have given you a touch together so that if you want to do that, you can also do the accordings of your favorite, see if you are a businessman and if you are a business person, then crop top type blouse like this. Even if you want to keep it, you can keep it, you will get the complete jacket pattern, you will get the look of tassels, you will get the proper variety.


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If it is very comfortable, then how should you contact the tips style company and come here and buy these saree varieties, see, you will get very good profit in them and you will get a small amount of 10000 while sitting at home. Have to keep a budget, if not much, then do the video tomorrow, if you want unstitch blouse, then you can get that concept here, the mantra is that blouses start from ₹ 15 here, you want one meter concept or else you You need a pattern like a cotton cotton blouse piece, then you will get every single design available here, here you can see this whole area, you will be looking for a blouse, where if you want a hosiery blouse, then see this, you will get complete relief. Packing is going to be done in this way, the color combination is in front of you as many colors are used in regular routine, you get the same concept, so in the release of this short video, I brought you inside the blouse in a selected variety. How did you like it, you will comment us, rest I take Himanshu now, thank you!

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