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Bridal Lehenga Manufacturer in Surat: You are thinking that do we want to do saree business, want to do suit business, want to do kurti business, want to do lehenga business or want to do particular empty blouse piece business, then don’t be afraid friends, direct Surat came and Friends, after coming to Surat, who came to Kesaria Textile Company, who came in the textile company, you got only one blow below, so come on friends, today we are going to show you the collection of lehenga from the middle of the bridal collection. If you will be able to see the whole, then let us first go slowly, whatever concept you are looking here, we have total lehenga collection on both sides, friends, we have a lot of mantra according to the designer and fancy guddi concept according to today’s latest train. We have sex, the whole concept is made with us, friends, you can see, after starting from here, you will see that we will take empty on both sides, what do you want, you think that sir, even if you are forced to sleep like this If the collection of lehenga is so much, then some of these collections can be ordered for our shop too, so if you want that we also want to keep the collection of lehenga, if the lehenga collection is in your showroom, friends, less post Don’t worry for that, watch this video and will watch till then so that you can know which type of collection for you, what type of demand will be taken for you, all that you can do in your own way from the middle of this video.


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You can get it from the Kesaria Textile Company, friends can see here, wherever your eyes go, not only see the collection of lehenga above, see below, you will take it empty, if you see the collection of lehenga everywhere, you will find friends and friends with this lehenga. In the video, we show you the customers who come to your place, who are your clients, who are also Muslim, and if they want to wear Muslim’s lava, they will not take us from the middle of the wedding collection, but we also want to wear crop top one piece gown, then it should be of type Collection also friends, you will find it very beautiful in this segment, let’s friends, I want to show you that the collection we are going to show today, once you have a look at the collection, friends, you can see the collection more than one. The collection is going to be available to you here and the color is also different with different colors and friends, along with that you can see what is lying ahead here, there are 20 whole villages, later we will open it and show you friends. Apart from this, you will get only crop top collection with us, friends, see this entire collection, see the entire crop top collection, we have many varieties of crop top collection, and in this segment, our range has started, friends. Lehenga will start from only 785, friends, here we have lehenga up to 20000 and first of all I will talk about the concept that you will show friends, this collection is going on till today, don’t see friends, the festival of Ramadan is Ramadan.


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According to the festival of friends, this type of collection has gone very well here, this is the concept of its top and its paint, look at the full skirt that is about to come, which is called sharara, it is called garara. Full collection of her type friends this is how you are going to get the complete collection see friends this is her concept her paint see and it has happened where are you see this is how you are going to get the complete variety see friends this is how the complete set This is friends, you are going to get the collection of crop top gown and sharara gharara too, so let’s go ahead friends, this was a piece and after that friends, we have shown you look very beautiful like India became very beautiful from all Jarkan, very beautiful crop The collection of top gowns is one piece, which I told you friends, this is the pattern of one piece and in one piece you can see such a huge whole that the over patterns you will come to see, look, this is the pattern from Jarkan to India and this The whole is in one piece, see friends like this and if we talk about its sleeves, then the sleeves will also come complete like this, and these friends can see that it is not only in the front, but in the back side as well.


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You will get the complete look friends, the whole concept in the back side also you get the heavy look from the middle of the booty and in this way the panel powder gives you a heavy look so that its beauty will remain its look, let’s go ahead friends, very beautiful collection and very Along with the great color combination, we are showing you the varieties of the video page, I had said earlier that you will stay on the video so that you can enjoy and enjoy this type of collections and order this type of collection for your counter, friends now. If it is the festival of Ranjhawan then in Ramzan see this type of complete collection very nice very very heavy mantra Dhiman Rebal remains on the retail counter see all this thing friends in this way you can see the whole concept of complete Jharkan to India you can see see friends This is the whole variety, which is called one piece gown pattern, this type of pattern is called, let’s go ahead, friends, this type of collection is very much, in this friends, we have many varieties in the video, but in the video, we do not have so much collection in one go. If you can show, then we will go to show you from the middle of some samples.


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If you are in the sample, this is open to you friends, not only this, we have many varieties in this, you will get only this sample, only samples friends, see friends, this is the concept of the concept, you see, friends, in this way the whole village The variety that you can see is very nice, it is made from the middle of Jharkhand and it’s sleeves are also in the sleeves, you can see very beautiful look, which is done, which is done like over, and not only that. Friends, as much as it is similar in the front, it will also come in the back side, see friends, the entire over is going to match you from the middle, see friends, in this way, this is the concept of the gown, so friends, we have more pieces of the gown. Can’t open because the video becomes too much because lehenga is also to be shown in it, now we will show the lehenga and along with it, the collection of the crop top village, which crop top gown also means crop top too. Show so that you can know what things come out in your Kesaria Textile Company, so friends, let’s start showing the collection of Lehenga, first of all see how beautiful the lehenga is, with very nice design, you can see such beautiful lehengas.


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Along with see the design friends see its color combination and this friends its fabric which is going to remain na it is fully made on ₹ 9000 velvet it is ₹ 9000 in railway see friends very beautiful new styles of new concepts according to bridal collection Together you are going to get lehenga friends, this type of collection that I talk about, or this type of bridal collection, the bridal collection starts here friends, starting from 300035 friends, you get up to 20000, so let’s go friends Will read more in the future with a good concept, with a good variety, now we show friends, very good designer piece concept, like beauty etc., we make collections on the type, we also tell you what the Calicut class says, its concept. Yes, it is completely different, this is also on friends velvet, but its color combination is not very fancy, it has been taken from the middle of the design and concept of beauty, and inside it, the coloring of dark color velvet is engaged. This is madam, this bottle is green color and see with it, there is less than a thread like copper zari, which is called Calicut, this is the whole concept, and see friends, the design of the peacock, which is the national bird of ours.


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Beautiful designs are made in it and with so many designs, you can see the wing that is made in the back, that whole copper is made from the middle of the jerkin and the border that I talk about, the border that you can see is very It is available with a beautiful border and friends, I want to say one thing that the dupatta that you are going to have in this pattern, that dupatta is going to be available in pieces, in this we also get 2 piece dupattas and let’s go through the pattern If I talk, look at this pattern, the first thing that comes, isn’t it, this is a velvet scarf, see friends, this is a velvet scarf, look at its look, you are grinding such a beautiful piece, see friends, this is a scarf in the middle of velvet. It is made from and the design is similar to it’s similar designs, here the concept of pay tech has been made, see friends, let me talk about the second scarf, friends, it is going to come in the net and the concept of the net is with the cut bottle. Me which is made of over dal concept, see friends, this is the complete concept, you get the band from the middle of the over water and the thing which is very beautiful, you are going to get it, see friends, this is the dal concept, so these two There is a pattern of dupatta along with it friends you can see the velvet blouse you have velvet blouse is also given in this it is also very wonderful blouse friends look in this friends this is back side this is front side and after that friends You can see this is the concept of sleeves, its sleeves are also going to be very beautiful and wonderful, friends can see that this is a velvet blouse piece, so friends, this was a very beautiful design and piece of Calicut class, which nowadays This is the latest trade, after that let’s talk friends, see a very beautiful new concept in bridal, and with very beautiful design, see friends, in this way, if you want to get this bridal lehenga for your sister and daughter.


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You can also take this type of collection, it is very beautiful and after wearing it will not look less than a few, it is combined with such a beautiful design, and let’s talk further, friends, look at all these regular color combinations. Let’s keep going and see in regular like maroon color has become red color, what is this common color and after that friends talk about some new color, then see the new color also, how beautiful, very beautiful design here Along with you get one which is turquoise blue color and its look is very beautiful and wonderful lehenga friends, see friends, let’s move forward in this way, it has become turquoise color, the second one is very visible. Beautiful and amazing which is found in the middle of the contrast like what is in it, like the whole different and contrast packs are on the page. Along with the whole concept and the gear that is going to be there, friends, you can see it, first of all I will talk about the circle of friends, you can see the circle, friends, you can see, it is wonderful, see friends, umbrella non A very beautiful and wonderful lehenga is found from the middle and this color pattern is like different pages of different colors like turquoise master color, in this way defense becomes matching of two colors and third color friends, this red color and this Look at the red color, the beauty of the leg is not very beautiful, it is a wonderful mill caste, see friends, this is the type of collection, you must be thinking, OK, every head that you are showing, every piece is very beautiful and very wonderful.


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Hey friends, don’t think that your shop is running a boutique in the showroom, so friends have ordered East type collection for your shop, so that you can have every lehenga in it, you understand the minimum, whatever it is, if our lehenga is worth 10000 Let’s purchase from here friends, you can comfortably buy between 25 to 27000 rupees and this is the thing, let’s talk about the next product, see friends, how beautiful color combination, from the middle of Rani color, you will get so much with multi threads. Beautiful and latest and new design color combination is available, that too friends can see sirs ki jo jhadkan hai jharkhand medhi se complete concept bhi friends itna pyaar hai rani color combination aapko aap koi hai so friends we have this type collection There are many varieties of sarees from Bridal Lehenga Manufacturer in Surat, see, you can see all around, what are you thinking that in one video, Sir can show so much concept, it is not possible, you can turn your eyes from here, see friends, turn your eyes from here, from here the whole segment is made. Hua hai pura khachchar is brand new and latest and from the middle of today’s train, we get a collection of total new designs from friends, so once you have understood any of the designs of any of these products, friends, take a screenshot and After the screenshot, please contact us on the number shown on the screen and you will get the complete concept along with its price and its patterns. Tell us the thing in the middle of the comment and friends must like and subscribe so that after subscribing friends you can see our every video every concept absolutely natural, for this we want to surprise you so let’s see you next time till then thank you!

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