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Hello Himanshi I have once again joined you all with the designing of some new printed sarees, yes the collection of print sarees is going to be a lot of retirement now, so for all of our customers, I am taking the concept. I have come to know that the varieties which are being traded not only in our Cuttack but also in the market, the same concept is going to be available to you by association with Kesaria Textile Company, so see the article here, whatever I have shown you, you get set vice every time. I am telling you because all our new viewers should also know that how the Kesaria Textile Company deals only in hull sealing so that the traders do not get any wrong information, then there is no shortage here. The mantra is that the collection starts from 55 or the collection that is 55 is like-de-basis relief and the test that is done according to the beating test is very high, but our sarees start from 101 such sarees. You will get the one without blouse and the articles of this type that we are going to see today will be with blouse, you can see completely that now this saree is going to be, you can see that you will get complete silk accordion. And look at what is here, the pallu is very beautiful, you get the pallu and the articles of this type are found inside the concept of Turkish silk, yes, by doing this completely, you are going to get variety inside the silk.


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And here on the length you get the cut of six 30, see, you are getting the full cut of six pieces with blouse, you are getting the film here and the color combination of it, here you can see four pieces like this If you only get the color here, then what is the tension, keep a small budget of 10000 girl, even if you want to do online purchasing, you will be able to do it very comfortably, so let’s see something else today. You see the designs, if you want soft material which is inside the chiffon, then in chiffon also you will find the concept here. Every customer also likes this saree very much, you see the flower designing done inside it, you see the border is done in this way, which is dal type, which border is found here, and with this, the color combination is light. You will get blouses with flower printing, now see, you have purchased the saree from here, but you are also doing a small business and inside that too, if you are keeping match things like it goes in matching.


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Our fruit is caste, petticoat also goes, lining is retired, so lining is also available here. Now let’s move on to the next concept and then you should see something in this way if you want Up Bihar wala test in printed saree inside sarees then you will also get Up Bihar wala collection because Kesaria Textile Company which India’s varieties If you find it available, then you see that the saree is a very lovely concept, the triangle type concept has been made here, and this saree is not a very soft material, you will get it here. Saree means starting, if you want a concept like Dani print, then Dani print is available to you. Concepts like Rani print start from 10 ₹, then I will tell you one sample, so here you can See, in this way, you are going to get the packing, that means here you get the left peg, inside which you will get this set of 10 or 12 pieces, and starting from 101, it is cast here. Similarly move on to the next concept and then the next concept which is going to be here you see there are two in this way see here it will be inside chiffon and inside it dark colors with lots of love it has been completely dark colored You will get this complete concept, you will see the length of the saree, till 6:30 you will get the proper as much cut as you are told on the video, with that much cut, you will get this complete design here, see the article Jo Rahat Hai Print Saree.


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There is also a lot of state vice in this, as there are many who burn only and only silk material, as if the trick is done, or you need a lamp inside China, or you have many other concepts that you will get here. If they are going to be available then let’s move on to the next concept and then you see Galaxy na this Galaxy which is saree na really how much demand is there in our Kesaria Textile Company, don’t know why this saree has been done so that our merchant If you can differentiate better, then this saree is very mostly demanded all the time and look inside it you get dark color very lovingly and this is weightless saree, see completely what you have, this weightless concept here It is available on pe, inside which you will get a very lovely look, the whole leaf pattern is made inside it, printed flower design Ning which you are going to get with the rose pattern means that you are designing the props, you will see that you are not going to get even a little nos on the story and it has been completed from here to there. Yes, you must have seen the release of the video, then how are you going to get the articles of this type, or if you want a similar concept in a Kesaria Textile Company, that is, you want a similar color concept, then you also get combo designing.


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And at the same time, if you want variety with contrast blouse inside the saree, then you can see what is available in the contrast blouse, here you can find the saree available, so now I will tell you another design, which is how to style the Kesaria Textile Company. Inside you are going to get as you see uniform type if there is variety in saree inside then that too concept is available here you will get this aap jo hai agar direct yahan pe bg karne aate hain yes kaise style Kesaria Textile Company whenever you Will you visit this one, which is a concept, you can buy singles from here too, because see, according to the uniform, we always have to retire varieties, so you must include such concepts in your business, then the next design will grow. So you see this test which is going to happen now, this saree which is completely combined with the weaving concept, the weaving has been done very beautifully, but the whole border which has been made, isn’t it a lot of sleeves. It is going to be available here and such sarees are weightless, but this has become Rajasthan side or should we talk about it, it is going on a lot in UP and Bihar also, this variety is more popular in MP side too, so you must do such tests.


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Keep inside which you get this type of color options available here only set of six piece that in this way you are going to get catalog and you see the price mantra very low price you must be looking here so this is the collection you are looking for Which is very comfortable, not more than double, so I am not speaking power, but yes, you can make profit very well, you can do lotus in it, which you all know, even if you do not have these skills, you are still so tense. Don’t take it because all the new businessmen who want to join us, who have never done business of clothes, yet they get very good knowledge from our Cuttack, so let’s move on to the next design. This whole catalog will be named Silk, inside which you will see that this concept has been created very lovingly, with flower design, now this saree will be singing like this after seeing us, it is liked very much by the advanced women and especially Inside South, yes, this test has been very much in the whole South, it lives in retirement, inside it you will get ten plus designing and many more sarees are available, see everything you are going to get with blouse, next concept in this.


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Also, let me tell you that you should see something like this, which you are going to get, with very light designing, these days they are also very much liked on the basis of fashion, such collections are inside the sarees. You see the varieties of this type of sarees, that too you will find available here, small flower booties have been made, which you have made in the saree, the same concepts which are inside the pallu, here the designing has been changed, you see something. In this way, the whole concept has been changed inside the pallu and you see what it is, it is going to be complete, it is only a set of four pieces, the Kumari fabric will remain and inside it you will see fancy printed, which means that this time the entire information will remain inside the code. What kind of fabric are you going to get and what kind of sarees are you going to read now, then here you are going to get Barso saree, which you get according to the printed, you should see the whole Barso concept, you should see how beautiful the border is. Here the border has been made and the color you see is light blue with light green color, which is a very beautiful article, so how do you like this type of articles today and what is inside it, you need a Kalamkari concept, you also have a Kalamkari concept here.


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It will be available on pay, you will see it is a very lovely concept, inside it you will get peacock peacock concept, yes, I am just telling you, the catalog name will be something else, inside which you will see the length of the saree, the border is very lovely bread The border has been made like the Kanjeevaram saree, there is some type of border inside them, and inside the saree, you see the whole dal type concept has been made and the peacock pattern that you will find here is like this. The printed sarees which remain and many more, you will get good collections from here because whatever questions are made here, you will get only according to the customer’s test, so how do you like today’s collections, you will definitely tell us and also Along with this, if you want a concept with a border, then you will get that variety as well, and at the same time you will see in this way, if you want varieties with box packing and fancy design hair sarees, then you will get every kind of test.


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The specialty of our Kesaria Textile Company is that the customers who come here never leave empty handed, they are given according to their own taste. Ding Varieties are available as well as stay connected with us online as well so that they can do live purchasing with us. Have to keep a small budget of 10000. Language issue is also not there that you can understand the cell in your language. And here’s the video tomorrow’s time period there will be no shortage in that also you can take as much time as you want and also if you want to visit 365 days how Kesaria Textile Company is open for you So visit whenever you want, the link of WhatsApp has been given in the description, the address has been given so that it will be convenient for you, that’s it for today, till then thanks!

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