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Hello viewers I have brought for you once again coaching new varieties which I am going to show you as well as you are again connected with Kesaria Textile Company where you get complete collection of women’s wear. Here, when we are getting so many varieties of sarees from one place, then I would like to tell you that all our businessmen brothers, from wherever you are with us, must do it once because the collections that you are going to get here Hardly you are going to get many more quality best varieties in such a short amount of time, so here you see the designs that you are going to watch along with me, so many saree collections have come in the collection, that means you are very full now. If you will get then in this golden opportunity and now the time of Sawan is going on Navratri is going on specially in which we like the concept of Bandhani which is in giving and taking then you see here very beautiful article all a If you want to buy a lot of varieties from here, see, I will tell you in a small budget of 10000, then see this variety, according to the only single, you will get some variety here, in which you can see the price in advance, it is yours.


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Fix is going to remain in this accord, I tell you saree varieties from Surat Printed Saree Manufacturers, you will get set to set here, yes, saffron only deals in our place, inside the wholesale here, no orders are taken in singles, so today’s designs All the new articles are going to be there, that means I have brought all the new concepts of 2023 for you, and inside this you can see that you are going to keep the most impure mouth in which you can keep it, right now, you are going to keep it inside these sarees and you can see that It is a beautiful article, the concept of yellow with red color has been given inside the entire tying, and in that also you can see this complete matka pattern made here, very beautiful oil print has been done inside it, so such that You will get sarees set to set within the same concept, yes, you will get this whole turn to turn concept and you will see the blouse, you will get it in this way, now it is going to be available in blouse with saree, but if you have a special bandhani If you want only blouses, then you will also get readymade blouses here, which starts from 125, then you see the next article, in this way, this whole catalog will be named Bal Gopal, yes, Bal Gopal means.


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Whatever varieties you get here, no catalog wise, you are going to get this concept, so see this very lovely concept of full red color, which we also call chunri saree, similarly I am showing you some concepts and Pallu inside it you see the whole file less than the print is done inside it the boots are made li border you see how much ton-ton touch up has been given here in the same articles that we have here the varieties are created meaning that Kari girls should always be saluted who make such beautiful articles for you, so see what you have to keep us in association with the manufacturers because you get your profit with less power and also Also, when you sell out these varieties to the customer, then you will be able to do it very well, so look at the next collection that I am showing you, you will find more varieties inside it along with the border. People, see this is the variety inside Surat, which is made inside Cuttack, the entire Sirrus diamond is reduced inside it, don’t break or touch it, when you get it, you are going to get very soft material, that means after wearing it Very much what is going to be a comfort flower and you see its full catalog, in this way you are going to get the catalog, then you do not have to take any more risk to join the same Kesaria Textile Company.


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Cash on delivery is available from here, see if you are from India, then you can connect with us from one place, the issue of cash on delivery that you are going to get and if you are connected with us from all over the world If you have, then you can continue purchasing with world wide shipping, yes, we have completed 46 years, the collection that you are going to get here, if you roam around in the whole market, then you will not find it, then you can see these methods also. You will get even more designable concepts, in this way you want chunri type concept and many more designing please you are going to get here, so in this short video I have shown you two or three varieties, I hope you would have liked it very much. So now you can order this collection very easily in Navratri, you can order video tomorrow, now I can do it, you will get salesmen in your language and also if you come here or you can order pf every way You are going to get the facility of transport. Press the bell icon to stay tuned for the next collection video.

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